Chipolopolo Face Niger, Benin in International Friendlies

The Chipolopolo boys will play two international friendly matches during the October FIFA window.

FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala has announced that Zambia will play Niger and Benin on October 10 and 13 respectively.

Kashala said the friendlies are part of preparations for key fixtures that the Chipolopolo have in the Africa Cup of Nations and African Nations Championship (CHAN).

Zambia will be away in Niger and Benin on October 10 and 13 respectively.

The FIFA window falls on October 7-15.

Zambia host eSwatini on October 19 at National Heroes Stadium while in November they play Algeria in Blida on November 9 and host Zimbabwe 10 days later.




Sebastian Mwange (Green Eagles), Lawrence Mulenga (Power Dynamos), Toaster Nsabata (Zanaco)



Simon Silwimba, Mwila Phiri, Adrian Chama, Clement Mwape (all Zesco United), Lawrence Chungu (Zanaco), Luka Banda (Napsa Stars), Tandi Mwape, Kabaso Chongo (TP Mazembe), Salulani Phiri (Polokwane City)


Amity Shamende (Green Eagles), Paul Katema (Red Arrows), Kelvin Kapumbu (Zanaco), Kelvin Kampamba (Nkana), Donashano Malama (Black Leopards), Clatous Chama (Simba FC)



Emmanuel Chabula (Nkwazi), Augustine Mulenga Justin Shonga (both Orlando Pirates), Lazarous Kambole (Kaizer Chiefs), Mwape Musonda (Black Leopards)


(Source: FAZ Media)


  1. AK

    We need positive results

  2. hamus

    Why cant the couch call kalaba and Nathan, because there is no creativity in that midfield

  3. joel chibuye

    what about mweene and mwepu patson

  4. Milk it

    I’m wishing the team all the best in there games and I hope they’ll come out on top!

  5. jb

    make sure these matches are televised

  6. Goodson Mwandila

    wishing you best guys

  7. michael

    we need rainfold kalaba faz please

  8. Bro gift bwalya

    This is why Zambian coaches always fail. They can’t even manage to call a strong team.

  9. Sports Analyst

    While i understand that the coach have not included Mwepu and Daka bcoz they wl play in under 23 squad, i dont know y he is still leaving players like Stopilla Sunzu playing for Metz in lique 1, RainFord Kalaba And Nathan! This is really useless

  10. Man p

    This is rubbish no kalaba, Nathan sinkala, stopila sunzu and mwene nonsense

  11. Terrorist

    You local coaches ! no wonder mutwebela ati twalitemwa ukulanda landa, nimwe mulenga ba mbuli. Why cant you call Kalaba, Sunzu, Mwepu, Daka and Sinkala like what my brothers said earlier ?? Again on top of that why cant you having friendly matches with strongest teams like Algeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Ghana, Congo DR, Egypt and Morocco ?? Every time ma small teams. You guys, you have irritating me a lot if i was a coach i would have make things difference. Namukaye MUKULUSA !!!!

  12. Teacher

    How can you leave good players , like kalaba, suzu, Nathan,mweene,daka,mwepu,mbola,kaunsu,, and you bring Young player,if you are playing with Algeria, Ghana, Egypt, are you going to use Young player, this is we call under dog

  13. ba Chelsea from makeni

    va chabe chabe team full of local stupid player’s. ma coach bamu Zambia kuwaya way fye. make sure ba faz to hire an international coach who is able to recognize talented young Zambians who football abroad..noti ivi vaupuba.
    nsha tambeko ifwe zambia eyo twaishiba fye Ni bola na lesa chapwa…….🇿🇲🙏

  14. Herv Rena

    Coach alifye bwino ,we need fresh blood.Mweene nakula and Kalaba is so Pompous.Patson and Mwepu are balanciñg up under 23 capwa!

  15. thiago jr zacks midfielder

    Y z it dat here in Zambia we Nt better wen it cums coaching i insist coach waba Germany

  16. Mweene

    Why leaving out mwepu,daka,sunzu and fashion sakala?

  17. Inspector

    The teams kit is too old renew it with a new design. Same design year in year out

  18. Liverpool

    Why not using the talented players like sunzu,kalaba,mweene,,sinkala,daka,mwepu naba fashion..

