Lungu Visits Drought Hit Areas of Kazungula

President Edgar Lungu on Saturday visited Simukombo and Simoonga villages in Kazungula District of Southern Province which are hard hit by drought.

The President received praise from the people of Simukombo Village in Kazungula District for being the first Head of State to visit the area.

Last week, President Lungu themed his speech around climate change when he opened Parliament and on Sunday visited two areas affected by the adverse climatic conditions.

“We are not going to die, President Lungu is here,” said Boswell Mutafela Sianga, Headman of Simukombo Village, said when he met President Lungu.

Hundreds of people who received relief food from the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) were excited to see the Head of State.

The food has been donated by cooperating partners through the DMMU which falls under the Office of the Vice-President.

The Headman said water is scarce in the area and apart from people, animals have also been left with no water.

President Lungu assured that no one will die of hunger because government would provide food and that officers are on the ground and would continue to assess the situation.

“I can assure you, we will not abandon you. We shall continue bringing food until the situation normalises,” President Lungu said.

The President later handed some bags of maize to the residents and later visited Simoonga where Headman Makwaza said Government needs to provide seed and fertiliser.

The President promised the residents early delivery of farming inputs.

“It is our responsibility to support you,” said President Lungu who later told the residents that the food was not for sale.

Later, the President participated in handing over food to the residents.




  1. CIT

    well done
    but u said u will normalise the hunger with those donations ai

  2. Gershom ingwe

    God bless you He Dr Lungu the heart that you have May Almighty God Protect you and your family thanks very much for your help pitirizanu Apresdent murungu aona zamuchita zabwino ndiye Asogoreli

  3. puzzled

    visiting onry two vilages means nothing am wondering how wil people survive through being gven tuma 12.5kg to share among 3 families, how can we share it? is that what they ar calling relief food? this is nonsense better not giving us,totally mockery! pfool the worst gvnt n u chagwa u r heartles dnt even say we shal not die


      PLZ my brothers what is HH doing or thinking by donating mealie meal in Lusaka instead of donating to the most hitted areas by draught,eg S/Province his strong hold & where he has originated.Save u’re people from hunger & later in other provinces.
      How can he donate m/meal to lazy people who don’t want to go back to the land & play dirty,or it’s winning numbers muli iyi style cakana.

  4. magical minds

    Ba puzzled mulichipuba and very sure u a Tonga uushitasha patunono napafingi takatashe,Mr president continue with your work.

  5. Heroes

    We are near 2021 ,continue donating utubunga u will see dununa

  6. Lisa

    At first there was denial, now he has seen reality of hunger accross the nation- from Chilubi island to Kazungula.
    ‘Hunger is a condition in which a person is unable to eat sufficient food to meet basic nutritional needs for a sustained period’. Those villagers should not be excited to start promising pf a vote.. Maize or m/meal alone is not nutritional. Gvt can do better.
    In drought areas, dams for irrigation are needed. Climate change is likely to persist for sometime so the farming inputs and seed might just go to waste.

  7. Abantu mucalo

    If HH doesn’t declared the hunger situation, I don’t think if the pf can took this process of donating food, they keeping on saying their is no hunger in the country

  8. James

    Comment I think this what the government should be doing when elected in term with it’s government ministries in the day and all days than the president on such aid to the named villages and town’nt cobat food development education to the people.l look at how the government should see,act and jugde in all villages,districts and towns making up the city it’s country known to the world of it’s development.

  9. Mp

    Thanks Mr President that is the spirit give and forget not by politics with the Hart of the president of the national

  10. puzzled

    @magical minds wee mbwa chikala if mwanawasa did it even lungu can do it! the onry problem is lungu is visionles.”ati ushitasha patunono napafingi takatashe’ u fool go n buy a ka 10kg n share wit ur 2 nebas n c were it wil tek u y do u support useles tings mambala? n by the way am ngoni by tribe”mr nyoni’ pfool is a failed party

    • Gershom ingwe

      May God for give you coz you don’t know what you are talking thanks very much for your insults but remember God who create you

  11. Ray Mulowa

    Well done mr president but the 12.5kgs means nothing because people will only have 2 meals in a month despite that here in Nalolo People are sleeping in cold inorder to buy FRA maize at K111.00 it even takes 4 to 5 days to buy 1 bag at Moyo Shade please come to our aid and the wild fruit have been finished.

  12. mmmmm

    opposition donated 25kgs boma tuma 12.5 koma sure.

  13. Kiki

    #magical minds
    According to your shallow thinking, all those opposing pf are tonga,including CK. If anything appreciate the tonga people for having sustained agriculture in a long time. Why is it that part of zambia that had enough rains has failed to provide enough food to the few provinces hit by drought? It means S/P is powerful economically. Show love to one another.

