CBU Lecturer Murdered

A Copperbelt University lecturer has been stabbed to death while his female friend was raped by a lone criminal in Kitwe this morning.

Zambia Police Public Relations officer Esther Mwata-Katongo has confirmed the murder.

Mwata-Katongo has identified the lecturer as Dr Maximilian Mainza, 36 of Riverside and a lecturer at Copperbelt University (CBU).

She explained that Dr Mainza was attacked around 02:30 am when he was dropping off his female friend in Nkana West in Kitwe.

Mwata-Katongo stated that after the criminal stabbed Dr Mainza, he grabbed the woman and raped her.

“Police in Kitwe received reports of aggravated robbery, rape and murder  from a female student at Kalulushi Catholic University, also of Kabundi in Chingola. The victim said that while she was being dropped off by Dr Maximilian Mainza, aged 36, of Riverside and a lecturer at Copperbelt University (CBU) at her friend’s house in Nkana West in the early hours of today, 5th October 2019, at around 02:30 hours, they were attacked by a lone criminal who demanded for a K100,” Mwata-Katongo stated.

“After the confrontation, Dr Mainza is reported to have come out of the car, a Honda Accord station wagon, and challenged the criminal and in the process, Dr Mainza was stabbed on the left side of the chest. He, however, managed to get back into the vehicle, reversed and drove about 100 meters before he stopped the car and collapsed. The criminal later followed, broke the driver’s window, opened the door and dragged the female victim out to a nearby unfinished structure where she was raped. He later went back to the vehicle and got two phones, a laptop bag, two other bags and an undisclosed amount of money and ran away.”

She stated that police visited the scenes of crime and found Dr Mainza dead.

“After receiving the report, Police visited the scenes of crime and found Dr Mainza dead with a stab wound on the left side of the chest. A Knife alleged to have been used in the act was recovered about six meters from the scene. The body has been taken to Kitwe Teaching Hospital mortuary while the rape victim was taken for medical attention. Investigations have been launched,” stated Mwata-Katongo.



  1. Kfb

    A christian nation where you find all sorts of evil.

    • Lolo

      it’s posible that the girl knows what transpired that time. how possible is it that a lone guy can be found at the premises of the girl at that wrong hour???

    • observa

      Christian nation? Ichalo tachitalala nga musunga.. Straight forward, the fuckin bitch knowns who ithe killer is. She was not even raped..it was plain consensual sex with the murderer. Period!

      • The Queen

        Some of these things need to b said with respect. The woman doesn’t have to be called a B. And it just myt b a coincidence that the thief was there at the wee hours of the morning. A life has bn lost, a female victimized- let’s b human!

  2. Jorwings Chikopela

    Too bad. He demanded k100 he would have given him to lessen further culamity. Condolences

    • observa

      Doctorate simply gone to waste because of sex..very sad for the parents. Wasted investment.

  3. Nan

    Mmmmm so ngatwakonka sana we myt find tht nika girlfrnd nd he was obviously married….too bad anyway…

  4. Nester Mwale chabe

    To bad may he RIP

  5. Nathan Fitcj

    What a great loss to the family,friends, the Giant school CBU ,and the society

  6. Frank Chombela

    He should hv surrendered the money or anything valuable to save his life, assuming police narration of the incident is correct. This is a young lecturer lost to CBU and a brother, father, son, nephew, cousin or husband lost to his family. Kitwe has recorded a number of serious crimes lately due to many gangs in the city. This is a clear sign of social degeneration in our towns. Don’t count on this incident to get our politicians off their backsides to take appropriate action. It’s too much to expect that from them. Instead of leaving matters spiritual to the clergy, politicians want to interfere there as well. Look you politicians, u hv work cut out for you instead of trying to lead in religious circles also.

    • Harry Benson

      Pls police don’t waist time the victim is thatraped girl she the truth about the death of the lecturer. That killer though he raped the lady they are just try to hide the truth that move should have been arranged by that girl and the killer. Takwaba this is the result of evil acts look at the time think about it . MTN ,ZaMtel and air tell help track the conversation of girl on her phone on that fate full day of the lecturer something will comup . this is too bad pls police work tirelessly .

