Chasing Plot 1 Na Yakumbuyo

People who are desperate for something are ready to do anything desperate to get what they want. For others, their desperate attempts to achieve something leads them to total destruction; nobody ever takes them seriously after that.

This is the situation Hakainde Hichilema, the president of the UPND, finds himself in. Hichilema is desperate for plot one such that he’s ready to embrace queer practices that have no place in our country as the nation has been declared Christian.

The past few days have seen widespread discussions and condemnation – from government, the ruling patriotic front, civil society organisations and traditional leaders – about Mr Hichilema’s recent participation in a conference whose agenda was protection and support for gay rights. He and his party actually belong to a network called Africa Liberal Network, which has a strong agenda in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights. So Mr Hichilema and his political party have dedicated their time to promote practices that threaten the Christian values of this country, Zambia. Does he and his party understand the implication of their support for gay rights in a country that has outlawed homosexuality?

The UPND and its leader Mr Hichilema seem to be on a path to completely destroy what this country has built over the years all in their quest to win power and get themselves into State House. For this, the UPND and Mr Hichilema are ready to throw away the Christian values that have held this country together by seeking financial support in exchange for the promotion of gay rights.

We know that there is a large community of people promoting abominable acts around the world, supporting same sex marriages, and this is a billion dollar industry that is ready to flash the money to anyone who is willing to jump on the bandwagon and throw away what God desires of us. This they’re ready to do and they’ve actually committed themselves to doing so. Why? Just they want to have money to push their plot 1 project.

There’s nothing wrong with Mr Hichilema seeking the highest office of the land. But there’s everything wrong with the route he’s trying to take to attain that goal. Him getting the presidency shouldn’t be at the expense of the values this country he wants to lead some day holds dear.

There’s already one political party registered in Zambia that is getting huge finances from supporters of homosexuality. This party has the money to dish out to the inner circle and also pushes some of it to some media organisation. It is unfair to think Zambians would think of voting for such characters who are ready to sell the country’s values and principles!


  1. Judge

    Now we dont know what the truth is, yesterday was ECL today is HH promoting gayism…anyways tha fact is that we voting for HH 2021

    • Kk

      You will vote for HH and all the best. I will not let us see the majority a day no going to court this time. Bola yakosa

    • Ziggy

      say you are not we are, dont add everyone to your voting quest.

  2. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    It is unthinkable for people who seek the highest office of the land called Christian nation to promote such satanic and illicit acts,God forbids.Zambians are very dedicated to the values of Christianity and will not allow one seeking to lead them to practice such evil deeds.

    • Gigs Hakainde

      Mr mwamba you are very right Hakinde Is my brother though not from same womb . this man I love him but to tell the truth he is a bad man . He claims to have aot of money but he has no human heart . I ba GBM I was wondering how you became so close with him. HH is not a good man please Mr Mwamba do what you can to make sure he does not penetrate in northern and luapula province as you said . pls don’t harm him just continue talking evil things you so as you were very close with him . I like your courageousness . if HH has your backs make sure you pressurize him to get back your backs. HH as my brother is a person who foes not smile . He is a bitter man look at his eyes very closely there is fire in his eyes like a lion . people of Zambia come on think this HH is not a good man he can’t make a good president of Zambia. Don’t be cheated that he is an economist. As an economist he has already stated making foolish national budget of cutting down low salaries civil servants are getting what an economist ,reducing income tax how can you run the country without revenue this man is going to bring more suffering in Zambia. I also remember he was talking prime TV saying being an economist . soon is elected as president when he is sown in as president in the morning after exchange rate of a kwacha to a dollar Will come down and the price of fuel be low to me this was rubish talk .Zambians wake up don’t listen to this man . there no man who does not say Mr president on this you have done well everything is condemne what a man please Zambians give a credit where it is due . ECL Is a hard working President .without climate change Zambia would be a country to be pleased with . Another thing this brother is married to an Indian I south Africa we don’t want to have an Indian first lady in Zambia. Mutinta my sister in law love HH because of money otherwise not

  3. Roberto Carlos

    Judge, what right do you see in what all of us are seeing to be unchristian? Zambia is surely bigger than your hillema or whatever his name is. The Holy Bible gives clear guidelines on what to follow and not. Whatever has come over hh and his followers. We all say ; God forbid! Pantu nabaku mwenu are against the foreign practice. Apapena mwalasa apo kaima. Plot one no sangwa!

