Clean Up Of Govt Pay Roll Begins

Deputy Secretary to Cabinet Dr Martine Mtonga says government has started a clean up exercise for all civil servants in the country.

Dr Mtonga said government wants to do a verification of all the civil servants to validate information.

He said this when he called on Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe in Ndola.

Dr Mtonga said his office had statistics that Copperbelt had about 35, 000 civil servants on record who get salaries.

He said the exercise is not to intimidate anyone but to just verify and validate information about civil servants.

“This exercise is not to intimidate anyone or feel threatened. It is just to verify and validate information. We want to check if they are in the right place. We do a head count of members of staff,” said Dr Mtonga.

Later during the Government payroll audit committee meeting at the Levy Mwanawasa stadium in Ndola, Dr Mtonga said government wants to eliminate ghost workers on the payroll.


  1. Nalishebo Mwangana

    Yes it is a good idea to cleanup the payroll ,but I would suggest that people should be put to their rightful salary scales immediately they qualify no taking three years or more, it is unfair,like what iam experiencing.Thank you.

  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    This is a good move!!!! Continue with what you have started in order to remove ghost workers who are getting salaries for nothing. Thanks

    • Nyambe

      Let all who collect salaries report in person with their NRC

    • Sichula c

      Comment It is a good move my dear nyirongo but a failed move because those benefiting are amongest those who are cnnducting an exercise. Remember we were promised that floating teachers in towns will be deployed to rural schools. Have they done so? NO this is done for formality

  3. Chendabusiku

    If there are ghost workers on Govt payroll someone is benefiting from it, and once discovered they should be made to pay back the money.

  4. Ty

    Good news , three years working no benefit no graduity , we are looking forward to be helped by this step you have started thank you so much .

  5. Ngwalusungu

    Tanzian has removed ghost workers 2 save money misuse. Zambia has 2 follow sult but ghost workers are real and govt 2 clean up the system and see who are at work and left.

  6. Ba Gaza

    The govt of pf has just failed nicely to rule this country because economy is bad n they r expecting us to eat wat mother fucker all members of pf hh 2021

  7. Frank Chombela

    There should be no ghost workers on govt payroll because we now have a professional human resource institute backed by an act of parliament. We even see them holding annual functions where they’re always showing us how important professional human resource persons are. Wht hv human resource people done for Zambia after its parliament gave them a piece of legislation to back their profession? Where’s there supposed professionalism? Is it just about holding dinner dances and drinking wines in Livingstone?

  8. Frank Chombela

    I should add the fact that these so-called professional human resource people hv persuaded govt to create the position of director human resource in all ministries. Are they unable to count the number of people employed in govt departments?

  9. Man Jay

    Yes it’s a right move their are a lot of ghosts workers in Zambia hence wasting tax payers money on salaries & I’m sure some people are benefiting on ghost workers salaries please clean up the messy maybe the govt save something for other developments.

  10. Proud Lozi Man

    We are overwhelmed with because of shortage of staff, wen indeed not cause most of them decided to go on self transfers for reasons best known to themselves it’s jst high time thy came back. Good move

  11. wills

    Comment great move, am very glad with this move.keep it up!

  12. Andrew Monde

    Yes that’s a good method,please make sure those found wanting let the law take charge.

  13. OLD MZEE

    Gost workers on government payoll are usually the following::;
    1.Workers who have resigned but they have not been removed from payroll.
    2.Deceseased workers
    3.Retired workers who have been paid there dues but are still on payroll
    4.People with similar names
    5.Workers who have transferred themselves to other stations or are not reporting for work at they work station especially female teachers
    6.Workers who have runaway from their work station due to witchcraft,lack of accommodation or just refusing to go to their work station like the DC Ngabwe.

  14. Richard Mulemena

    What happens to those who have been transferred to other districts but pay point is the former or old district it not changed, will you count them as Ghost workers? Even then what penalty will be put in place

  15. Fyantha

    If you were to start phasing off your own relatives, BETTER. We talk alot of good but to intimidate the vulnerable. Our relatives are left scorch free. Did we ever have a gost worker who is not attached to a bid figure? Please verify and clean quickly

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