Lungu Dates Southern, Northern Provinces

President Edgar Lungu will this weekend visit Southern and Northern provinces.

According to State House spokesperson Isaac Chipampe, President Lungu will today, Friday, 4th October, 2019, travel to Sinazongwe District in Southern Province to grace the Winter Harvest Day at Zambeef Farm.
Mr. Chipampe stated that the President would visit the wheat and maize fields and participate in the harvesting of the crop and will later return to Lusaka before travelling to Mbala, Northern Province in the afternoon.
“On Saturday, the President is scheduled to launch the Tunduma-Nakonde One
Stop Border Post at Tunduma with his Tanzanian counterpart , His Excellency
President John Pombe Magufuli,” he stated.

And on Sunday, the President will launch the construction of the Mporokoso-Nsama-Kaputa Road before returning to Lusaka on the same day.
Mr. Chipampe added that the Head of State was keen on ensuring the improvement of infrastructure across the Country as well as ensuring farmers adopt modern farming methods against the backdrop of climate change.


  1. Mr.Moonga

    Can’t Wait To See My Beloved President, Mr. Edgar C Lungu Here In Sinazongweeee!!!

  2. Hurry

    This is awesome

  3. Harjuman

    Safe trip Mr President

  4. Mapesho

    2021 for ECL. Abashala tekwesha!

    • Joshua Kafwimbi

      Vote for a change and problem solving mind. Not you who love than changing lives of people.

  5. kelly

    As a republican president ensure the state of the provunce should be on the agenda if not innocent are at risk here in those porvinces for what they have achieved so far in this month,year.safe travels mr president

  6. Nyambe

    Safe journey our president

  7. HK the prominent

    we ar waiting for you in mbala ….
    yo excellence

  8. Leonard

    Boss are you going to use your jet

  9. dance

    Useless movements Mr chagwa only fighting for allowances!! Fuel prices are high and high hunger situations in the country!! Are these trips going to kurb the current situation???? President of no use to the nation!! Use your private jet. Nothing to remember about you…

    • Ken

      You are the one who is useless . when the president is moving that mean he is working. Don’t think if you are lazy the price of things will come down. The bible says if you fail to work don’t eat.you are a fool no president will bring food on you table. The government will only feed you if only there is calamity like what happened southern province. There was no rain .this does not mean people in southern are lazy our brothers are hard working people. They deserve to be given food . My friend leave my President alone. Edgar has done wonders in this country , only a fool like you can’t see. The president can’t control climate change . let’s just ask God to have mercy in prayer to give us good rain in short this climate change come to normal. If the next rain season will be favourable for us you fool you will look foolish.you will get a curse if you put a blame on the president to things of natural .these things are happening for a purpose. It is teaching us a lesson. Some people understand some can’t understand . they want to gain political Milage using climate change. Such people are just worsting time because any loving Zambian knows the cause of the escalating price food and other goods. ECL don’t be Afraid 2021 to 2026 we are behind you. Economics HH obtained I now understanding is fake he got it through leakage . the money he has we now doubt the source of it.

    • Joshua Kafwimbi

      Help people by finding solutions to the country’s problems and submit them to the president. Ukulanda teku solver. Go and help Him!

  10. cool guy

    thanks your excellence mr president ECL you have a heart for people may almighty God bless you and increase your years

  11. Moonlight

    At least we won’t experience power cuts for a few days

  12. dance

    Ken, have I said I don’t have food useless!! come I will keep you from 1 to 30 your work will only be bathing and eating!!! We are looking at others.

  13. dance

    Ken, you are very stupid!!! Anyway you are not educated.

  14. Wallen mwanza

    Try to visit vubwi Zambia is not only about lusaka, Livingston or ndola

  15. mudenda

    Ken tombanoko.

  16. Akwa the Great

    The use of insults on social media shows how some people are useless.what do we benefits from insults , nothing.we don’t buy data bundles to be reading something that isn’t beneficial.lets change for better.

  17. Herv Rena

    Lungu should have visited hunger stricken areas in southern province,instead of patronising zambeef farms in Sinazongwe.

  18. ECL 2021 Fan

    I see that President ECL is really trying hard to show the Zambian people that he is the one, for 2021… I laughed when I saw no load shedding fro m yesterday morning and I cheered ECL2021; he is refusing to give in to his critics,N that he has failed the Zambian people. Well this seems so good but he seems to have failed us women in tolerating gender crimes, which are even being inflicted on us through the Juduciary. I hope he can keRn from President Kagame and work with him in ensuring that their setting up the SDGs Centre in Lusaka is not a mockery to us. Let them spearhead the fight of gender inequalities . We cannot be mocked or put down by challenged men who gave stooped so low to sexually harass women in abuse of state nachibery. I urge President ECL to tell these Zambuan Jen that they cannot use sex as a weapon to discriminate against women. We demand an independent justice mechanism to prove this sex beasts, so as to ende gender violence and discrimination. It’s reprehensible fur men to steal from a woman.

  19. LN

    Insults are a sign of bankruptcy in the head

    • Ok

      #LN, well definition of insults. I can’t find a better definition than that. Well done!

  20. mudenda

    Lungu is the man of problems.

  21. Sylvester Moomba

    If someone keeps on going round to same places within a short period of time. Such a person is clearly not sure of what he or she is doing.

  22. smith

    That good, but what about Zambia electricity supply company (ZESCO) ?.

    • Joshua Kafwimbi

      I wish all you people insulting and talking bad things you once became the president. Mwilaimona amano ici calo tenganda nangu Family. There advisers all the country, what are they doing? Economists what are they doing? When you see your neighbor struggling with mismanagement of finances and life we go there and advise. Help the government. Nature is difficult to control.

  23. Dominic

    Wish you all the best as your carry your Noble work

  24. disappointed man

    Chalo chesu kuwayawaya fye nomba.
    nothing is improving. nshalande Sana am out.πŸšΆπŸšΆπŸƒπŸƒ

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