REA Completes Mini Hydro Project In Mwinilunga

The Rural Electrification Authority (REA) has completed its first ever Mini Hydro Power Station in Mwinilunga set to benefit over 12,000 people at a cost of $8.6 million.

The Kasanjiku Project located along the Kasanjiku River, is a 0.64mega watt project which is expected to electrify 11 schools, a mission hospital, four rural health centres, a Local Court and a Chief’s palace.

The project is set to improve the quality of life for beneficiaries in chiefs Ntambu and Sialunga’s areas.

REA  Corporate Affairs manager Justin Mukosa said the grid technology project  will alleviate energy needs in the country.

“We are delighted to complete the construction of the Kasanjiku project because it is going to improve the quality of life for over 12,000 people and also highlight the massive potential that lies in the Northern Region of Zambia for electricity generation using mini hydro technology,” Mukosa said.

Meanwhile, REA Director of Engineering Services Patrick Mubanga said the project, once commissioned, will provide electricity throughout the year.

“The power station, once energised, will be able to supply power to the community throughout the year as the turbines will be supplied with water from the Kasanjiku River which experiences good water supply,” said  Mubanga.

The project begun in 2016 after a ground breaking ceremony officiated by Vice President Inonge Wina.


  1. PM

    What??? USD8.6 million for construction of a 0.64 MW station. Kwena there is stealing in zambia.

  2. PM

    By Rule of thumb, the cost of 1kw hydro power would cost USD 3000.00 and therefore 1MW will cost USD3000 000.00. And here we are talking USD8.6 million for 0.64ZMW !!!!!!. SOMEONE MUST EXPLAIN THIS.

  3. Ok

    Your leader must first explain yakumbuyo.

    • PM

      @Ok…..just because I point out how they are stealing the money, you assume Iam UPND. Very stupid indeed. You are really fucked up in your pea sized brain. You are eating too much of cow dung supplied by PF.

  4. Leonard

    Everything is hydro but you keep on complaining about climate change why can’t you do some climate change resistance generation.maybe kuswamo ukulelenga

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