Solwezi Council Differs with Chiefs over Upgrading of Settlements

A tug of war has erupted in Solwezi where some traditional leaders are allegedly blocking the Solwezi Municipal Council from proceeding with its plan to upgrade some settlements believed to have been under customary land.

It is being alleged that some traditional leaders are holding on to land in Muzabula, Kazhiba and Humphrey Mulemba, a situation that has put the local authority in limbo as far as the upgrading process is concerned.

The three areas are just a stone-throw from the Central Business District but appear to be shanty compounds due to population growth that has not spared the mining town in North Western Province.

This status quo has left Solwezi Mayor Nicolas Mukumbi in a dilemma on how to proceed with the upgrading process.

He has expressed sadness with the land wrangles between the Council and the traditional leaders.

Mukumbi, who spoke on the sidelines of the Ordinary Council meeting, expressed shock that some residents in the communities are being denied the much needed development because the leaders in the three areas appear to be adamant on the Council’s plans.

He said the Council remained committed towards upgrading and providing better services in the three settlements but all the plans are being hampered by the traditional leaders’ refusal to free the land.

Mukumbi stated that the previous Chief Kapijimpanga, now deceased, had released the pieces of land to the Council which is even documented but has faced hurdles with some headmen and sub chiefs.

He has now sought audience with Chief Kapijimpanga of the Kaonde speaking people in Solwezi to engage the other traditional leaders in the three settlements before the council can proceed with its plans.


  1. observa

    One wonders when the north Western chiefs are going to learn that development comes with relocations and sacrifice.. Don’t they know that even Lusaka was once under the chiefdom?? Its tym for them to wake up and change their “primitive attitude” otherwise solwezi will always lag behind in development. No wonder even with employment they wanted kaondes to be employed only!! Where does this happen..?? Shame!

    • kambani

      The chiefs in North west are a big let down!! Always in the news for wrong reasons. Its either Kalubales are fighting Kalundas. Mumena’s people torching houses in Matebo area. Kapijimpanga fighting for recognition in court etc. When are they going to talk development????

    • Jig

      Where there is the strong hold of HH and upnd this what happens the always lag behind like amtako n/westerner pleas change this mentality.

  2. Serial killer

    Observa,waba itole chikala.The traditional learners know what they are doing.’Primitive attitude’ go and tell your father!

    • observa

      Ba serial killer, the truth always hurts..just wake up and do the right. Mind u as long there are mineral deposits in NWP, ur shallow minded chiefs will NEVA continue to be in control.

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