Ntewewe Questions HH’s Anti-Violence Lip Service

In Zambia, we have unfortunately become quite used to opposition figures speaking out both sides of their mouths. They tell you it is raining when it is dry, they say they’ll give you riches and development but decry debt and spending, and then they deny the scientific facts of climate change while at the same time mocking the faithful.

It is seemingly incoherent, and it is insulting – but make no mistake, there’s always a coded message for the base inside the ranting and raving.

This was the case in point during Hakainde Hichilema’s recent doubled-edged comments on political violence to UPND cadres in Kaoma, where he is campaigning for their by-election candidate.

On the one hand, to an outside observer or a foreigner, HH pretends as though he is rejecting violence. He says in his statement: “We say no to violence,” and that “a wound against one Zambian is a wound against all of us.”

But is that really how he feels, and is that what he is really saying!

Unfortunately it is part of his clear pattern of dishonesty, for in the exact same statement, he makes his coded call to incite violence, telling his cadres to go on the attack using indirect suggestive language.

In his statement, HH says that anyone “standing in the way” of his party’s agenda to seize power will not be “allowed.” He goes further – “we call on all our people to defend themselves when they are attacked by PF thugs.”

This is completely unambiguous call to violence, for as we have seen many times in the past, this “self-defence” is nothing short of a signal for an attack order. Look at what happened in Sesheke when HH made a very similar statement – UPND cadres attacked and injured dozens of unarmed voters, and even killed a defenceless PF supporter.

Let us also not forget the grave irresponsibility that HH has shown in deploying the language of violence, often without reason, and almost always without evidence.

How many times has he claimed that people are trying to kill him? No fewer than five times since 2014 Hichilema has held press conferences, conducted foreign media interviews, and issued statements.  He pretends he is in a constant state of siege to protect himself.

But what harm really has ever come to this billionaire who got rich privatising our industries?  He appears to be in rude health, if not a bit over-fed, while others in his constituency have trouble accessing food.

This pattern of behaviour of course predates the presidency of Edgar C. Lungu.

On April 15 2014, Hichilema held a press briefing at which he claimed, without any evidence, that President Michael Sata was attempting to “assassinate him.”

Then State House spokesperson George Chellah accused Hichilema of exaggerated outbursts alien to Zambian politics.

“He doesn’t surprise Zambians and the President because assassination is not Zambian and his claims are laughable and extremely exaggerated,” Chellah said at the time. “Mr Hichilema thrives on inflammatory remarks. He thinks he can improve his political party by provoking the Head of State.”

Even Chishimba Kambwili, back in 2015, publicly denounced and disregarded HH’s false claims of victimhood as an attempt to stir up further violence.

There is nobody that HH won’t drag into his rhetoric of violence. In 2017, Hichilema’s wife, Mutinta, was forced to join the bandwagon narrating in an interview how her husband was nearly assassinated.

“They never came to arrest Hakainde here, they came to kill and they are still determined to kill my husband. Anyway my God is watching. The same God that saved my husband that night is the same God who is going to save him even now,” Mutinta told journalists.

But as usual, what happened? Absolutely nothing.

Evidently the amount of times Hichilema and his cohorts have decried violence while at the same seeking to promote among their ranks makes Zambia a much more dangerous place.

Zambians have the right to vote in peace without fears of violence. Unfortunately if HH were truly committed to these principles, he would not be so ambiguous and he would stop using all the doublespeak.

Unfortunately that is clearly not the person he is, and that is why he is, as has been proved by Zambian voters on 5 separate occasions, unfit for leadership.

Andrew Ntewewe
The Author of this article is a leadership expert and Leader of the Young African Leaders Initiative.


  1. dance

    Ntewewe you are a useless creature!!! If you don’t have anything to say just keep your mouth. Very stupid!!!

    • Mumbai

      No matter what nyewewe is saying thr truth the truth pains that is why you are attacking ntewewe for saying the truth about HH privatisan thief and to day he claims he is a hard worker for having stolen cash. Tatukumbws tutasha ifyo kesa atupela through our hard work .tunono nangu fifule. The bible says the riches will not make you enter the kingdom of God. Baku shinina

      • Make it

        True.. The Bible says say the truth and the truth shall make you free

    • Frank Chombela

      Leadership expert? Goodness gracious me. Leadership experts who can’t question abuse of public assets.

