Cadres Have Taken Over Running Of Markets, We Can’t Claim Them Back, Minister Tells Parley

Minister of Local Government Charles Banda has admitted that government is having challenges to claim the running of markets and bus stations that have now been taken over by political party cadres.

Responding to Mufulira Central Member of Parliament Evans Chibanda who proposed in Parliament that government should lease markets and bus stations to private entities, Banda said the matter needed serious scrutiny because cadres have taken over the running of the two facilities.

He said the government was still looking for ways to bring in market and bus station boards to run the facilities.

Banda said the challenge of having political party cadres running markets and bus stations will need a lot of planning.

“There is a lot of planning that is required to go into this because we understand the problem of cadres has not started today; it is something that has been there for a long time and we have to approach it very cautiously if we are going to achieve what we want to achieve. What we want is in the end is to ensure that the boards are running these markets and bus stations as opposed to the situation now when it is the cadres who are in charge,” he said.

Banda said in sorting out the current challenge, the government should have in mind the reaction from political party cadres who have been “in charge” for a long time.




  1. Sylvester Moomba

    From 1964 to date, this the worst team of cabinet where nearly all of them are very very expensive liabilities to mother Zambia. There is no proper policy direction from any of them and the only thing that pops up from their mouths is clear disaster. They are just good at repeating slogans to advertise someone.

    • lombe

      Comment the worst government ever

    • Mr chola

      Government should take over running markets and bus station because political cadres don’t pay taxes to ZRA the money their make it,s for their personal gains moreover their not the only who vote the government into power even ordinary Zambians do vote chibeleshi cadres vaccate bus station and markets please

      • kerico

        very well said Mr.Chola. not only they are paying to govt, but they are notorious, obstacles and big head ace to Ordinary Citizens.

  2. Nyento

    Cadres or youth are controling bus stations is false political statement 2 tarnish ruly party and pf cried the same when mmd was in power. Youths wants jobs and take retailing trader and leave wholesale 2 foreigners who hav excess 2 cheaper goods this wil create employment. Political statement written by technocratics is not givin hope 2 young pipo.

  3. Chityamba chako

    Who authorised the cadre? Ask the presido.

  4. Munchinji

    Another stupid statement from another PF idiot masquerading as a national leader. Isn’t that so called minister aware that there are laws on our statute books which can deal with and curtail the illegal activities of those PF rascals? Zambia has gone to the dogs or is it that the dogs have come to Zambia in order to try to control its affairs?

  5. dt

    these pfoooools

  6. Returning Citizen

    The Minister is stating the truth. Let us give him some space.

  7. Herv Rena

    We are seeing a situation where cadres are controlling councils and all the supposed revenue is being channelled into their pockets.Even the Police are being controlled by cadres nowadays.They are even in charge of plots.Lubinda was assaulted by cadres in kabwata when he wanted to intervene. Where are we going kanshi?I s this another Afghanistan where thugs control a country?

  8. Sibweni iwe

    Ministry is right or honest with what is happening on the ground. Wheather we insult with best insults the truth we need need practical policies not empty solution just feed media houses with news. Bus stations stil by council stil hav low qualified staff and continue damaging its operations. We need ideas not insult those in ministry. We know are get good salaries and allowances but let us those in power bcoz 2morrow it wil a

  9. Returning Citizen

    Exactly what the Minister is saying.

  10. LN

    The minister could be right by saying that cadres have taken over stations including town lay byes. Recently I was driving from Mansa to Lusaka via Kitwe. At Wusakile I saw my cousin waiting for lifts to Ndola. When I stopped to pick him cadres harassed me and my explanation about my relationship with my cousin fell on deaf ears. My cousin had to let me go for my safety. The behaviour of these guys is terrible and embarrassing. The Govt should surely correct this situation.

  11. Leonard

    Please don’t give those jokes.so you mean that the whole government can fail to control cadres who have never been to military training or tertiary institution?I am one of the youths whose livelyhood was messed up by pf cadres when they took my ka one metre square trading place and started demanding k3500 for me to continue trading when my working capital was less than k1500.anyway Mr minister you created this problem cause it’s benefits you.president lungu has every power to stop this if he wants within a minute.we are not blind to see what is happening.

  12. Musompa Mwila Kanyangala

    pliz GOD came n see this p,foooooooool
    don’t blame them ,blame those who vote them. See n learn℅℅℅℅℅℅℅℅℅™

  13. Diego

    The pfoooolz leadership lives much to be desired how can the whole minister say that they have failed to take over the running of markets and bus stations from pfoooolz criminals it’s very uncalled-for and unacceptable this is the worst and incompetent govt that zambia has had since 1964

  14. John Phiri

    Very embarrassing!! Such a statement coming from a policy maker. Ati we can’t claim them back. Where does this leave us????? Total curse in the country.

  15. mutafela

    please you in opposition,don’t cheat yourselves,this problem has been there before, don’t judge wrongly in everything just because you think you are right.

  16. Razor

    So who is in charge is it the government or the cadres? So if tomorrow the cadres will say they have taken over your ministry then will you just go and retire? Hope you are ready to do that.

  17. bombshell

    Now if the Minister says Govenment can’t claim back bus stations /markets, what will happen in 2021 in case the different Government takes over from the current?To me the problem is with the same politicians coze they promise these carders something if they campaign for them.so that’s y they are untouchable

  18. Kicks

    The proclem is that many of these guys have no other means of making money. Simply because of lack of proper education they don’t understand the functions of that ministry. Which school do they go to for them to become cadres? because they tend to be a strong force on their own, even the government has proved to have no powers to control them. What then is the ruling party planning to do with them if not to create employment for them? This problem needs to be solved with caution, because even the president knows who cadres are, for him to allow them to go to the extent of controlling the local government facilities. To work on this issue it is not a one day project. kaya.