  7. Professor Clerk

    first suspect is the victim’s girl friend,anyway may HSRIP

  8. GhostDog

    he acted foolish, you dont confront anyone in the dark,play a sucker to catch a sucker-seem dumber than your mark.use the surrender tactic; transform weakness into power

  9. Fk

    the girl is the source of murder

  10. Abantu mucalo

    50,50 with a criminal? Takwaba,anyway these so called girl friend will finish us. R.I.P

  11. The Seeker

    The alleged criminal could easily be a jealous boyfriend who went to see the girl. On not finding her,he decided to wait,as time went by he started feeling angry seeing that it was getting very late. When the Dr was dropping her of, the so called criminal got enraged, so he broke Dr Mainza’s driver’s window. The Dr got out of the vehicle and confronted the man,in the process,he was stabbed. He went back in to the vehicle, reversed and drove off leaving the girl and the guy alone. In his rage, the man decided to have his way with the girl, she refused,so he decided to rape her out of spite. Meanwhile,Dr Mainza had collapsed in his vehicle not far from where he dropped of the girl. Upon realising that the Dr’s vehicle was still within sight, she decided to check on him and found that he had collapsed, obviously,in a pool of blood. She got scared, went to the police and reported the matter. There’s so many inconsistencies in the short story she told.

    • mmmmm


    • Roy

      That’s one line of thought the police should look at.Too bad for the family,so sad. Trying to play macho man at that ungodly hour is highly risky.God will bring the culprits to account.

    • Chanda E

      Makes logical sense

  12. Passer-by

    Sad but complicated story.

  13. Sad development

    Although have never been to nkana west , is it a dispersed area where that woman can’t scream for help , women’s scream and how can a criminal who has stabbed someone return back again just for the same K100 that a lecture at CBU who got paid very soon can’t give the criminal . So the criminal just raped the woman without any hurt or injury . Please am not discomforting the woman . Police have to investigate this sad and shocking development firmly. May His Soul Rest In Peace

  14. Dr Crystal pain

    well considering the fact that the murderer only demanded a 100 kwacha why didn’t the Doc just hand him over a. 100.kwacha and save the trouble
    he’d be still alive by now if he acted fast called the police and not confront a criminal in the night .Damon too bad but let hope the ZAMBIA Police investigates .
    may his soul rest in peace

  15. GhostDog

    cbu has not yet been paid

  16. Martin

    Mainza wanted to show his girlfriend that he has power ,that’s the problem of beer,obviously Mr mwanza was drunk..anyway RIP

  17. kanji

    what you we zambians are not realizing isbif the economy is bad crime rate increases this just the beginning

  18. Mercy

    Even if he was not drunk, he still would have fought back. Men naturally like marking their territory, in this case the lady.

  19. Agogo

    This is a hired assassin. There is more to it than the story from the girl friend. I just wonder whether the calibre of the current crop of policemen can handle this type of murder which in the olden days could be sorted out in record time! Today’s policemen need to work hard in order to show their relevance. One can walk at night or even drive around almost in all residential areas without meeting a police officer on patrol. A person can commit a serious crime today and end up without being arrested. I will wait and hear the progress on this case.

  20. Dominic

    Sad development 😂🤣😭😂

  21. jd

    Our country is no longer a Christian nation

  22. Zambian Patriots

    I think our nation needs to control copperbelt province where citizens are becoming unruly and evil.
    praising evil doers as heroes teloleshafye then u want to change things when they get out of hand
    now i wonder what our leaders are doing,
    some of you call this negligence but let’s not forget that this is a serious crime..
    the culprit deserves punishment

  23. King

    Reason properly commentors ,if the girlfriend had a hand in the murder ,what did she benefit? Was the lecturer married? If not why didn’t she lodge with him at his place. Again was she expected at her friend’s house. Officers this is easy meat to swallow. James hardly chase syndrome.

