UPND’s Shadow Budget Like Medicine That Can Kill Patient, Says Dr Chanda

Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Dr Jonas Chanda has likened the  UPND’s shadow budget to medicine that could result in the death of a patient.
And Dr Chanda has expressed shock that UPND Members of Parliament are shying away from their own document (shadow budget) during debate on the proposed 2020 National Budget.
He said it was surprising to hear UPND Members of Parliament, including Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane, a former finance minister, fail to give reference or compare their document to that presented by finance minister Dr Bwalya Ng’andu.

Dr Chanda has mocked UPND for allegedly abandoning their own document “yet they continue to demonise” that which was presented to Parliament by Dr Ng’andu.

He has further challenged UPND MP’s to give alternatives as they debate the 2020  budget if they are to be trusted to govern the nation.

“But the only challenge is that the alternative budget that UPND have brought… it’s like you are treating a patient and the medicine is worse than the disease. Someone has malaria, instead of giving them coartem, you give them logo, the patient dies and the malaria dies,” Dr Chanda mocked UPND MPs.

He has said the UPND was proposing outdated ideas, an indication that  the opposition political party is not ready to govern the Country.
“No single Member of Parliament from UPND, not even the former minister of finance, everyone is avoiding it. When you look at what UPND have said in this document, it shows you why the opposition is not ready for governance, they are actually propagating old and tired ideas by the oldest opposition party in the history of Zambia,” said Dr Chanda.



  1. mudenda

    2021 for you my dear.

  2. Wakishale

    It’s is true UPND is not ready to form government because all they best is condemn and criticise without offeri..mng alteratives. mAtmm mtheir press briefings, rallies and media interviews, they spend all the time criticising government without mentioning how they will improve gorvernance in the country.

  3. bayoka


    • Mapesho

      # Bayoka, don’t compare Sata to Hh, these two are of different calibre. Sata had so much experience in public office, Hh has zero. Comparing the two is like comparing mango to tomatoes.

    • mumba kenneth

      Don’t compare Mr data the late to this young boy . No experiments in Zambia if You want to Experiment uyu mwaice HH .we should try him as a councillor. Where has he worked . The slogan of sontha apo was bombs is going to apply again. . HH Show us where you have worked to justify your performance.

  4. puzzled

    stil ni hh 2021

  5. Ok

    Zambia is not for trial. It’s risky to give presidency to someone who has never been a councillor, MP or hold any public office.
    Desicions you make as a business man are very different from those that you make as politician.

    • Chabula moono

      Better we leave the govt to make decisions alone not those waste interference which won’t help any

    • Chisamba Colin

      Bushit.. That does not hold water

  6. Joe London

    Ba UPND,say something on your Shadow Budget by explaining it,tell de nation who prepared it,pipo want to known. Is it done by hh or the former finance minister Musokotwane.Kaili imwe mwalisambilila sana Ukucila abanenu.

  7. Joe London

    Ba UPND,can you man HH also give the pipo of Zambia a Shadow CABINET the way u have done with the National budget. Do it fast for pipo to trust and judge u.

  8. Chendabusiku

    HH will slide into depression after 2021 elections, especially if the election s will be peaceful. For this reason he is going to make sure that he tries to bring maximum confusion in the country and blame it on the ruling party. We hope that the police will be equal to the task and bring the culprits to book.

    • sO sO

      Chendabusiku you are right my man. See what has happened in Kaoma, The Up and Drowned last week showed a picture of a cadre whom they claimed to be a PF cadre. Today, however, the person who has been arrested for shooting someone is an UP and Drowned cadre. That is how they behave when they are not performing well and that is how they are going to behave in 2021.
      Kainde will be looking for Armageddon come 2021 because he knows that even those who have been patient with him will lose their patience.
      Kainde is bitter and he is dangerous.

  9. Chikos

    Upnd is failed party just after the death of mazoka may his soul rest in peace. Isabi ukubola lyambila ku mutwe. Be aware the person you’re supporting. Ukwele imfwayanoko mutanshi. Good day.

  10. blackbull

    some mps dont understand the shadow 2020 budget hence there critism of the man instead of the content. forgive them for they know not.

  11. chiko

    Checks and balances ni failure,budget nayo mafi fye i think nimwe ba Under Pants and National Dypers.

  12. Concerned Zambian

    The motion is to debate PF budget and not UPND’s. The difference between Sata and HH is that HH is a business man like Trump, he knows how to negotiate for desks that can put Zambia first. Trump was never an MP before but see what he had done. Bringing back the companies that had left USA to produce things within for export. Trump had businesses in many countries and dies not bother to steal from the state. Take HH’s advise.

  13. Yot-k

    HH ….get ready for 2021

  14. The BFG

    The Gvt Should Look Into Such Things As Mealie Meal Price, If A Bag Of Mealie Meal Is Bought At K170.00, Here In Shangombo. Then, How Much Is It In Lusaka? Is It Bad Road Network, The Hiking Of Fuel Price Or Higher. The Cost Of Living Has Become More Expensive For A Local Person Like Me. Mr President, We Cry!

  15. Ks

    Nowander we have problems, y shud pepo of shangombo buy mealie mill instead of kulima nogaya?

  16. Patrick

    HH must blame himself and his advisers if he will fail to to plot one in 2021 as it looks coz they threw away main opportunities that would easily take them to plot one.
    1, he refused to work with sata in a packed, later pf won and 3years later sata died HH missed that opportunity.
    2, HH removed cancius Band from the position of vice president.
    3 HH did not like to work with gbm instead he did everything to frustrate him
    4 HH abandoned kambwili after forming a packed with him.
    The reasons why HH must have contuned working with those people, C BANDA,KAMBWILI,GBM these gentlemen would have helped him gain more votes in copperbelt,Lusaka,northern earsten and part of luapula. Bembas & Nyanjas they just want to be occupying the presidency that’s the reason they support each other even president lungu knows that fact, pf and president lungu they would rather give the presidency to either kalaba or kambwili than allowing HH to win mark my words. HH ‘sturbonness of not working with the kambwili’s, GBM just to mention a few will cost him in 2021.

  17. lufuma muunda


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