UPND Cadre Arrested Over Kaoma Shooting

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has told leaders of political parties taking part in the Kaoma council chairperson by-election to immediately disarm their cadres.

Meanwhile, police have arrested a UPND cadre in connection with this morning’s shooting on a PF campaign team comprising three ministers and ruling party deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri.

And Kanganja has said no one has died in the shoot out as those injured are still in hospital.

In a statement this afternoon, Kanganja stated that he had received disturbing reports of violence in Kaoma and the arming of political party cadres with offensive weapons by some of those participating in the by-election.

“I have received disturbing reports of violence  in the Kaoma by-election campaigns in Western Province, also the arming of political cadres  with offensive weapons where some people involved in political activities have sustained injuries. I therefore call upon all those leading campaign teams of all political parties taking part in the by-election to disarm their supporters immediately and advise their cadres to stay away from all forms of violence,” Kanganja stated.

“Further, I appeal to members of the public, including political players who may have information on those who have armed themselves with any form of offensive weapon during the ongoing political activities in Kaoma, to report to the Police without delay. I wish to remind all political players that going  armed to any  public gathering, procession or any other political activity is a serious offence which attracts stiff punishment. I therefore urge all Police officers involved in policing the Kaoma by-election to be firm and ensure that all those found wanting, irrespective of their standing in society or political affiliation,  are arrested and dealt with in accordance with  the provisions of the law.  We are not going to allow lawlessness to take root during this by election therefore all acts of violence should immediately cease forthwith. All Political parties taking part in the election should focus on explaining their manifesto to the electorate as opposed to taking the route of provocation, harassment, intimidation and violence.”

He further confirmed that one person has been arrested and their gun confiscated over the shooting of four people and refuted social media reports that one of the injured had died.

“The Police never exchanged any gun fire with anyone. Four persons have been injured and hospitalized. One person has been arrested and one pistol recovered from him. No deaths have been recorded,” stated Kanganja.


  1. Dr Fonicks

    Please, political party leaders, restrain these foolish cadres of yours from using any form of weapon. We are all Zambians. Why resort to violence? Whether PF, UPND or any other, there’s no need for violence. This is totally barbaric behaviour. All top officials from the participating parties must really educate their followers on the use of weapons during campaign period. It seems as if some leaders of these parties cherish violence. This is not the first time we have heard of such uncalled for behaviour especially from PF and UPND. I have a feeling that some leaders from these two parties fund violence. What these stupid leaders forget is that, they are fighting fellow country men and women. Winning an election does not require violence. You dunderhead, stop this devilish acts. The law must be amended before the 2021 elections in such a way that the perpetrators of political violence are given stiffer punishment for their behavior. Politics of intimidation and violence must be curtailed. Haven’t we seen some countries which have been plunged into a civil war as a result of irresponsible leaders ? Please let’s embrace each other. We have got only one country and that’s Zambia. Heed my opinion. Adios Amigos.

  2. Andrew Monde

    It’s unfortunate that it can result to such.

    • Bekem

      We have been saying that UPND violent party . you can tell from their part agarian red colour symbolising blood shed. This the blood you are swing .surely Calders moving armed as though going for war. Shame HH and its UPND. If this is the manner of finding the way to state house .we patriotic Zambians we condemne . This formula you have of violence it will make you candidate get disqualified take part elections if he is discovered supplying arms to its carders. The police pls don’t be partisan treat this criminal shooting fellow Zambians for nothing .remove the so called human right . treat this man , no mercy ,torture him harshly till he mention who is supplying the weapons. Don’t think that is the only weapon to the UPND camp. Police pls find the source of UPND weapon don’t release this and delay to take him to court until you apprehend more culprits. If the inspector general of police fails to catch others then he should resign immediately before the president fires him. This is rediculouse . firing at a fellow human being.. I repeat police work tirelessly apprehend more culprits if you fail to arrest more armed culprits iam telling you these guns will turn against you. Whether this pistol is licences or not no weapon on such occasions. He used it wrongly and a wrong place. I will follow this story to the end .



    • Bekem

      I respect your opinion but on the other had isay no . the party to be disqualified is the one shooting people so pls if ECZ has the power to disqualify pls act now we are tired to here blood shed in kaoma. If it was police who had scared them with guns the UPND would be saying PF carders are shooting .The police are not state carders this is insult .bane umulandu baukonka pa matako . don’t judge wrongly ubupupu no pakuboko uyo kapala UPND alisangwe nokulasa umunthu. Then the camp he belongs to should bear penalty of getting disqualified if there is that provision.