  2. pf

    U fool better u condemn your behavior no other peoples living

    • Leonard

      Ntewewe be impartial,in as much as I don’t agree with most of hakaindes sentiments especially on violence but you are worse.i wonder how some people feel before the eyes of God

      • Mr sniper

        Useless he z very true why u lyk behaving lyk that mambala iwe?!

  3. Niso kodibba

    Ntewewe you are a PF follower, just come open and write an application at PF Secretariat, rather than cheating innocent Zambians.

  4. kardinoh

    Every Zambian can see that you can speak loudly and clear but of course sensles and self centered Motives in your head. You don’t mean well for our democracy . Even a child who is just learning how to read can tell that you eat from the PF government.
    I guess by now you must be more than a youth. To protect your deginity you better resign, because am seeing you making more mistakes. Find yourself a job were you will be respected.

  5. Yakumbuyo Banda

    Well put Ntewewe, as you eluded we have rejected this man 5 times and we are looking forward to do just that in 2021 before more lives are lost.

  6. Jimmy

    at your age you can’t speak some sense sure.i can see your mouth is big like a plate at the funeral and your mind is small like ulutoshi of a slay queen at the first date

  7. mweene charles

    Incoherent,uninformed,totally biased post I must say!

  8. Vakulolavye

    Truth will always pains like venom ai…You Dance, keep on dancing for your failed deity, and you Pf(pretending f**l) shut your vuvuzela mouth. Some are just blind zealots without any speck of conscious to analyse things. Can’t even have a deep, insightful reflection on the wise write-up of Ntewewe

  9. Kikiki

    And this is one of pf’s so called think tank, but with very poor vision. He tried to confuse Zambians with the chi NDF and chi bill 10, but majority zambians have rejected it. Shame on you the antichrist with so much hatred for HH.


    HH is the chief instigator of violence in this county. Anderson Mazoka ( mhsrip) left us a violent free UPND. In comes HH and the sad story of violence, tribalism, selfishness comes in. This is the man who is ready to put the county on fire as long as he gets to plot 1. Ntewewe is right. HH is the cause of violence.

    • Chipata dweller

      You said the same to Sata, so am used to useless comments like yours.

  11. Mampi

    You ar right Ntewere,he z that type of a leader who only knoz how 2 condemn nd heap blame on others without finding ways nd means or any suggestion 2 stop political violence or calling spade a spade.He z lyk a motor rally driver who can make u clash as longer as he wins nd celebrate.I hav neva eva heard him tok abt climate change nd its effect eg,shortage of maize,power supply bt wat we hear 4rm his stinking mouth z ecl wants 2 kill zambians,to hell with yo dullness!

  12. Mampi

    You ar right Ntewewe,he z that type of a leader who only knoz how 2 condemn nd heap blame on others without finding ways nd means or any suggestion 2 stop political violence or calling spade a spade.He z lyk a motor rally driver who can make u clash as longer as he wins nd celebrate.I hav neva eva heard him tok abt climate change nd its effect eg,shortage of maize,power supply bt wat we hear 4rm his stinking mouth z ecl wants 2 kill zambians,to hell with yo dullness!

  13. Lisa

    @yakumbuyo banda
    But why ‘ve you developed persistant diarrhoea and insomnia if truly HH has lost 5times. Just create a violent-free 2021 election and see for yourself how badly pf will be defeated. Stop using violence to steal an election. Pf popularity vanished with ba Sata. Just do a snap check and see how many zambians love the poverty forever (pf) party

  14. 5X unfit for leadership

    @ Lisa if pf vanished with be Sata, how come it is in power? Be real and see things as they are …. stop living in imagination. It’s is not easy to remove the sitting govt especially when the opposition is do divided as at now.

    Be ready for another election petition come 2021. Don’t say you were not warned. I rest my case.

  15. muntungwa

    Ntewewe, just shut up.

  16. Chris

    Everyone has his /her perspective, we see things differently, every party follower seems to be brain washed, seeing even wrong things said or done by his/her party to be right and the right thing done or said by a party you don’t believe in to be wrong. Unfortunately those who completely independent when they speak what goes in line with what you believe in, they become stupid, you want everyone to think like you. We have to respect each other’s opinion because that is how everyone sees things. The truth here is for this violence to end all political leaders must work together, not fighting each other. My advice to HH, since you want to lead this country, know for sure that what ever you do you are setting a precidence for your self. Don’t miscoart me, I didn’t say bad precidence I just said precidence.

