Apex Lecturer Who Failed 2 Students Sued For Sexual Harassment

Two female students at Apex Medical University in Lusaka have sued their lecturer for alleged sexual harassment.

Lusaka Apex Medical University lecturer Philistone Nyirenda of the faculty of pharmacy is also accused of promising the two students, Sandra Mubanga and Carol Saili, that he would make them pass examinations but then failed them when they declined his sexual overtures.

The two students, both in their fourth year, have also sued the institution, seeking a declaration that it has breached its contractual obligation to provide a conducive learning environment.

They want an order that their pharmacology paper be remarked by independent markers, damages for breach of contract and statutory duty, costs and any other relief.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court principal registry on October 1, this year, Mubanga and Saili state that Nyirenda was a lecturer and head of the Laboratory Department at the university.

They claim that sometime this year and on separate occasions, Nyirenda made various sexual advances towards them, which they declined.

Nyirenda did not back down and further promised to pass the two students in their exams.

“The plaintiffs will aver that they refused to accede to the [defendant’s] sexual requests which prompted him to threaten and promise that they will fail the exams,” read the statement of claim.

When the exams finally commenced, they state, Nyirenda, in a way, ensured that he was the one invigilating and would often accuse the duo of having sexual relationships with other lecturers in exchange with good grade.

“The accusations were made in full view of all the students in the exam class,” they alleged.

They also alleged that Nyirenda would then order other officers to conduct a body search on them while accusing them of trying to cheat.

They said the accusations and body searches went on for the entire exam period, thereby causing them embarrassment and mental anguish.

Mubanga and Saili state that they reported Nyirenda’s conduct to the university authorities but nothing was done to address the problem.

They claimed that their request to sit deferred exams was turned down by the university.

Mubanga and Saili state that Nyirenda’s conduct persisted throughout the exam period, which prompted the them to go back to the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy to seek that the matter be addressed.

Nyirenda was then summoned and acknowledged that his conduct was wrong and apologised to the two students.

The duo stated that the outcome of the exams was not surprising considering Nyirenda’s alleged promise that he would fail them for turning down his sexual advances.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Too bad

    • Kamwala Professor

      Just do the needful. A lot of your friends are Doctors, lawyers, professors Bankers on high places. They just did the right thing .

      • Leonard Siame

        Too much mini skirts and chibeleshi from these students.all the time it’s I going to see ba sir I am going to see ba sir I am going to see ba sir you will be fucked everyday by the time you finish school you are arealdy sick you even fail to enjoy your money

    • Break News

      Nigerians across social media have called on lecturers, school authorities, and the government to take up responsibilities after BBC Africa Eye report exposed two lecturers at the University of Ghana and the University of Lagos in a sex-for-grade scandal.

      The report, released on Monday, October 7th, BBC Africa Eye investigation torchlight sexual harassment from Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor, a lecturer at the College Of Education, University of Ghana and a senior lecturer at the University of Lagos (Lagos), Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu.

      The report captured activities of senior lecturers engaging in sexual harassment which is against rules of engagements across institutions

    • Priscilla

      I got my first degree by bottom power. Then I got my Masters @ UNZA by bottom power. Iam doing my PHD and bottom power is working and will soon graduate with a PHD in Economics.

  2. Filungula Namenshi

    This issue of “Sex for Grades” is a deep one in learning institutions in Africa and it does not get the attention it deserves.
    Institutions regulatory bodies must up their game in protecting students, especially those who are struggling in various areas become very vulnerable to these abuses.

  3. Chakalifya koswe

    Nyirenda you a very foolish koswe

    • Mwanamoope

      He is more than that, I wish I can sleep with his daughter

  4. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    This issue of offering good grades in exchange for sex is not good at all as it is making the students not to study hard. This trend should be stopped by all the Universities in Zambia and Africa as a whole. As African Universities, let us conduct ourselves like the English People. Thanks

  5. Mwanamoope


  6. observa

    That’s the problem with these mushrooming tuntemba institutions.. They lack professionalism and code of ethics..

    • mwandi

      This does not only happen in private universities , unza and copper belt university is worse ladies who dont delay open there legs graduate faster than those who do open there legs. But you find them dying early again . too bad from these universities.

  7. General Sun-Tzu

    To you bloggers who seen obsessed with this story, You have no clue let alone even the right to judge even before getting the real story behind the failure of those girls. The course in question, components, call them topics, are taught by 4 different lecturers, and the accused individual does neither teach or mark. If that is true, did the ladies say all the 4 lectures asked for sexual favors?

    • Balembu

      Heresy, one man can influence colleagues, shallow thinking.

  8. smith


  9. Herbert C M

    Comment send him to jail

  10. Choolwe Howard

    Very bad

  11. Habenzu

    Good that these bold ladies stood their ground, let them sue his and the institutions asses.Enough is enough. Unza and CBU have the worst culprits! No
    wonder Zambia is backwards: fuck or be fucked to succeed.

  12. Chali

    It is hard enough to have your girl friend or wife in that faculty.

  13. Dmuzo

    Sex for Grades scandals are getting hot now.
    Friends Never send yo wife to a university unless you enroll together

  14. The Seeker

    Guys, this is just a claim! Wait and see how the story unfolds,then you can make your comments when you have sound information from both parties, the plaintiff and the defendant, you will be surprised.

  15. Mlase

    Our role on this blog is to comment whether the head story is true or false.Zambia reports does not keep these postings for too long for anyone to ask us not to comment against or in favour of the accused.Remember that there is no smoke without fire.I see elements of truth in the allegations against the lecturer.This vice has been going not only in institutions of learning but even in companies nd Govt offices.A lady needs to open her legs in order to get a promotion or favours.God forbid..

  16. reasmuee

    Eastern people is killing our country in everything.

  17. Mbulu Yasama

    They should have reported him on time. Late. Ifibaicefi.

  18. XP

    Mwana Apeluke!

  19. Balembu

    Ichibeleshi sana na ma Lecturers ifibana fye sukulu, a lot of Lecturers are caught at Apex and UNZA but always swept under the Carpet. Useless

  20. JMB

    Too bad

  21. Gc

    Ichibeleshi nechimpwena mwalichilamo ukushishita kwati tamwasambilila sure both animals mind bakoswe

  22. Bertø

    Who chosen him

  23. Bertø

    Who employed him as a lecturer

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