Lungu Saddened By Death Of 6 Catholic Choir Members in CB Accident

President Edgar Lungu has sent a message of condolences to the Catholic ChurchΒ  on the death of six members of a choir following a tragic road accident on the Kitwe-Chingola road on Monday.

President Lungu has also sent a message of condolences to the family of Patriotic Front member Petronella Bowa who also died on Monday after an illness.

He asked the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) and the Police to frequently check on the roads to clear broken down vehicles that pose a danger to motorists.

“It is sad that people perished because a truck was left on the road for a long time. RTSA and Police must develop a culture of clearing roads of vehicles that have broken down,” said President Lungu and further wished the injured a quick recovery.

On Ms Bowa, President Lungu said she was a dedicated member of the Patriotic Front who would be missed by the entire party.


  1. Leonard

    Was a Kaoma cadre pf/upnd

    • Km

      Leonard we kno you you are UPND carder the question you are asking is nonsense .you are happy UPND and Your HH killed some one and you turn the story to say ba pf . the head of state is sending a massage of condolence the children of God who died in a road accident on dual carriage to chingola and you are talking of another saddening story caused by the planned move of UPND to be killing PF members. Wait you member with reveal more . this can read to another treason case.

  2. Kabs

    Leonard why that question?You don’t read news?Learn to hear to news bulletin at 19:00hrs and 21:00hrs.That way you will never be behind as far as current affairs is concern.

  3. Leonard

    @Kabs,it’s better to keep quiet if you are not interested.we have different jobs, the times you can get news differs, don’t you know that some areas within zambia get news papers after they expire? others have to travel several kilometers to the nearest boma to access the internet.πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  4. KM

    Mr president this is very saddening to loose our children of God in that accident. To start with chingola dual carriage has taken a long time to open if it was opened this was not going to happened. 2 the police are to blame for this accident .from hear say we are told that bus had no light and at the road block the traffic police officer was PaiD 50 kwacha and the journey continued . for me I would say if that police traffic was no corrupt these souls could have been spared. The traffic are corrupt they don’t patrol they are there to make money for them selves instead to make money for the state. Mr president last week the traffick police caused another accident in chingola at near nchanga training school . they were chasing two trucks carrying timber instead of stopping at the robots they could not stop because they seem to be above the law . they over take the timber carrying truck and made a sudden stop in front those trucks. Now what happened was the front truck also stopped to avoid smash the police traffic officials then the rear truck failed to stop instantly as a result it had to hit into another truck. All this is caused by the police trying to get a bribe. I can not sa much about the RTSA because if the make or patroring the don’t ask to get money from you they Tell to go and pay or warm you. Highway need to be on 24 hrs patrol this also will help carb car theft and help vehicles broken down removed from midst of the road . lastly Mr president the RTSA needs transport to be on 24 hrs patrolling.

  5. Filungula Namenshi

    The problem we have is that we like finger pointing when a tragedy happens. That truck had been there for over a week before the accident happened. To make the matters worse, just a stone throw away is were the traffic police usually mount the speed trap road block and they were fully aware of this situation.
    It is very saddening that The Police IG must always be told by the President to up his game.

  6. professor Clerk

    a system to monitor how the traffic police work will greatly help… ProFessoR

  7. mathew

    Suddened about an accident what of those 48 mansions,high meali meal prices,loadshedding….is he not suddened of them

  8. muntungwa

    Does it take the president to think on behalf of RTSA and after a tragedy?

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