    • P.M

      @Roberto Carlos.. Yes we know what the bibles says about gaysim and lesbian.. we also know what the bible says about lies and slander. You seem to jump to conclusion and believe in PF lies. This is what I find so confusing about Zambian type of Christianity. Its so fake to point of anmoying God. As I said earlier, it is easy to find out if indeed HH flew to Italy for that conference during that particular period it is allegedly to have taken place. As your minister of home affairs to come up with proof that indeed HH left the country during that period. What type of Christians are you who are willing to crusfy an innocent man and let go the many thieving thugs in PF? YES the crusification of JESUS come to mind. Meanwhile we are waiting to know what Lungu and the drug trafficker Findlay went to do in Kenya. We are also waiting to know who owns those 48 townhouses as instructed by Lungu. Zambians please wake up from your stupid slumber.

  4. Ask

    It happened napali the late sata ba mmd balandile napankondo iyo sata akaleta nkondo ,na homosexuality, bushe sata aliileta? Stop thinking ifyabupuba. Some of you mulelanda nelyashi elyo tamwishibe, that’s sin, ulupato lubembu, ukwete ifishinka filete. Shame on you bana bama fwasa

    • Gigs hakainde

      Ask you so called Ask wechipuba niwe nabu gay bwenu Zambians are saying no to Gay ism please bupuba ubo such talk is insulting Zambians . please don’t support such things imwe ba UPND Ubwafya mwakwata any thing this brother of mine HH speaks or does to you is right please denounced evil . call a spade a spade I end up here because HH is my brother but he is not a good man l tell you don’t be encouraged by looking for his money.

    • D. M

      There’s no gayism in Zambia. Enemies and those who hate HH are working tirelessly wipe out the vision of HH for Zambia. Remember the same type of opinions,privatisation,mansonary,have been written about HH but such have failed lamentably.
      These opinion writer are paid individuals, having seen that UPND has taken back Kaoma Council chair has annoyed them so much that they have to fabricate stories against HH. Take care some of you will be subpoenaed in the court of law.
      Why do you leave the pf murderers, 48 or 53 houses owner unknown but you know if you don’t you’re just silly cowards. Give your opinion Kaoma shooting the killer is known.

      • Monk

        #D.M to say there is no gaysim in Zambia is to pretend.It is there and the people are still in the closet. We are not comfortable to have Hh as president bcoz he is a member to such group. We are afraid that once he is elected ( God forbid), these guys will demand that for equal rights.
        Coming to Kaoma elections, you can see that though upnd won, pf has improved tremendously compared to the last elections despite blackmailing from the opposition.This shows that their is need for the opposition to change their strategy, otherwise I don’t see them beating pf when it comes to presidential elections come 2021.

  5. Kang'ombe

    Ask those who want first to remove the Christian Nation declaration from the Constitution, these are the ones want to support guysm, lesbian and other nonsense things.
    Leave the opposition alone they have nothing to do with that, but let the PF put the house in order before 2021.
    People are not blind, they are able to see and analyze the situation.
    Remember, Dora Siliya used the same words against Mr Sata MHSRIP, and now they are on HH.

  6. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Still more ni HH nomatter how you are going to decampen him tamwakwanishe we know you

    • James mazoka

      I can see How cheat your self . look at you we can tell from your name. The way you cheat by name. Is the way way you cheat yourself by saying 2021 HH what a lie . that 2021 you will again cry the way you cried 2016. I am the brother to the late Mazoka the founder of UPND very few people now are in UPND in southern province the strong hold I am and the family of the founder of UPND for ECL and PF no more HH . wa bipa ishina lyobe iwe we munthu change that name and change your party . you have remained behind ,don’t enjoy the insults of HH is showering the head of state.

      • Chanda Audrick

        Stupidity is yours, very idiot young chap.you will never grow,don’t you believe it we say half of coperbelt province is for ZHH nowthen the other half is devided by two other parties who still comes into UPND as politics say agity.

  7. magical minds

    What a fucking cow wants to bring in our country, chikala chakwe sitifuna maloza ise hakaivotela heka

  8. ks

    what do you expect from a marson .hh is good for this country and he will never lead this nation ,weather you like it not God can not alow a marson to rule christian and it will never happen.You wil insult untill you get tired of insults

  9. King Kong

    Let’s see if that fuck hh can get married to a fellow man.

  10. Dude

    HH needs to come out in the open and state his position. These are serious allegations that have adverse effect on his career. Assuming these are false allegations as some are claiming, we expect HH to take legal actions against such including the writer of this article. If he does not, we will take this as GOSPEL truth.

