Police Arrest UPPZ President, His Daughter At Court

Police in Lusaka have arrested president of the opposition United Party for Prosperous Zambia (UPPZ) Charles Chanda and his daughter for alleged swindling of over 100 Zambians in a land deal.

Chanda and his daughter appeared at the Magistrates’ Court today where 134 charges were read before them, to which they pleaded not guilty.

After the matter was adjourned, a group of police officers were already waiting for him outside to effect arrest on a matter yet to be known.

The land deal matter is being privately prosecuted.



  1. Ok

    Prosperous Zambia indeed!

  2. Napapa

    Kanshi ici chimuntu nacho nichi kemlenka!!! I am shocked!!!

  3. vince

    He appeared honest pa Prime kanshi ba tata efyo cili,? U have decampained yosef,

  4. Habenzu

    Government machinery in play.

    • Foolish chanda

      This is one of the men who is used to talk rubbish about the head state to say the president is a thief. What nonsense is this . instead to go to state house make he finds state house to prison. The other that surprises me .how do these law enforcement work .you Will find that one has 100 cases but comes out with no case to answer this nonsense. Do they really investigate before someone is charged . I know believe these case are for the poor and corruption Free for the poor . but the rich are corrupt and come our praising them selves that there is nothing they can do. Judiciary pull out your behaviour. You have jailed a lot of innocent people and escort free thieves and criminals. And you say there is no one
      above the law . please don’t cheat people. Some are more equal than others. People are taken to court when they come out of court they even make press conference and talk all sorts of rubbish .is the court a place meetings and conference ? But soon you make an entry in court room you are greeted with a notice SILENCE in COURT please don’t fool people. But remember God is there .You will be judged the way you judge innocent people. If Chanda and her daughter will be Innocent on this case then don’t known where our courts are going . this man has made suffering to a lot of sours

  5. Fonko Fonko

    Some are using yakumbuyo, others land deals in the name of a better Zambia. Opposition kuwa ya wayafye.

  6. Wallen mwanza

    I think it is because of climate change

  7. Kicks

    It is simply because of climate change, it has divergent effects on human’s thinking capacity. Now who is the owner of the 48 houses you said the acc did not know the owner? to date you no imformation.

  8. jullus

    I don’t know where we are going only god knows

  9. Chonde mib

    Innocent man Dr Charles chanda don’t worry God is watching whay is happening don’t worry. In the name of the father ,son and holy spirit, Amen

  10. Alexander

    you are a free man, big thieves are in PF govt.

  11. King cool

    The 48 houses, I think ,,, they belong to Chanda fimofimo, Government cannot fail to find the owner,its a lie!!! . Now for police officers to arrest UPPZ opposition leader and his daughter it’s unfortunate, the they are busy arresting at the courtyard and failing to arrest the murderer in kaoma election were one person has died. Now in terms of money issues, all these millionaires we see, are all crooks. No is honest very Few individuals, the rest dubious means

  12. Indoshi palupe

    Like father like daughter,,, Facking humans!

  13. Herv Rena

    Climate change is real,plant a tree this rainy season .

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