Patrick Mwanawasa Resigns From Govt

Central Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Patrick Mwanawasa has resigned from government.
In his resignation letter to the Central Province Permanent Secretary dated October 7, 2019 and copied to President Edgar Lungu, Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Simon Miti, the Permanent Secretary of the Public Service Management Division and the chairperson of the Public Service Commission, Patrick could not point to the reasons for his resignation which will take effect on November 7, 2019.

The son to the third president Levy Patrick Mwanawasa has, however, praised President Lungu for having considered him to serve under the PF government.
β€œIn accordance with my conditions of service on first appointment as provided i the minute of appointment dated 24th April 2015, I hereby tender my resignation.In lieu of the month’s notice, I will be stepping down from the position Deputy Permanent Secretary of Central province on the 7th November, 2019,” stated Patrick. “I most sincerely would like to thank His Excellency Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, our President, for having considered me to serve under his government. It was an opportunity of great honor and privilege. As I depart, I wish the President all the best and God’s abundant grace as he steers our country to greater heights.”



  1. old mzee

    With deep regret I accept the resignation of Patrick mwanawasa.I jut hope you are not going into politics.All the best you have a bright future.You are a possible future president of this country

  2. Habenzu

    When you sleep with married whores this is expected, the wages of sin!!sex has destroyed many a destiny.

  3. Paul chilemu.

    You have done well to resign.That shows lidership in you, take your time go and rest first and be prayerfull.

  4. dance

    People who are awake are able to see the dangers of being with the useless pf. Good move though!!!

  5. Curtis joe

    Ecclesiastes 3:3 it’s time you still got a lot to do

  6. observa

    INSTINCT INTEGRETY..like Father like son. Its actually very very difficult for any upright person to continue working with these PF thugs. Best wishes young man!

  7. Dmuzo

    Welldone mwanawasa jr.
    Jx wondering, is ECL, a Dr or Mr?

  8. prince

    a frog does not run during the day time unless it’s pursuing something or something is pursing it.

  9. B.M Kabwe

    Buu pombo mbubyabi mukwabo.You have done well to resign,but you must also be man enough to apology to the owner of that married woman.Or be brave to tell the Nation the reseasons of your resignation unlike leaving people in suspense.

  10. Joseph Banda

    Only God knows what ….u but tell the apologize

  11. jullus

    It’s too bad to leave us alone in pf

  12. Mr k

    You are not a factor in pf you only ate where you don’t saw



  14. Herv Rena

    Good move and after getting your benefits pls come back to Upnd

    • zambiata


  15. OLD MZEE

    Shame Mr Mwanawasa.How can you sink so low.You have disappointed many people including your family.
    As forMrs Okpara she should also resign for being a prostitute and now Mr Simwinga should also resign.
    You guys are you not married.

  16. Upnd n pf

    This is the end of you dear HH is deserving you .very soon you regret mwana



  18. Leon

    What happened fot Mr Mwanawasa to leave !

  19. Patrick

    Too bad my name sake. That woman’s man won’t just leave like that he will do anything to disturb your peace be prayerful dear.

  20. FUCKER

    Good move Boi…just after Fuckn our money…you decided to fuckn your job as you did to your friend’s puss..welcome to our life of struggling in compound.Fucking is sweeter.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ˆ

  21. OLD MZEE

    Too Bad for the husband of this prostitute.This was woman a prosititute even before she got married.She slept with over 10,000 men and is still not satisfied.Shame on her and her family.Emo balila mu buhule.

  22. Wallen mwanza

    Climate change

  23. Malama Lawrence Chitambo

    Nice move.

  24. Niso kodibba

    Don’t rush to make the next move, go underground work on you behaviour and come back later. You are a future leader ,but when you come back join a team of responsible men and women led by hh, Pf these days niyaminyama nothing is good about them you did well to resign..when I hear you name patrick mwanawasa Jr I remember the great man levy patrick mwanawasa the way he was committed to fight corruption. The economy developed 1USdoller was equivalent to 3kwacha not these thugs we have now.

  25. Herv Rena

    Climate change is real,stop using charcoal.

  26. Joe London

    Let’s hope he has not been promised the vice presidency by some political party.Wrong move young man.Walitampa ukupangika nomba wayonaula kwati ni Mulenga Data.You would have exercised some Patience as pipo started to believe in U.

  27. Db swag

    Fuck zesco

  28. Db swag

    Fuck zesco failures

  29. OLD MZEE

    Mwanawasa has damaged his reputation forever.His political future is ruined by this useless act.

  30. Man


  31. Shimapepo

    SHAME! Nani Wakubepele Mwaiche?

  32. lucky tembo

    Gud move

  33. Esther lungu

    I don’t know why you always thank my father for foolish things…… Leaving of does not mean you got integrity
    Bro tell people the truth.!

  34. Lukes Revelater

    Say the truth and it shall set you free

  35. max

    God bless you ,you are a real Photocopy of your father

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