Petauke Man Kills Self after Murdering Wife

A 37-year-old man of Petauke in Eastern Province identified as Felix Mwambula has committed suicide after allegedly murdering his wife.

Police Public Relations Officer Mwaata Katongo has stated that the murder is reported to have occurred around 02:00 hours today while the suicide happened later around 11:00 hours.

“The victim allegedly had a domestic dispute with her husband and a fight ensued which resulted in her sustaining three deep cuts in the head. She was rushed to Petauke District Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Police visited the crime scene and picked the wooden plunk believed to have been used in the murder,” Katongo stated.

She stated that the suspect fled to his maize field where he  ingested some pesticide and later called his friend who is a taxi driver who rushed there, picked him up and took him to Petauke Police Station in an unconscious state.

Katongo stated that Mwambula later died at Petauke District Hospital.

The two bodies are in Petauke District Hospital mortuary.



  1. Martin

    Gentlemen ichifukushi teku sova
    Anyway RIP

  2. jk

    Comment very sad

  3. puzzled

    nkondo yamuvikwata the bible says blessed is a man who marries the onry problem is we dnt ask Gods guidance in our marriages,anyway r.i.p

  4. Chozyb

    Ukulwa teku sova

  5. Leonard

    Kukonda danana,why can’t you find another one imbwa

  6. Brett

    Prayers for her, him and all of their family members!! God Bless Zambia!! We love you!! I am an American and I highly respect Zambia!!

  7. Leonard

    Get out, which American? Who asked you. Idiot.you are from Yemen or afphganstan.if you want to be an African you can go ku Somalia or central Africa republic

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