    • P.M

      @Dude..HH has come out in the open and called these allegations utter rubish. Problem is that you have been fed cow dung by PF so much so that your minds are cloged. This is a simple matter to prove . Ask you home affairs minister to prove that indeed HH did travel to Italy at the time that this conference took place. They cant do that because HH was right here in zambia. Prople must learn to analyse and decipher everything coming from Pf as we approach 2021. This gay thing started while Lingu was in USA but he picked it up and made a press conference about. He couldnt wait to come back home and verify the truthfullness of these allegations. What a president. PF are so scared of HH because they know what he is capable of doing for zambia. HH is our only hope to save zambia. Vote for HH come 2021 if you love zambia and care for the future.

      • ken

        Of can not be scared by HH .ask your self how many times has your HH lost to PF . what you are saying is no sense my brother a gay is a gay . the fact HH Attended that gay meeting or conference

  11. ngulube

    Comment .this is an old broken record please,it was played on sata and it didn’t work.as sure as daylight comes tomorrow it will also not work on HH.just fix the economy.

  12. Sibweni

    Misikuzi iyo! Chiuta Wakalenga Mwana Lume Na Mwanakazi Pa Chilato Chakuti Bazuzge Chalo ichi! Apo Sono Chaoneka Kuti, ibo Baku Suskana Na Mulengi Wabo. Bamu Kumana Nayo Njombi Pa Siku La Weluzgo (judgement Day)

  13. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Ba Zambia Reports, HH is already rich and he cannot and will not push this agenda which you are telling us today. The other thing is that you as a media platform, tell us the other Political Party apart from UPND which is receiving financial assistance from International Monetary Organizations apart from Africa Liberal Network????? Remember that the late Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, before he became President of Zambia , people were saying that he will bring “Dictatorship” type of Government and will kill all the old people in Zambia but when he won the General Elections, all those allegations went into oblivion. So these allegations against HH are not good at all, if you have evidence then show your evidence to the people of Zambia otherwise this kind of Opinion Reporting is not helping us at all but it is killing the fair media coverage in Zambia. Lastly, but not the least, tell us the bad side of Patriotic Front (PF) before the Party came into Power????? We know that you Zambia Reports are doing this in order to tarnish or dent the image of UPND and its Leader. As a Just and Fair media house, you should report balanced and fair articles unlike siding one Political Party which is PF in this case!!!!!! Thanks

  14. Lisa

    Very cheap Pf propaganda. Tapali ifyeenu ba poverty forever(pf). When you move around in communities, how many gays or lesbians do you come accross? If not none. Truth is, you find more cases of illegal pregnances, forcing girls to abort, According to pf aborting is a christian act. Gaysim is no where near in zambia compared to hunger, corruption, regionalism, STIs, abortions thieving…. Zambians must not be swayed and end up with pepertual failing lives. HH will develop Zambia

  15. Roda

    Infiniti ni HH! Weather this is true or not, the fact is we all want a better Zambia! Homosexuality or not we all need to feed, send our children to school and lead better lives! We have had, seen, heard enough and now is “Donchi Kubeba” Ahhhh!


    maybe it can be true.even if attanding the s.d.a campmeeting he always wanted to be introduced as the upnd president than any elder.

  17. Kicks

    Dirty Media Platform, Zambia Reports: We are patriotic zambians, and we all know who hh is, he is a man who has much to offer to the transformation of our nation economically, not what you are telling the world, it is total rubbish. Only fool can agree with you. Yesturday it was lungu promoting such satanic issues, today it is hh, meaning all of them are innocent. And don’t display your cowardness like that as if you don’t know that you yourselves are the ones who want to cling to power while you have failed to fulfill your promises, look at the way people are starving. No matter what, there nothing like what you are talking about, let 2021 come we put hh on the presidential seat we see if what you talking about shall come to pass, otherwise its a tiresome old song. M M D played it too against mr sata, today its pf playing it against hh and upnd in the so called christian nation. Bushe Lesa wakwangasha? thats why zambia is now a cursed nation because we are not living a christian life as a nation.

    • P.M

      @Kicks….I cant agree with you more. You are right to question Zambia’s morality in the so called Christian nation. This country is so evil that God is annoyed for it to be called Christian nation. All those who support Lungu and PF are morally bankrupt…they just want the thieving to continue as they are benefaciaries of this corrupt PF government. Otherwise how do you explain that people cant see how corrupt the country had become? How economically we are in free fall? Are you telling me that zambians have stoped to care about their country for them to surrender it to thieves?

