Katete Boy Murders Father

A 16-year-old boy of Kafumbwe village in Chieftainess Kawaza’s area in Katete district has been arrested by police for allegedly murdering his biological father.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Luckson Sakala has named the victim as Sipiliyano Phiri, aged 49.

Mr. Sakala told Breeze FM News that Phiri picked a quarrel with his won over a cell phone battery.

He explained that the victim gave chase to his son who ran away.

Mr. Sakala added that in the process, the suspect picked up a brick and hit his father on the head.

He said the victim collapsed and died upon arrival at St. Francis Mission Hospital.


  1. TJ Jackson

    May his soul rest in peace.

  2. Kang'ombe

    Sad development

  3. puzzled

    life of last days. TOO BAD RIP

  4. Chanali

    Sign of end son will kill has father .fathre will sleep with 3days age dougth bible say so and people willwalk neked shooted of food

  5. Pa Zed

    Mmmmmm father chasing your son “Pe battery lya phone kkkk kuti waseka nge fiweme” anyway RIP

  6. fyantha

    Bvuto. It takes a long time to convict such. you hear mentioning, adjourned, and other terms. Such were supposed to be put on fast track Court to avoid time and resources.

  7. Titus Sakala

    As people as Jesus said that the son shall be against the parents , or God may mercy be on us and the deceased family be comforted by God



  9. Bertø


  10. Phiri Shamer

    Shame upon the Phiri’s. They ought to learn how to solve misunderstandings, and not fighting., over petty issues. Shame for the 16 year old boy. He lost a father and his future. Zambian men must change their attitudes. Stop fighting and learn to sort out differences amicably… If they can kill each other over a battery cell phone.. Look at how they mobbed a female Diplomat, and looted like imbeciles.; and thereafter attempted to kill her, and 3 years on they have no capacity to pay or compensate what they stole but they instead plot to asasinate the victim and in abuse of the judicial process. Something wrong with majority of men in Zambia.

  11. Mwansa

    well done well do thats a bad boy

  12. John Phiri

    signs of times. When you such things happening just know that the end near. Galamukani!!! Khalani maso.

  13. Patrick

    Too bad…

  14. mathew

    mmm poverty is bad bane lets avoid ukufyala abana when we are poor look at what as happened due to poverty

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