  5. Chakalifya koswe

    Dr. Fonicks you are 100%right normally those who feel can’t win an election through normal campaign resort to violence. Are we in colonial days when we were fighting whites? We are all. Zambians whoever wins will never give food on the table its you to feed yourselves why don’t they give you money they use for campaigns? You are fools idiots look they look at you as people who don’t think rubish idiots

  6. Niso kodibba

    These are signs of civil war,come 2021 are we going to survive..leaders do something please before its too let. And let all political parties participating in any election stop transporting pagan cardles ,use only local cardles from the same locality were elections are taking place..pf and upnd stop this political violence. Especially ba pf bing the ruling party lead by example control your cardles..kaoma incident not good.

  7. AM

    These are signs that upnd party is a heartless party they are rotten from the head, why these things are not happening to of strong hold

    • D. M

      The IG is lying a UPND has been shot by pf thug and died.
      These pf criminals are well known
      IG tell the truth otherwise you are fearing to be fired if you tell out the truth you are not being professional

  8. AM

    These are signs that upnd party is a heartless party they are rotten from the head, why these things are not happening happening to of stronghold areas honesty let’s voice this out tribal party does it again like xenophobic of south Africa.

  9. Alexander

    PF is a party of IDOITS, can u stop this nosense.

    • Alexander the word or language you have used is not a good language mind your language those people who voted for of thy are not 🐕 please please.if you were born from normal human being please change your language.

      My friend use sorbet language.we are all Zambians.


    Zambians have you seen and believe it’s true that there is no hunger in Western province!!!! A hunger striken province can’t have time to go to the campaigns instead it should have been busy looking for food in the bush. Now that they have benefited with the 12.5kg dmmu no wonder they are trying to get a bite on the finger that is feeding them (ECZ JUST DISQUALIFY THE TWO 🛶👊🛶AND🧤✋✋🧤)

  11. Kfb

    Pf uses violence to manipulate election results. Mwanawasa managed to end political violence but pf thrives on it for political survival. We have seen how selective the police have been on who to arrest and not to. The police know the source of guns being carried by cadres but fails to disarm them because it is mostly pf cadres possessing them.

  12. Fyantha

    Wen we say no to violence, some ignore.

  13. awan MOFFAT


  14. Chi Try

    Please ECZ disqualify that party and let it not be in existance b4 2021

  15. Filungula Namansi

    What is so mind boggling is that when ever we have these so called by-elections, the only region were pockets of violence are recorded is the so called strong hold of a known opposition political party.
    We had had a number of by-elections in these other areas but we never recorded shooting incidences.
    Please do some thorough investigations and who ever will be found wanting please truck the culprit down and link him or her to the party they belong and de-register their parties to serve as an example to the would be offenders.

  16. B3

    UPND is a true representation of Xenophobia

  17. Gang west

    To all those who are supporting the PF,I fuck you and the places where you come from.Search and find the truthful not just commenting lunatic stuff you are not sure of.Life is becoming harder in my country,zambia.So if it’s about civil war! Let it be there,i want to fuck the so called PF AND THEIR PRESIDENT!

  18. vince

    What kind of reporting is this?Imwe Bantu aupnd cadre is the one who was shot,,,,by the name of kaddaffi Banda. Let’s not do biased reporting,,, lmwe ba Zambia Reports,,,Atase

  19. The BFG

    Lord Come And Save Us From This Hungry Political War Which Opens Its Vast Mouth On Our Poor Soul

  20. Chisanga Paulsen

    Comment I think ECZ shud abolish political party regalia so that it becomes difficult to identify which political party one supports. And parties shud be brought together for debate and sell their manifestoes to the electorates so that they can be judged accordingly. Otherwise nothing can deter violence in Zambia owing to the fact that all parties involved in elections re violent.

  21. Kante

    there are saying no one died, but what of kadafi who was shot twice on head

  22. D. M

    The IG is lying a UPND has been shot by pf thug and died.
    These pf criminals are well known
    IG tell the truth otherwise you are fearing to be fired if you tell out the truth you are not being professional

  23. chi.2

    The war z in yo tongue,wateva u say nd think can easily happen so lets nt blame our leaders.on medias u do insult do u still blame yo leaders? If u were given chance 2 meet pipo u insult n de bush with a gun u can easily kill them all coz of hatred u hav n yo heart,so respect yoself nd yo friends opinion.Rememba that insults z as same as killing yoself nt de person u ar trying 2 insult.2 all my fellow zambians,b quick 2 hear nd slow 2 anger.

  24. pf supporter

    we killed a upnd carder n nothin was said kaili we run zp

  25. Nyengo

    A gun used in kaoma is it a registered 1 bcoz if it is from Angola illegal trade. One we get report wil know the owner of a weapone but as at now blame game continues. We need truth not victim and western province is used bcoz of its independence misunderstand with govt 2 create violence and the pipo are peaceful but politicans are using there failure 2 fight 4 them. We don’t vote tribe,let vote who care all zambian. Time 2 know if guns found in political violence are registered or not. Political praise and worship continue against pf

  26. petrus chipuluka

    by election takes place S.P, N.W and Western provinces we already no they will be bloodshed this is simple there is a party which does not want pf to penetrate in their so called strong holds

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