Mwense Man Arrested For Having Sex With Daughter

A 33-year-man of Mwense District of Luapula Province has been arrested for allegedly having carnal knowledge of his 15-year-old biological daughter.

Joseph Mpundu was found having sex with his biological daughter by his wife.

Luapula Province Commissioner of Police Elias Chushi has confirmed the development in an interview.

Chushi said the suspect had informed his wife that he would go fishing with his daughter as she was leaving for the cassava field.

He said on the wife’s return, she found her husband and her daughter naked having sex in their house.

Chushi said the information obtained showed that the suspect had been having sex with his biological daughter from September this year.

Upon being found, some community members almost lynched the suspect but was rescued and handed over to the Police, said Chushi.
Chushi said the suspect is currently in police custody.



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  2. Ironman

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  3. Grace Mwila

    What happens to the daughter?
    So she couldn’t tell anyone from September sure!! Hmm!!

  4. Maxwell

    She can’t cause she’s old Enough your keep secrets 15years for now it’s not a joke

  5. Gideon

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  6. Vincent

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  7. paaaaaaulll

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  8. chis

    I am a resident of Mwense, why didn’t u mention the village where this libido happened? The bembas can’t condemn the incest bkoz theyaare the ones who say:” uwalya akakwe tominwa mbila”! Kkkkkkk!!! These days abanakashi bengi, ukufundumana pa mwana uobe sure!!! 15 years mu jail yacepa.

    • Pharaoh

      CHISI,am not attacking. I should respect your.opinion.Though am not bemba,it says”ngawakonka ipinda pamusula ninshi wafilwa ifyo lilepilibula’ Your comment is not educative but inciting others to commit incest including your self Am sorry that I don’t really know how old you are May be you are still a juvenile.



  10. Harrison Kwenda Banda

    *Walya kake aliye mulandu- (he who has eaten his own has got no case to answer)

    *Uzadya thukuta lako- ( you shall eat your sweat) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. professor Clerk

    sad development! the wife also how would you allow your husband to go fishing with his daughter just the two of them??

    • Muaam

      Professor clerk working with you child two of you is not a problem . but what he acted to the daughter is a problem. Government wing police and do your job on this burgar .these are the people who defile children. From look of things this man he should have been sleeping with other peoples children while waiting for her daughter to become mature enough to be ready for an act . shame chitubulu you will be married in jail ukutumpa koswe. Ukasanga nabakashi bone utunobe twalisenda. Shame shame .ako yaba amahule ayaba na size ya mwana one . why did you not go look for them and get AiDS later you suffer from HIV . not to bring shame pa means one. Bush’s abakashi bone tabakwata ucho walefwaya Ku mwana limbi balekutana ukulala nano.kwena wasebanya umwana naifwe fwebaume kwati bones efyo twaba . we mpombo iwe wslya umwana wakuifyalila.wapapusha chimbwi I we .limbi uli ndoshi. Tawakawine your riches is now prison fool

  12. The Great B

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  13. King mofasa

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  14. Hebrew

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  15. MR PUSSY

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  16. Bright

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  17. Herv Rena

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  18. dance

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  19. J

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  20. Filungula Namenshi

    In industry we call it quality and compliance checking.
    Tough time for the wife, she is now asking herself where she was not doing it right. Babylonians a go burn boom!!

  21. Fyantha

    Argon. Wives. Satisfy your husbands. Let us live as Africans. Our norms don’t allow body contacts with girl children or those relatives we can’t have sex with. We are not Americans. Hugs and kisses are energisers. Avoid if you are ruthless.

  22. freddie

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  23. Agogo

    Only from the same province again and again ! This is very shameful for the country indeed.

  24. likishi

    bad manners,but bemba say ati ubucende bwakashi yobe tabwimwa mutima,but why ucende bwamwana bwakwimwa umutima try to asses that man is a witch.

  25. Canny Nkuna

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  26. Mp

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  27. Schoolboy

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  28. william Phiri

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  32. roxxy 175

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  34. The Bemba

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  35. Alexander

    Sex, with your biological daughter. too bad.

  36. Bwalya mwaume

    I think if the government can come up with a stiff punishment like killing the accused that could help than keeping them in prison. Wasebanya ababemba twatukwa kuba ngoni kkkkkkk

  37. G c

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  38. puzzled

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  39. Sungulukulya

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  40. Ine

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    But zoona BA luapula province,BA mwense still continued with the same stories kwena???? Umwana na wishi fipuba bonse

  42. Kenny kahyata


  43. Spongebob

    What’s happening to the world?

  44. Robert Banda

    What’s happening or are people getting back to the time when Adam and Eve were multiplying ? This is immoral for with our time,that man should be imprisoned.

  45. Voyage

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  46. Lisa

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  50. Ba bigteam

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  51. koch

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  52. Zwangendaba Jere

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  53. Edy Banda

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