  19. Dj Dimples

    😂😂😂😂😂back Zambia sure! You should have reaveled the 70 coaches hurry for that position. Talent is wasting abroad. The likes of LUBAMBO MUSONDA & SUNZU. What have you done to keep the Bola yapA zed fans happy? Nothing!.. it’s high time we played friendly matches with prominent national teams like Sweden, Belgium or England. Look at Nigeria our friend , they’ll be playing Brazil. Some of these local players must first go through the juvenile stage like the CHAN. You could have drop some players like kapumpu, chabula, malama , katema and toaster and to be replaced by Mweene , LUBAMBO , SUNZU, Kalama and sinkala…. Zambia 😡😠

    • Shamujompa

      Where is young Isaac Siqmujompa. Don’t leave this boy by this time we are waiting for him to graduate into a full fragied player to take from Nsunzu and Sinkala. Nomba ninshi even when you have not tried him.

  20. Good football

    Why leave players like Charles musonda, kalu ,James phiri, chitalu,Weston nyirenda,kelvin mutale,mbesuma

  21. Member

    the squad lacks some exposure people….and long term experienced people.Anyway let’s see how far they they go,when you are about to fail,you then bring expatriate coach.

  22. chax

    FAZ Should be serious…..we have Afcon champions in the group and you play friendly with such teams.
    Hope you know the team Algerians they are facing in preparation of Zambia.
    we leave exposed and players who are always in the pitch like #Kalaba #Sunzu #Mwepu #Musonda #Patson
    call players in the squad on merit then football will improve in Zambia.

  23. Musa

    Why leave players like mweene, mwepu, patson suzu and fashion

  24. John Musonda

    We need mwepu,fashion,daka n kalaba

  25. Evans

    the team is ok,the only mistake is that he omited the exprienced ones.

  26. Judith chisimba

    Wishing them nothing but the very best…We need team playing not individual please guys… 🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

  27. Crevious

    Let call exposed players like Mweene ,mwepu,sunzu stophila, kalaba ,sinkala ,patson and fashion . Prepare this team to integrate so that they know and become coordinated in the pitch. Unlike begining to coach just before the a competitive match. Chiyangi prepare a united team now

  28. Andrew Monde

    What about guys like bene Patson Daka,Fashion,Mwempu,Kalaba and other good players we know than such a team.

  29. Micheal

    If your know that you team is ok go on but don’t lose other wiss st zavelana guiz

  30. Lubasi

    Where is patson and mwepu?

  31. jester Chifumbule

    Comment bring a foreign as quickly as possible . you fail qualify again payers who won 2012 are needed there not aged thats when they became real payers. go to Ghana you found same players we played are the one that still playing no team here

  32. jester Chifumbule

    Comment bring a foreign coach as quickly as possible . you fail qualify again payers who won 2012 are needed there not aged thats when they became real payers. go to Ghana you found same players we played are the one that still playing no team here

  33. Emmanuel

    What about the key players like mwepu, daka, fashion, and kalaba?
    We’re tired of losing please try the best team for Zambia.

  34. Travis Mweemba

    Am saying all The Best to our team

  35. A real Zambian

    Kalaba, sunzu, mbola, chiasmus lungu , Nathan,kaunsu mwene …… We need them. Taking those you associate and drink with is destroying our football in Zambia. Coach try to make us enjoy football as we used to enjoy. If you are patriotic please think twice.

  36. Yot-k

    All the best guys… Ba ZNBC,make sure this game you televise n not kuverela chee pa radio!!!!!…

  37. james sandi

    selection quetionable why cant he call Lubambo,Mwepu Daka, Fasion Mwiya,Sinkala,Kakaba, Emmanuel ,Brian Mwila

  38. Aaron bwalya

    Experiency is the best playe now how can u left all the profetionals and outline the amatours as a national team thats nonsence please

  39. Julius Chimbule

    You need to bring in those players who played 2012 Africa cup than those gugulufo players. Why not recognizing mwepu,chisamba lungu, nkausu, kalaba, patson,fashion, mweene and others we know very well. Mr Faz president think properly to make football flourish than letting feeble options like this am seeing.


    Where is KABASO CHONGO?

  41. Bunda Bryan

    Let’s us about the squad and the results for today’s game

  42. Daniel

    Go Zambia Go

  43. Paul Nyirenda

    May the loard bless them to have a lovely day and that none of them should go astray in the name of Jesus

  44. Sungwe

    Nigeria is playing Brazil tomorrow in a friendly match. See how serious some associations are. Kamanga kwwf.

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