  17. ms rejecter

    stop nosense

  18. zed

    if am to look at ntewewe he doesn’t even have a toothbrush ,not even a small piece of a tissue to wipe on his black dirty ass but here busy talking about rubbish things over well meaningful zambians who are always crying to see how poor zambia is becoming every minute.shame on you

    • Alex

      😂😂😂😂😂 you’re politically brain washed,look at what is happening in the USA with the rich man trump,tekeni umupila pansi n go earn a living 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Climate change

    Ntewewe Mather fucker, wabakunda banyoko, muzindo wabawuso,malepe yako! Why do you fail to bring up the issues that reasons on how your pf failed to fight for hunger, financial problems and power supply? ngati Uli ku period mwaiche mind your language,





  21. The BFG

    HH was not in kabwe when pf had its convention after the death of Sata, bt the whole process was characterised by violence. Sorry Ntewewe! We Know More

  22. Chakalifya koswe

    All haters of peace will never have peaceful wind blowing towards them hakainde really is a hater of peace he wants to a supple power through all means mainly violence he is ready to make the country be on fire he has been provoking the president many times the president doesn’t respond and thinks he is we

  23. Kikiki

    # 5x unfit for leadership
    i agree with Lisa. The party in power is just some semblance of pf, dominated by mmd. No foresight whatsoever, have made zambians suffer.

  24. Sosa

    Ati ntewentewe! Malume are you alright?…..he sounds as if he’s in a lot of pressure from what he has already foreseen HH’s 2021 victory.Tukamishila imiseba shakushindilako ba ntewewe.

  25. vince

    Ubepele fye ni foward muntu wandi

  26. Fisunge

    Lisa no one is forcing any body to vote for pf but the Zambian voters are all adults we shall vote as we wish and see not as you say and think also mazoka died with the upnd as we’re speaking we have no upnd so the leader who change goals is a hypocrite so ntewewe is right we will vote like everyday the southwest and North West as usual we see the downfall of nebcardnezar no vice president

  27. Indoshi palupe

    So you want to fold our hands whilst being attacked by the pf thugs Iwe chikala!

  28. Joe London

    After PF,it will be DP,Kalabas party which has fallen in LOVE to many Zambians. Kalabas is at least promising, pipo will go for Kalabas while Upnd is better placed in de opposition.

    • Haitonga Hikaivotela

      Yes UPND better placed in the opposition. Vast experience in the opposition.

  29. Joe London

    Kalabas will be Zambia’s SEVENTH President. What do you see friends?

    • Yakumbuyo Banda

      Looks like, not these insults we are hearing.

  30. Sk

    You’re busy saying that Zambia is a christian Nation please open up your mind and your eyes and see for your self ,to you who are saying Zambia is a Christian Nation now may you count how many Churches do Zambian People have and what action are so called Zambian do toward the Churches that are in . And please count how many BARS DO WE HAVE IN THIS COUNTRY YOU CALL A CHRISTIAN NATION.AND IN MY VIEW I SEE ZIMBAMBWE TO BE BETTER THAN OÚR COUNTRY SO STOP BLÃMING ONE ANOTHER.

  31. Mbulu Yasama

    Politicians. Two elephants but grass.our friend is nomore.

  32. Remmy

    We are in covenant as a nation. It’s just time.

  33. puzzled

    mmm ama chambians a pf carda shot a upnd carda 3 times inthe head n died on tha way 2 ,uth, a upnd carda fired inthe air 2 dispers thos who attackd hm n got arrested. u kno wat guys, if 2021 is 4 lungu nothin wil change it n if its hh again nothin wil change it,RB once said we shal make pf kis the ground just like b4 wat happened? hh can loose 10 times but when hs time cums u wil b surprised, we are earger 4 change we hav sufferd enough we just want pf out

  34. Tell them

    You people are over drunk with peace which prevails in zambia. Your careless comments shows a lot of ignorance, stupidity and shallow mindedness. If you want to taste the opposite of peace, continue with your ignorance, stupidity and carelessness.

  35. Smith

    Patriotic front(PF) Is no more in 2021.
    Because we do not want to get our country poorer.

  36. Lisa

    Comments so far
    Those against 26
    Those for 09
    Undecided 02
    The door keeps widening for Pf exit

    • Sungwe

      #Lisa, Akainde has always been winning elections on FB and internet. This is very familiar to everyone except his brainwashed cadres

  37. Kbf

    It is true, Pf support is waning,not only locally but globally too.