  24. Weagan mulenga

    Too bad Dr Mainza, may your soul rest in eternal Peace.

  25. CHIMBALA steward

    Mwebantu how did that robber came to know that they will be dropping her at that time and place.?

  26. observa

    Ubuchende bwamwipaisha umwaiche. Ichili hule chashala..

  27. Mampi

    Automatically the muderer must hav tempered with de vehicle 4 Dr 2 cum out of it,but de big question mark z whetha de girl knoz de muderer or not.Simple bt treak,james hardly chase indeed!

  28. jeffrey

    I hope the police will find the killer .

  29. Andrew Monde

    To bad,awkward hours lets avoid at all costs it’s dangerous,whether you are driving or not.

  30. FuManchu

    The knife was found and obviously finger prints are on it. The girl was raped, DNA was left on or into her. She must have taken note of facial features for a composite to be generated. I wonder though if investment in equipment to aid police solve cases is police priority. If we have matched with the times there must be a finger print data bank for offenders as first suspects. Watching forensic investigations on TV one would think our police would match with the times. I am afraid the crime scene is not secured its as good as forgotten. Sad



    • Donald Chintu

      The stub wound was on the left because the killer had a knife in his right hand. The victim was facing the killer. It is simple logic Jemando…



  33. OLD MZEE

    The girl knows a lot.The problem with girls or women is that the want to have so many boyfriends/men friends.Women have so much lust,they want one man to pay rent,another to buy their food,another for her hair,another for her beer,another to buy fuel,another to pay for electrity another to pay for her water,the list goes on and on.
    Police should not release her.They should check her phones and service providers.
    Our brother should have known this and should have paid off this rival.The criminal is a boyfriend to this girl.No doudt about it.It is a case of jealous.

  34. Alexander

    Too bad, the results of jobless.

  35. Jose zuza

    To a true detective this case isn’t complicated at all. Even me l can try solving it,hope the culprit is brought to book before he strikes again

  36. Lewis

    Sad 😢 Rlp

  37. Mutobe ilibwe

    Please don’t blame anyone when yourselves are sending evil messages which shows you’re against Christianity when a life is lost y should you even comment like a Satanist? Come on people you don’t know how clean will be your deaths don’t be in a hurry to comment Rest in peace Dr…

  38. Edwardo

    The girl was raped? Was she married or had a serious relationship recently? But what was the motive for that man to wait for the lady up to that time. This shows that this criminal had enough information about the lovers. To me I think the culprit could be someone very close to the girl. To bad. RIP

  39. Kambai man wisdom

    R.I.P Dr mainza ,people let’s learn something please !!! Do right things my beloved brothers and sisters

  40. fredrick

    too bad

  41. puzzled

    RIP doc, guys death is death wether u r clever or wat if its on u,cant run away

  42. Pharaoh

    I ,be cleaty followed the narration but,failing to notice at which point Dr Mainza met his untimely death. In cases of rape they must be a third party where the girl could have rushed & reported the incident immediately after the occurrence Other wise, much explanations are required from her.Very unfortunate indeed

  43. Wayne


  44. Wayne

    How possible is it that the so called repist appeared at that place the same time Dr mainza reached the destination she has to explain

  45. Ks

    No doubt that is a crime of passion. All the evidence is there or finger prints,DNA but problem ba old fashioned police. Our friends have stopped recruitin ba grade 1 , 9 & 12 failures in these institutions but us kkkkkk

  46. P.M

    This is the second Kalulushi Catholic University to have been involved in a case like this. Whats wrong with girls from this university?

  47. Kicks

    No questions, he is dead, death comes in so many ways. by the way, who on earth can challenge a criminal at that hour without hesitation as if you are friends with him? kwangala, 02 30hrs, even security guards never act that way because they know how deadly criminals are. Safe Journey Mwisho. Security tip; when a criminal demands for money, you should just throw away what you have in order to save your life, he will give you chance to escape by the time he goes to pick the money.