  18. WALKER

    U SHAL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHAL SET U FREE.JOHN 8:32.let the truth set hh free nt insults.thanks

  19. Kikiki

    # lisa
    Poverty &Immorality among christians is more worrying than lesbianism / gaysim…. Divorces, alcoholism, Hiv infections, defilement, witchcraft are more problematic in zambia.

  20. Fonko Fonko

    Zambians, are we that hungry that we are willing to bend our morals in exchange for money?

  21. puzzled

    ba zambia reports u can not decampain upnd thru tuma cheap and useles articles, pf has already decampained its self by failing to uplift lives of ordinary zambians, this tactic was used inthe time of king cobra what happened he won coz we were fed up wit RB let ths poverty forreva sort out isues of hunger,unemployment,lack of medicins in health center n so much more not thes useles gay rights what the difference btwn killin,thievn,liein,corruption etc n isues of gay

  22. PM

    Iam actually so offended that this satanist Chris Phiri has the audacity to use the picture of the holly bible. Chris if you are a reporter, I challenge you to answer the following:
    1. Did that meeting actually take place?
    2. Who were in attendance?
    3. What were discussed?
    4. Did HH attend the meeting
    5.Have you verified that indeed HH left zambia during the period of the meeting.
    If you went ahead and wrote this useless article without investigating then I am sorry to what is happening to journalism is this country.

  23. Hon DM

    Okey boi, then ask yo self what is the meaning of gender, you think this is okay do you know why we are safering today, its because of you and your friends by introducing gender equallity ,up to this time you are not aweir we are ruled by a women

  24. Truth

    The world is under siege,and Zambia is under the charge of powerful manupilative elements and as you argue over the politics and religiousness (rat food) remember that things were decided for you even before you existed. The agenda of mass culture is a United Nations Agenda specifically the devils s elite run all for his cause through all legistrative organisations and products such as your mediocre politics and claim of religion.

  25. Roberto Carlos

    Wood fire is never with out smoke. This is desperation at play. People try only once, second time they are home and dry. To support some thing wrong is devilish. The devil you know is better than the Angel you donot know. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  26. Lady heart

    HH is supporting gaysm and lesbianism nonsense. Mukalanda mukanaka..
    HH for presidency’s seat, 2021.. of my foot

  27. Lady heart

    HH is supporting gaysm and lesbianism nonsense. Mukalanda mukanaka..
    HH for presidency’s seat, 2021.. PF my foot

  28. vince

    Chris shani shani u r a disgrace every time hh Say s/thing about eating snakes,, Biased reporter.,u r the one trying to get a job using yakumbuyo

  29. dance

    This is a real propaganda. Where is the evidence Mr?? Only fools will believe in this true lie, we know your aim is just to tarnish the picture for upnd! Very stupid!! And the picture is showing the holy bible, while the article is full of hate utterances!! No wonder God is punishing you. Idiot creatures!!!!!

  30. Pm

    Alabane uwawa tabula kabepesho bushe HH Ena taupa nangu takwata abana ? You reporter’s ngamwasenda kalusangu kumbifi you go on the media and vommite useless things the problem is that you are just like juda escariot who betrayed Jesus.you talked about mwanawasa so many things,sata just the same way again HH people will not believe you, you should remember Chanda chimba how he sprayed about data.work hard you are in the race.mukashala mulukungu bane.

  31. Pharaoh

    I don’t think its not possible that whether ECL or H H will 100% satisfy the expectations of the Zambian citizens.Though we were made in the image of.God, a man will never be satisfied. Think about KK,CHILUBA ,RUPHIA ECL.If it was brought to debate,you would still find others opposing.Let’s just appreciate one achievement for any president in power ..There will never be anpe

  32. bob

    If you don’t have news stay put

  33. Kicks

    @P.M, this government is crooked, no wonder things are not working the way they should, we know alot of their dirty games such that we can’t afford to listen to them any more. Accusing someone is satanic, and those of you who are who are with this devil chris phiri as false witnesses, God rebuke you for your hatred. Zambians wake up, don’t use the name of God in vain. HH is innocent, you know this from deep down your hearts, but you will soon be telling people to gather for prayer and fasting, to which god will you be talking to with your dirty minds? are you in a position to provoke our lord or what? 48 houses the owner not known as if you are kids who have no idea as to what happens in this world when one is costructing a building, and then you say lets pray and fast when you don’t repent of your evil acts, leave the man alone you hypocrites.