  19. Lundazi voice

    A Cadre of station of co-boys are always royal 2 the govt of the day and unlik educated pipo hav a divide royality. Lundazi no pf cadre collect levy and licence fees but council does control. Don’t get cadres job such transporting pipo using yo personal vichecle bcoz council wil not allow u 2 get pipo. All govt workers are cadres frm diffent background and let me remind u all OP officers cadres or relative or children of them. False accusation remain false and if the party u support wins, system wil continue.

  20. Central power

    Vigilantes are even better than these cockcroches….who gave them these powers….BA smugglers.

  21. Chisha's

    So u means that if u change the gvt life will be come beter, never! We are in the end time. Mulebelengako na bible muleishibe nshitafyo ileenda.

  22. Smart

    Ruling party is the one which is enrolling or giving powers to the carders and they ar’ve been failed to run the coutry

  23. Chozyb

    It’s just the end of this world.. ni time let’s put God first

  24. Jabulani

    Fake ruling part ever if they failing to control the economy of Zambia hw can they control cadres in bus station please guys see hw u vote in 2019!!!!!!!

  25. Chi.2

    Most of u who ar commentn on this issue u ar expressing ignorance nd u ar easily identified that nt a long ago u came 4rm the village u realy dnt kno what z been happenin n stations nd markets.These so called cadres they hardly campaign 4 someone 2 b in that office,so its difficult 2 dump such a one,thats y ba minister z right 2 say they ar planning.we saw it on kip zambia clean campaign,towns were very clean but most of u turned against de gvt that there ar no jobs we survivd by doin businesses n streets there4,de need 2 go back.If general election took place that year,pf was goin 2 kiss the garbages they collected nd u pipo n opposition who i bliev u ar ones making loudest noise wud feel sweet.

  26. Chi.2

    A week ago Saudi Arabia was attacked nd one of de biggest oil plant n de world heavily destroyd.Very soon fuel price will go up nd u ignorant pipo will say ba pf just like de issue of mealie meal nd electricity.Rootcause!

  27. The Taliban

    Iwe Ka Charles Banda,how can the entire Pf gov’t fail to control a simple issue?Now the problem is u give the wrong information to the head of state and he get bemused.

  28. Agogo

    Admitting failure 500% for sure! It is better to resign when you fail to run a ministry than stay in an office and withdrawing a fat salary. This is good information to the voters However ! So Zambians take note and don’t be cheated next time like small children.

  29. Sylvester Moomba

    I already said some time back that all the cabinet ministers in PF are supposed to be declared redundant with immediate effects. How on earth can you have a leader who without shame can tell the nation that the thugs have taken over the running of the ministry and why do you get a salary at the end of the month.

  30. LN

    When a party allows cadres to rule, that is its end. Watch out pf

  31. Cadre

    Let one try to chase me from the market or bus station, I will sue him for breach of contract. We fought battles for them during elections and this is how they promised to pay us back.By the way being a cadre has become very lucrative because the monies we get are not taxed.



  33. LN

    Mr Cadre sir, a party signing scontract with cadres? This revelation is sad. No wonder the government has failed to control you and the situation is disastrous. Learn from UNIP and MMD. To a great extent their cadres contributed to their fall.

  34. Gogo dd

    Practically impossible

  35. LN

    The cadre has confirmed that they signed contract with their party that they would be given markets and bus stations to run. Why then is the minister complaining of the cadres having taken over these facilities? The only solution to this problem is to have the of go with its cadres. Any facility owned by cadres on the illegal cadre ticket should be surrendered to relevant authorities such as Councils for proper redistribution.

  36. LN

    The cadre has confirmed that they signed contract with their party that they would be given markets and bus stations to run. Why then is the minister complaining of the cadres having taken over these facilities? The only solution to this problem is to have the PF go with its cadres. Any facility owned by cadres on the illegal cadre ticket should be surrendered to relevant authorities such as Councils for proper redistribution.

  37. Chifote siluveve

    Its up to you mukafwa nama bp ngamwapona

  38. Cadre

    LN try to just think a bit,why are the councils not going with full force against cadres if at one time it was and still being done against street vendors? It is like pay back time.If the cadres don’t have an income ,who do you think would come in and start paying them?I must confess that even being a cadre,I don’t have an answer to this.

  39. Mp

    The problem is that some minister

  40. Mp

    The problem is that some ministers are cadre’s how do you aspect those cadre’s to be removed from the mentioned areas . they think that cadre’s they vote when they don’t vote time is ticking think big your ministerial position it might be the last 2020 akalimba kakwashima takapwa misango Lilya kateeka ukulila nao umwine afika mukugeta

  41. The Judgement Day.

    Cadres of which political party? Minister, dont generalise issues please. The laws of governing markets and bus stations ‘re there but not only implimentated to abate the lawlessness for fear of loosimg political advantage. Create employment for these cadres then these problems will be solved.

  42. chile

    don’t blame the President because He has no vision for this country

  43. O.P.M

    Mr Minister don’t generalise the issue,not cadres from all political parties But yo party PF.Remove cadres plz

  44. Chichi

    The issue of cadres has been there but not like the ones we are seeing today.the govt itself has ministers who are cadres themselves so how can you expect those boys to listen to anyone.deploy the soldiers if police men are not strong enough then prove to the masses how govt intends to run the markets .as for the bus stop kamwala intercity terminals itself does not even qualify to be in the capital city we need a mordern bus station with proper facilities where by council can be guaranteed to collect levies just as you have managed to keep the vendors out of the streets be assured that even cadres can be managed .president lungu should also fish out ministerial cadres for they are the ones who entertain the cadres.

  45. Alexander

    Chapate pante govt, to start with Lungu up to your his cadres, their are dumb pipo.

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