  48. KingRoy

    Kicks wrong advisor. Never throw money or car keys to a thief,that is rudeness and one of a thousand way to die. Do you understand?

  49. Mutotwe Kafwaya

    Iciliule caipaisha umwaice talacita na enjoy life,, May his soul rest in peace .

  50. General

    Finger prints…….
    If they had nt done this one,then we do not have cop’s Zambia.

  51. HK the prominent

    ba ghello nifyofine…

  52. Jose Liwaya

    He was stubbed to left side meaning pasegers seat hmm, he was stubbed almost where the girl suppose to drop off hmmm, it happened at 02;30 hmmmm, and it happened friday to suturday morning hmmm, he was 32 nd She was 22 hmmmm, She went to report the issue at the Police station herself alone hmmmm, things were missing in the vehicle hmmmm, She was just raped but not beaten or injured hmmm, he was married nd She was single hmmm, Police if you cant catch the killers then get fired all of you are connected and foolish this is a grade One graduate case at criminal school of investigativo and if this case delays all Police handling the case get fire you are just eating and wasting tax payers money

    • Donald Chintu

      Please learn to read and not make assumptions. It is very clear in the report that the stubbing took place when he got out of the car to confront the killer.
      “After the confrontation, Dr Mainza is reported to have come out of the car, a Honda Accord station wagon, and challenged the criminal and in the process, Dr Mainza was stabbed on the left side of the chest. He, however, managed to get back into the vehicle, reversed and drove about 100 meters before he stopped the car and collapsed.”

      • Donald Chintu

        or if you like, he got out of the car to challenge the killer… The issue is he got out of the car. MHSRIP

  53. Chimmy

    Too bad may his soul rest in peace

  54. Zawifi

    People’s coments ar so genuine nd direct. The lady knws somthng. The guy is dead bt we living cant let it end without investgations. If the man was maried then hw was de relationshp with his wife nd the so kod friend? As far as am concerned the wud want to knw the relationships among these people. As a man cant drive frm my house at 02:30 escorting my friend without my wife knwing of it. Did ths lady so called friend pay a visit to the couple? This incidence is so complicated anyway we wait for postmortem

  55. The Taliban

    Ba Police just fuck the girl into her mouth she will disclose the all story.She has the all hiden true behind this.

  56. the doc

    Why insinuate the girl is hidding something or planned for the murder? What if, as the guy was dropping the girl, the criminal appeared from nowhere and saw them kissing and fondling, knocked on the window? Then the guy felt incensed, opened the car door and decided to confront him after he demanded for money? Is it also not possible the criminal was coincidentally in the area as the girl was being dropped off? Is 02hrs not late enough for this to happen?

  57. obed

    please lets avoid ka issuel ka tu girl friend lets respect our homes.

  58. John Phiri

    Surely, how can one come out of the vehicle to challenge a criminal in the twilight of the morning? What kind of courage is this? Beer at work? Unless, he was carrying a pistol (Revolver) not just empty handed like that. Aliipasha umwine. Just upon seeing that person alone in the night, he should have sped off without even dropping off the girl. Go and leave her at a night club. Nevertheless, too bad May His Soul Rest In Peace. A life gone too soon.

  59. andrew j hanchenje

    sad news may god punish that criminal

  60. Filungula Namenshi

    This is always the out come of snicking. In our tribe we have a saying which goes like “Zembelezu anakumana na kwaukwau” literally meaning that snicking mate with fate.


    so sad indeed. May the good Lord comfort the entire family during this difficult time. we came naked and we will go naked we are in transit. May your soul rest in peace doc.

  62. boogeyman


  63. SAINT

    According to what i heard,the girl informed some guys to come and threaten the lecturer(her boyfriend) because she learnt that he had a sum of k20,000.00..so ifi ati he asked for a k100 what kind of a thief demands for a specific amount of money,takwaba….this girl conspired with some men to ambush this man for his money so that they share and the man accidentally stubbed this man it wasn’t intentional ..anyway both of them and anyone behind this must be apprehended

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