  34. Roberto Carlos

    Who ever is in position of leadership, be it President, Vice or Ministers in general, they save Zambian pipo. To hear ba PM saying your minister buffles me. There is only one President until such a tym. Sata had to wait for his appointed tym(MHSRIEP). Ifyakutinta filaputuka.Most tyms patience pays. Desperation leads to doing evil things.

    • P.M

      @Roberto Carlos….Typical of people like you….you avoid the point am driving home , which is ” Has your home affairs minister checked that indeed HH left the country for Italy during the time that this conference was allegedly taking place” You decide to pick up “Your Minister” and go on a whaffling exercise.

  35. Bana Simon

    Being married te kantu. Bruce Jenner or now Caitlyn Jenner ( step dad to Kim Kardarshian) is gay and was once married and has 4 biological children and strong advocate for gay rights. By the way very rich man.

    Just enlightening those people who think just because someone is married can’t be an advocate for such and consequently be one.

  36. Bana Simon

    Point of correction. He was twice married and had two children from both women.

    This is the time before he came out of the closet.

  37. Chi.2

    They always oppose national prayer declaration,shayn away nd 2b honest those sponsors they giv them huge amount of money that u cant run away nd say no 2 their condition once u win elections.open yo eyes u pipo its simpo bt a very treak logic.

  38. Man Roberto

    Colonialism is all about the same these days. Once minds of some pipo are soiled, it is easier to establish their motives. Akale they came with guns and a Bible. Today they use MONEY to get what they want. Ngawa kongola inkongole, mind set taiba stable. In short one is enslaved. Ukuchenjela kutumpa!

  39. Bashi Kay

    But why did he attend the meeting?
    And let him speak out, is he a member of the same group?
    All we want are answers.

    • PM

      @Bashi Kay….First verify if indeed HH attended the meeting. The Minister of home affairs cant tell us if HH was in Italy or outside zambia at the time this allegedy meeting took place. I can tell you that HH was home in zambia. If he had been outside zambia this news would have been splashed by PF media. For me I applaud HH for the stance he has taken…thats dont let oneself be taken in by stupid malicious information. Where is Sunday Chanda to give us proof that HH traveled to that conference?

  40. Sylvester Moomba

    Many humans are so ignorant about what is really happening in the world. Out of the 2.4 billion Christians, the majority of the leaders have been engulfed into groups of cults and the mother of this is the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholics don’t care where their members get their money to donate to the church and they allow people to believe in any gods, that’s why they have monuments in their places of worship against commandments no 2. In place of the creater YHWH YAHUAH, the Catholics have their faith in the carnal minded Popes.

  41. Benson Kampukwe

    No matter how people will try to dent the person in the opposite direction if God chose him they will regret at his assumption of power

  42. dawnz

    the same thing happened to mr SATA. does it mean every opposition supports gaysm when the become strong?
    this clearly shows that the same pipo who accused Mr SATA are the same accusing HH.

  43. Doubt Katwishi

    Indeed these are serious accusations that we electorates need answers to. Rubbishing them is not the best option. Why? “Ishuko lya munobe ta bendelamo”. Just bcoz Sata got away with the accusation does not mean the same will apply to all.

    Hh needs to make sure that those responsible are held accountable, unless otherwise he knows they have evidence to prove the claim.

  44. OLD MZEE

    HH will make a very bad president.
    May I ask the following questions:
    1.HH has no VP why.Since GBM and CB left he has not filled those positions.
    2.HH is a true tribalist because most if not all his top peopke are from one region.
    3.HH does not listen to advice how then is he going to run this country without advisers.Remember SATA told him to hang on as he was already old and his chances of becoming a president were high .HH refused.
    HH does not want to be led how then does he want to lead others
    In conclusion HH will loose the 2021 election.UPND should replace HH with someone else.Even in football you cannot continue using he same triker if he cant score.Even the best coaches like Jose Mourinyo are replaced if they don’t perform.
    UPND wake up there better men in UPND than HH.
    By not replacing the VPs this will be very crucial in 2021.

  45. Taoga mbuzi

    You are right OLD MZEE

  46. Alex Walumba

    The late Satan was in the same pf and he was accused of the same. Bane people can say anything to pull you down. Leave HH alone and let’s see what he can offer for Mother Zambia.

  47. Fonko Fonko

    No way, there is no way we are going to give him chance with his yakumbuyo thing.

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