  14. Kicks

    Lets work together in love, hunger is one thing that divides people, in times like this we need to appreciate even the little things done to us to sustain us for a certain period of time, because we are in need of food. Theres no hh and lungu here, all we need is survival. Hunger is indeed going to persist if God say yes, but my prayer is that no one dies because of hunger. People, it requires proper search of heart as to why God has allowed this to happen in our land, what is it that He is telling us through such a thing, then find the solution, than just saying climate change climate change. Zambia is really on fire, because there no enough food coming from the DMMU sustain the families of those affected. God help us.

  15. Kabwanda Cj

    Well done mr president.

  16. Fuseki

    Even if you do that 2021 ni season yakwa HH, ule ichushafye mune lungu

  17. magical minds

    Ba puzzled u are still young mumano I see iwe chikala matako yobe

  18. Chisha's

    Let the president do his job, the time is coming when u’ll choose your best. Insele tashakatwafwe!

  19. Bwalya mwaume

    Thanks Mr lungu but it’s not enough to dornat 12kg bags. But you reduce the price of ubunga than the it is now,you ve only one year to go bombelenipo pafyo abantu balefwaya please.

  20. dance

    This is 100%sugar coating the people!! Not so long when pf was saying that we have enough food. But how come today they are making these donations of no help? Failures don’t have a stable ground to stand on. This shows that Dr lungu doesn’t know what he is doing!!

  21. Uncle

    Ita gud that the president is trying but he can’t reach HH’s donations.anyway is just suppose to donate because it is his government’s doing to make people suffer so much..

  22. puzzled

    @magical mind my first comment was real this gvt is not serious wen it cums 2 deal wit the problems we r goin thru u cod me chipuba n tonga so wats wrong being tonga? u idiot if u r frustrated go n ponyola u wil feel better anyway i dnt blame u but ur empty skull! damn fool dnt make urself mad chainama is out of beans

  23. Umuvelevele

    Lesa twafweni, APA nabavumuka Ku NYC. We thinks insoni e buntu. God Spare the Zambian people all this crap. Ati austerity, Lesa twafweni.

  24. Mweene

    HH ,2021 ni yake

  25. Mulu.G

    You people,if someone does something good just appreciate.the most areas where drought was critical was southern and western provinces.the govt is doing it’s best you are there condemning, how can someone give relief food to someone who’s able to buy and leave your own people suffering.what HH did from my point of view was wrong, people of bauleni are better off than people of southern province.are you telling me puzzled that you can give your neighbor food while at your house there’s nothing not even salt.let us be realistic in what ever we are talking.DMMU has done a lot of donations mostly in southern province but you are there condemning the government,mostly you tongas you don’t appreciate.learn to appreciate, HH cannot feed the all southern and western provinces.And moreover puzzled do you even read the Bible, Jesus said in the last days there will be famines Earth quaces and other conditions but you are there praising hh instead of understanding the situation.let us be realistic.

  26. Jabulani

    This is wen the president thinks of helping drought areas ata we won’t be blinded with ur donations 2021 is for the king of economy HH we won’t vote for a person who said early on that he doesn’t have a vision He’s just a fake guy with full of fake promises

  27. Kenny kahyata

    Continue hearing to the cries of people and attend to their needs

  28. BLSimpamba

    The problem is if he could have donated to southern province only,that could be termed as tribalism.If you know its politics then the opposition parties, and the ruling party also is canvassing.We are nearing the end of this old earth, you who read bible wake up. Natural disasters are happening every where across the world.

  29. Andrew

    It is amazing how people praise donations done in town which do not make sense to anyone with open mind. Let us all do the right thing by donating to the needy people in the village, no politics please, just help the people in need not in Baulen what for, Votes? shame on some people.

  30. Concerned Youth

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

  31. Chewelyn

    Mukamba uyu asiya ise mu lusaka zoona

  32. Kfb

    Some compounds are more filthy, diseased and poorer than villages.

  33. BLSimpamba

    You people poor people are everywhere in Zambia,just in urban areas people sleeping for three days without eating anything

  34. S M


  35. Chanali

    Kanonga ebo pf be serias people are suffrig in the village how can u donete 12.5kg instead 25kg

  36. Harrison

    God bless you Mr President May you have more returns

  37. observa

    Lungu following HH footsteps kkkkkk

  38. James Dangwa

    Continue with same spirit Mr ECL, 2021is yours Mr President!!!!!! Pa maka Changwa…..

  39. Blessmore

    But hunger it’s every where in Zambia especially in western province and southern province here in western province we are not receiving food from the government why?

  40. Celeniel

    If HH had donated those 25Kgs to southern province people could have said its tribalism and therefore he donates away from southern, People start talking why talk if he used his money vote for him if you want him to help everyone Dont just talk 25Kgs donated to a cloud of thousands and thousand of people awe people change its really a shame to loud out your voice of someone’s money 💷💷💷💷💷 why Dont you cry for your taxes 💰 than someone who bought with his cash mmm HH let them not use you to start buying for them better keep your money for 2021 let hunger work on them so that they realize that they never made a right decision when voting and they will vote for you

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