Switch And Save: Help Reduce Zesco’s Load!

News coming from Kariba Dam is that the water levels have reached a very critical stage where the power plant can close at any time should we deplete the water beyond the recommended level.

This warning has come from the Minister of Energy, Honourable Matthew Nkhuwa, who told Parliament on Tuesday that water levels at Kariba dam have reached a critical stage, from a high of 13.5 metres to an all time low of only 2.5 metres remaining. According to Honourable Nkhuwa, the Dam is designed to generate electricity when it’s only up to 2 metres and above. Therefore, once the point five gets depleted (which is anytime soon), then Kariba has to be shut down until water levels improve. This must make all of us concerned.

The past few months have, without doubt, seen us in a very challenging situation regarding electricity. Almost every Zambian has not been spared by the extended hours of load shedding which have disturbed business and social lives to an inexplicable extent. Why is this so? Definitely, climate change is having a heavy toll on us, and these effects have come at a time we least expected. The sudden changes in the weather, coupled with the fast depleting water levels in Kariba, are a clear sign that what we are seeing coming out of Zesco has got everything to do with climate changes, whose devastating effects are there for all to see.

What must we do then? We must know by now that Zesco Limited, our power utility, is doing everything humanly possible to provide every Zambian on the national grid adequate power to run business operations and daily needs in our households. However, we have been told that usage of this limited electricity, in some areas, is not so pleasing such that load management in such instances exceeds what one would consider reasonable. Most of us are not putting into practice useful tips such as “switch and save” to store every little kilowatt we can when we do not need to use that electricity. Therefore, it is not a deliberate ploy that Zesco is load shedding us for that many hours – that has to be done because if Zesco disregards the load management schedule and goes beyond what is recommended at the current water levels, the entire country will be plunged into total darkness. That would be a complete disaster!

We have the power in our hands as Zambian citizens; we can help to minimize this challenge on Zesco’s head at the moment by ensuring that we save as much electricity as possible by switching off lights whenever not needed, using energy saving bulbs that are more efficient than conventional bulbs and more importantly, efficient use of electricals such as stoves, pressing irons, geysers, etc. Practicing this will tremendously reduce the load on the national electricity grid and help Zesco and ourselves save the power we badly need for our businesses, households and other ventures.
With the onset of the rainy season, the Kariba will, as forecast, by December, replenish and power generation will return to normal. But this should not make us discard the good practices we need to adopt to save power.


  1. foolish

    imweh ba fikal….ba PF other countries dont only depend on water for electricity ..what cant you find other solutions apart from water??

  2. mudenda

    Ba Pf don’t think we don’t have eyes, why can’t you use kafue live?

  3. Cry of a zambian

    So much watering ponds…..

  4. mudenda

    But you people why can’t use Zambezi live or kafue live? Just say the true to people, zesco h selling to other countrys that’s is the truth.

  5. Ng'ambi misheck

    Please government use your 5 sence to minimize this loadsheding , otherwise we are going to suffer as Zambian citizens .

  6. DJ BAM ZEE Pro

    Ukumivotela ngayaleka ukuya lyashi limbi……serious business Loadshedding is not a campain

  7. Dont U Have Sense Bafikala??

    ba “TOMBA NINEMWE” Tulekeleni Amalaiti Because We Are Not Having Electricity Through Out The Day ,Now, How Are We Going To Be Working….#Better Twalibushafye Vundu Naimwe..!!!

  8. General

    It’s only a question.
    Ba Zesco do you export electricity?

  9. Adrian

    Two years ago I warned people about this! If they had taken notice, today we would have ZERO load shedding! I provided a practical and cost effective solution, and published it in the Lusaka Times!

    Will those people at Zesco and Zambezi River Authority now listen?

    Contact me -afticantilaipia at gmail dot com

    • STAFF Joe

      Me what i want to know is did they took that generators which ba kk use in old days because that time there was no load shedind in zambia

    • STAFF Joe

      Me what i want to know where is did they took that generators which ba kk use in old days because that time there was no load shedind in zambia

  10. True Bemba


  11. Hon DM

    Not long ago you were saying water I’ll be drawn from Congo river not so?

  12. Kabwe michael


  13. reas

    The minister is intimidating us. He’s trying by all means to find any means of increasing electricity. All what he has been saying does not make sense. We are ready to wait for rain season already God has started giving us rain.

