Zambezi Receives 17,000 Bags Of Relief Mealie Meal

Zambezi District in North-Western Province has received relief of over 17,000 bags of mealie-meal.

Acting Zambezi acting District Commissioner Sombo Chiteta said in an interview that Zambezi District has received 17, 600 by 12.5 kilogramme bags of mealie-meal.

Chiteta explained that the mealie meal would be distributed to drought-hit areas on the East and West banks of the Zambezi river.

She, however, said the District Disaster Management and Mitigation Committee will be sitting to strategize how the mealie meal would be distributed in the area.

Chiteta said the committee would also ascertain when the distribution exercise would commence.

Zambezi District is one of the Districts across the country where government is currently distributing relief food following the low yields due to the poor rainfall that characterised most parts of the country during the 2018-2019 farming season.


  1. Cowthern Province

    If hakaivotela heka means well he should add his mealie meal to the the same batch. Not ati lusaka.

  2. cm

    Just say thanks, don’t you know that poverty is in the country more especially to area, work hard next tym

  3. puzzled

    its southern not cowthern, he cant gv his help 2 corrupt dmmu better take it direct 2 the hungry person in kafue he wantd 2 help but police blocked hm using tax payers money 4 the operation about k65,000 does that make sense? if dmmu is ther 2 help y giv tuma 12kg 2 share amoung 3 families does it make sense? levy was gving 3 bags of maize per family that was makin sense! pf my friend is finishd just wait n c wat 2021 wil unford its true lungu is visionles just like he said it b4

  4. Yearn

    You people don’t just help others, even here in Lusaka people are dying with hunger😭

    • One Hicks

      When we experience huger like we are now,Let also know that the End is near cause this is one of the signs of the End of Time according to What Jesus said in the Bible.

  5. kelly

    Strategies are well,they know what is in the way of this mealie meal unknown source but edible for zambians,the national services need to be on track,transportaion of the mealie meal in a secure move amid the consiqunces no corrupted acts

  6. Wow

    Item why didn’t they not give us some mealie meal tizakufa nanjala

  7. Kelvin

    Let us put everything in the hands of God that’s all

  8. Joe London

    HH does not want to donate his mealie meal to the DMMU,he should instead give it to the NGOs or de CHURCH like de way DFID has done.

  9. Herman

    We thank the Dmmu for that effort,though there is need of strategising all affected areas.example southern province particularly.

  10. Vincent

    Thanks for the government.,..

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