DMMU Denies Distributing Mealie Meal To Lure Votes In Mwinilunga

The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) is disappointed by remarks attributed to Mwinilunga Member of Parliament Newton Samakayi who insinuated that DMMU was giving mealie meal in the area to bribe voters ahead of a by-election.
DMMU National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe says it is unfortunate that such remarks could come from the area member of parliament, charging that Mr Samakayi was being “very selfish and not considering the plight of the people in his constituency”.
“This only shows that the MP has not been on the ground to know the needs of the people because Mwinilunga was affected by storms and flash floods that affected crops, especially cassava, leading to the food insecurity. The MP could be food secure in Lusaka, but the people in his constituency are not,” Kabwe said.
He added that DMMU responds to situations based on assessments and requests from the District Disaster Management Committees (DDMCs) and districts in North-Western Province, including Mwinulunga, have been on the relief pipeline since February this year.

“It is therefore unfortunate that the MP could come out now and condemn the gesture,” Kabwe said.

And Kabwe has disclosed that government has released 600 metric tonnes of relief to Shangombo, Sioma and Sesheke districts in its continuous relief distribution exercise which will run up to March 2020.



  1. kulibonesha

    Chanda Kabwe, the cadre in you can and will never be erased. You always issue politically coated statements when ever you say something. You have been privileged to be appointed PS considering your background. Be non- partisan for once. You behave like a cadre!!

  2. True Bemba

    Food Secured Mp,nt Knwng The Happenings,on The Ground In His Area-shame.Truth Is Truth!

  3. nineo

    so if it was opposition donating food there, they would have been blocked and told to go and feed their cows in southern province? sad for the people in mwinilunga, am sure the dmmu will now say there mealie hs suddenly finished LOL!!!!!

    • mathews

      How can one foolish person makes thousands of innocent people to suffer from hunger,that low kind of thinking.Do you know hunger? mr kabwe.



  5. muntungwa

    So there is no hunger in the country?? What is wrong with this stupid government? One minute they say say there is no food crisis and he next minute they are busy dishing out mealie meal. Chanda Kabwe be true to your self.

  6. Nseele

    you mp,what’s wrong with u nd y denying dmmu from distributing mealie meal to the pipo who ar in need? if u don’t want to organise what they eat,then stop interfering those who manage to do that.

  7. Lisa

    Pf evil tactics! At first we were told only four provinces were affected by hunger. The N/W part had adequate rainfall so they said. MP is right. Why targeting only an area with byelection and not the entire M/lung? It was done to bribe voters. Now that pf has been defeated, even the relief distributions will halt. Pf wins election thru violence&corruption. DMMU is a corrupt pf wing. It would rather hold to the relief food for next election that giving it to the needy in the ‘here and now’.

  8. puzzled

    we kno u ba fake dmmu even here in southern, pemba district thats wat u did people were cryin 4 food but u onry came wen there was a by-election in maambo ward. n more over the tuma 12kg was offloaded at a named pf cadre was dat not bribing the voters? y election time? y at a pf cadre? but u were defeted, 12kg instead of bribing sum1 wt 3 bags of maize shame shame

  9. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    They are just denying but this is one way of Campaining which is done in the name of DMMU relief. Why didn’t you give relief food in February or March,2019????? This kind of helping people in the name of DMMU is not good at all!!!! Thanks

  10. DUNU

    Ok we have head u ba ps so for how long are you going to distrbute this food in northwestern province since you have now oficialy declared hunger in this province

  11. magical minds

    This people called Tonga’s mulabosa bafikala anyway forward 2021….

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