    • Eneli

      You are right, better loadshading than borrowing and increase.Soon rain is coming just wait for few days God is going to give us rains


    In Zambia we only have a problem with letter “L”
    L=Load shading
    NOW listen BAKOLWE if you have failed to control Kariba dam jst retire BAKOLWE & employee others who can manage to run that dam.

  15. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    This is useless!!! Minister of Energy why can’t you find Investors of Renewable energy so that they can cushion the shortages of Electricity in Zambia???? Why depending on hydro power since 1964??? Don’t you know that we are living in a World of Technology and Innovations???? Wake up ba Minister, you are just cheating the Villagers here NOT those who have been to School and learnt Science and technology!!!!! For example, in Communication Sector, there is Zamtel, MTN, Airtel and Vodafone. This means that the above mentioned Companies are competing in terms of service delivery. Why can’t you do the same in Energy Sector????? ZESCO is alone in this case nowonder the Company is reluctant in service delivery because it is not competing with any company at all!!!!! Thanks

  16. Clarence chileshe

    Be Zambia ….thing is Bad

  17. God's will be done

    We know the answer What was the question?

  18. puzzled

    i cant understand the reasoning capacity of this energy minister they are singing dat there is climate change n at a same time dependn on rains which sometimes cant be there coz of climate change y cant they find other ways of producin power, the problem is even in terms of reasonin they are dununaring reverse

  19. James

    The condition is quite critical in our country

  20. Dorcas kunda

    dangote wanted to assist with coal electricity to all of copperbelt but ba pf refused.why can’t you allow him

  21. Kwisa

    How do we save power when there is no power from 06:00 to 23:00?

  22. Mc paragon

    The simplest way to make people become responsible when using electricity is to implement a cost reflective tariff,
    The average cost of generating a kilo Watt of hydro electricity is 8.5 cents and 10 cents for others,
    Why should we sale electricity at 4 cents?
    climate change is only helping us to become responsible.
    Our installed capacity is 2800MW, while DRC a war torn country has 2600MW,
    Tariff rates in South Africa and nambia are around 12 cents, 14 cents in Kenya, 20 cents in DRC and Uganda while 4 cents in Zambia.
    Zesco needs storage batteries like Tesla 100MW/129MWH costing $66m each and the utility needs 28 of them to prevent energy wastages especially during off peak,
    These storage batteries will increase connectivity of solar power plants as our grid currently only allows 700MW of solar energy, this is to do with load stability issues, Eskimo is installing these next year.
    Zambia’s only way out of this electricity crisis, is solar energy which can only be possible after the implementation of a cost reflective tariff,
    It cost $1.1 to $1.5 per watt to build a solar power plant,
    India has 42 solar parks generating 30 gigawatts,
    South Africa has 32 solar parks generating 1.3 gigawatts,
    Zambia can also do it especially that it has solar radiation of 5.7kwh/m2,
    Let’s go Zambia, let’s go

  23. Pascal Hastings

    Is kariba fall the only falls or river which you have in Zambia

  24. jabulani Phiri

    Imwe ba pf is kariba the only source of water in the country. ….
    Be serious do not think like kindergarten minds

  25. No bwinobwono

    Government Why are you giving us problems, Coz you are inning Thieves. So be careful.

  26. Ba Five kwacha

    You leader’s of pf give the China that contract, to work on it,,wt is kariba ?and water level for the Chinese people only 3months can solve that problems, eyeee,

  27. Franklin

    i don’t see the future of living in Zambia at the moment with ba zesco

  28. Choolwe Miyanda

    Please government just say that we have failed not those reasons you are telling us day by day.


    We have a lot of waterfalls in Zambia which we can take advantage of, we have ndola energy which requires , just to pump money in that company, let the government find another jcompetitors other than zesco, look at zamtel,they are improving in they services due to the fact that they have Airtel & MTN on board,let the government do the same thing to zesco, otherwise AMENSHI YENA IT’S NEXT YEAR TWACHUKA BAKAMBA NO CRUSHING ZOONA,!!

  30. Free thinker

    W gave our president 5yrs mandate, he appointed minister nkuwa with Zesco management. We don’t expect the President 2 come up with solutions but those he appointed & so of they ve failed him fire them or thy must resign so that other competent pipo can take over.

  31. Brighton

    U knew that the water level are low then that minister was busy making a deal to export electricity to other countries ,,,,,,u can only give and sale what u have and not what u Don’t have

  32. Hala

    May God help us all..

  33. James bupe

    Sure government where are going as country Zambia,please our leaders be responsible to the nation,, otherwise ignorance has no defense..

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