50-Year Old Man Arrested Defiling 7-Year Old Girl

A 50 year old Man of Nchelenge District in Luapula Province has been arrested for allegedly defiling of a seven year old girl.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo named the suspect as Mikaliyo Bwalya of Chilongoshi Village.

“It is alleged that on 17th September, 2019 around 23:00 hours at Chilongoshi Village, Chief Kambwali in Nchelenge District, mother of the victim aged 34, went to spend a night at a funeral within the village and left her daughter in the custody of her neighbour, because her husband had gone out on a drinking spree,” Katongo said.

The mother left the child in the custody of Bwalya whose wife wsa also attending the same funeral.

Katongo said the suspect was found red-handed sodomizing the victim by her father who heard the girl crying from his neighbourโ€™s house upon returning from his drinking spree.

The suspect was apprehended and handed over to the police.




  2. Honourable member for chibolya

    Vitendeni loud and clear

  3. professor Clerk

    The devil is so cruel, people lets be prayerful

  4. Jabulani

    Old man u are very much stupid how can u do that to a seven year old girl you’ve already distroyed her life shame on u,u expect to be life imprisonment that’s what u deserve u idiot

  5. Pcsj

    Mmmmmm awe mwandi where the world is going

  6. The Taliban

    iwe Chikala or ba Chitole what a foolish man you are, 50yrs forcing your ichibukala on a child! Go to hell

  7. Leonard

    Castrate him.

  8. Chief

    U could masterbate and sleep, than doing stupid thing and end up putn your own life in deep shit!

  9. dance

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  10. LN

    Castrate such idiots. With so many prostitutes around how can one choose to defile babies? Put such animals out of our society.

  11. Uncle

    How can u do that u fool to a child.it o only take a k50 and below to fuck a prostitute.

  12. Gogo dd

    Cut out his e vuochers. Put him on fast track Court. 45yrs in at minimum.

  13. Gogo dd

    One round in a village is as low as K5. Twasanswa!



  15. Kai

    He’s not a man he’s an animal arrest that idiot ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  16. FUCKER

    Well done my name sake …next time try a three-year’s old…very sweet..

  17. Chakalifya koswe

    This time he is thinking of. Jesus to save him oh my. Lord. Jesus remove your kindness and let him be punished this devil on earth

  18. Agogo

    It is sad to note that there are some provinces where this courge is very prevalent , why is this so?I think some research needs to be done. An old man of 50years raping a seven year old !! Is it for juju beliefs or what? Let’s wait to hear what he Will say in court when he appears. Journalists must take an interest and follow these cases to the later!

    • Mms3

      It’s not even about juju this is insanity this is a psychopath the young girl will be traumatized for the rest of her life


    No sense just forgive him jusus chritC. Everyone same stories from lupullu province. What going on????? BA luapula please leave the siblings kaili

  20. puzzled

    mmmm mwaona maake agogo simuna apase yonse analikufunika volume 7

  21. manimani

    ilwe ufwako nensoni 5o years mwakulisha shikulu

  22. Joseph

    But zoona??๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ž

  23. William chofwe

    It’s too much just start cutting manhood’s.

  24. Aaron M.

    Sad to a young girl… hope everything is just ok,no pregnant or HIV.Police do the job accordingly.
    make sure that fool feels the impact.

  25. Mozegeta

    Oooh my God, let’s hope she’s not pregnant

  26. Chozyb

    This world has come to an end…let’s pray hard coz the devil is using people in different ways.


    achakala u are vry stupt chimudala iwe wuzaona dog you 50+50 =100years in jail

  28. Mms3

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  30. bayoka

    Umuziba jesu, ubwanga bubi bane.

  31. Kupa Okupako

    This is out of hand now almost every week we hear such cases from Luapula Province why? I second that research should be done, we can’t be just hearing.

  32. Jin

    Too bad especially to this Christian land

  33. Fridah Daka

    Never trust anyone

  34. Nat k

    U mother fucker Ido.t useless imumbwa animal rescue just a rest

  35. daka

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  36. daka

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  37. daka

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  38. Muzo Nyimbiri

    What? You failed to control yourself old man… kkkkkk

  39. Lolo

    Foolish, careless and irresponsible mother!

  40. Simpito Mukandwa

    Too bad parents please girl child should be kept jealously

  41. Concerned citizen.

    Gender crimes have gone out of hand in Zambia. If the judicial process is being abused with inflicting sexual crimes. What more of those defenseless girls in the village…

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