  38. Sungwe

    Akainde Kuwayayafye

  39. Jeff Katana

    Useless talk as usual

  40. Mweene

    Mr man just wait 2021,you will see with your naked eyes.

  41. Dr Fonicks

    Country men and womenlet usembrace one another as one Zambia One Nation. Ntewewe’ s comments are his personal opinion. We shouldn’t even be talking I’ll on the issues he raised. As citizens of Zambia, we have the right to express ourselves. The only bad thing is that some of you my colleagues, you are using vulgar language. Let us keep on advising our fellow men and women to tame their cadres because politics of violence and intimidation has no place in a Democratic dispensation. There’s absolutely no need for us to be fighting one another. I feel very pity for those leaders who are instigating violence. Meet bantu, please, whether UNPD or PF, we will always remain Zambian citizen. If this goes on where are going to run to. Napapata, desist from all forms of violence. Both PF and UPND are at fault. Tapali uuli right. Both are wrong. Capwa.

  42. Mimbulu

    Tell them you are right, you people please learn to appreciate the pics we have.pipo by and sell freely,the can even talk and I salt the head of state mwamene afunila.this pic imene musowelesa anzathu amaikubwa.

  43. Kicks

    Ba Ntewewe, mwafuma ku kimbusu mukunya nokushinda iyoo ati hh taaba bwino, when are you going to stop accusing hh of selling your companies kanshi imwe ba pushi? is it not bowman lusambo who injured kasongo using an iron bar in luanshya during the roan bye~election and no action was taken? why are you so confuse iwe pushi? HH has saveral times challenged you on the issue the salling of your companies, but no one has come out with evidence, meaning that you are fucking idiots with hatred. Your Pf is a violent party, we all know, grow up you fool ntewewe. HH 2021 ni foward olo mukambe bwanji.

  44. Oh, guess what?

    Forward for better ba satanyoko

  45. chikn

    How cum 2de u want evryone 2 listen 2 yo nosense 2021 change as if u hav done it b4?Sata’s tym we all rose 4 change bt most of u 4rm de south nd west neva did that u went on with yo hakaluza so,tell us how we ar goin 2 change our own gvmnt.

  46. Ironman

    People Zambians especially forget like chicken haven’t some people been gunned down for political reasons….

  47. chiko

    Hope n hh is as putting all yo eggs n one basket.Get ready 4 recounting of de recount nd a 5years petition case.

  48. Chiko

    Hope in hh is as putting all yo eggs n one basket.2021 get ready 4 recounting of de recount nd a 5year petition case.

  49. Chisha's

    Comment Insult will never solv anything zambian people, twanaka ne nsele!

  50. Tycool Simz

    I had 2 read all the comments to see if someone may say somethng useful,only to find dat no one z talkng da truth but only to defend their favorite parties,y can’t u speak da truth?
    Ntewewe said it out of his mind and u also want to be in his shoes,
    To say da truth pf has been voilent since it was forme and whenever there z election,remember wat was happening betwin mmd and pf,that’s where killings startd in times of compaigns.
    U also recall wat happend in mtendere last time where upnd women in a bus where hitted with stones,and some other incidents i hav left.
    That’s why HH saia defend yoselves wen u’re attackd by pf cadres.
    wen they attack u,the police does nothng becos ths time pf cadres hav power than da police,so where can u go for help? nowhere,that’s why hh said defend yoselves


    Glory be to God, coz whatever, is written in the Bible so far has been fulfilled. If you are coming yourself as a Christian and not only by title nor name but inwards. Arise, see what you can perceive and distance yourself from every evil manner before it gets late. Remember God’s plans are ever BRILLIANT FOR YOU. Don’t ever condenm nor blame anyone, only GOD WILL CHANGE NATION. Even if we vote for you or that other one, as much as God is not willing nothing can change. It’s high time we tossed our coins of wisdom to God. Consequently, the STAR of this Country shall never be in an ascendant manner if GOD IS NOT INVOLVED. For the Bible says “Thank God in all situations”. It does not refer to some situations NO, but ALL. REMEMBER THE MORE REASON TO WHY ISRAELITES SPENT THEIR 40 YEARS IN THE WILDERNESS… IT WAS BECAUSE OF DAILY LAMENTATIONS AND MURMURING. LET WHO SO EVER HAS GOTTEN THIS RAISE THE HAND. ✋✋✋✋✋✋

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