“In 2016, I beat him, in 2015, I beat him and in 2021, I will beat him,” President Edgar Lungu said in Kaoma on Wednesday in reference to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

President Lungu said he knows that Patriotic  Front will emerge victorious again in 2021 because Mr Hichilema has failed to build on the fortunes left by founding leader Anderson Mazoka, making UPND unpopular and constantly losing elections even in areas considered the party’s strongholds.

In recent by-elections, the UPND has lost several local government seats previously held by its members to the ruling PF, including a parliamentary seat in Mangango which was not long ago predominantly pro-opposition.

It is on this premise that President Lungu said on Wednesday at a rally ahead of today’s (October 10) council chairperson by-election in Kaoma that even UPND founder Anderson Mazoka who died must be wondering what has happened to a party which he worked hard to grow.

“Up there in heaven, Michael Chilufya Sata and Anderson Mazoka are watching us. And Mazoka is asking  Sata  that  how come your party is growing and mine is not, all I see are diminishing returns as its losing ground in its strongholds? And I know Anderson Mazoka is saying I made a mistake, I allowed a bully to lead my political party. And unfortunately, the man who is in charge of the opposition party  here which Mazoka left is saying the party is growing. But the party is diminishing. Because he was left with 50 cattle, he only has 20 now…He is cheating people that his party is growing. In 2016, I beat him. In 2015, I beat him. In 2021, I will beat him. I know that in 2021 he will lose again because I am with you and I listen to you and I know what the people of Zambia want,” President Lungu said.

“Zambians want development, Zambians  want good health, Zambians want good education and that is what we are doing. So how can someone say I have the wisdom, I’m educated, I’m rich and you don’t listen to people. We know that the next election is in 2021 but we know  before that time, we can surely do something tangible to change the face of Kaoma.”

He said further said there is no need for violence because “the people that are dying are you”.

“My children are home, HH’s children are home. Why should we allow you to fight? It’s nonsense! Our Members of Parliament who are in PF, in MMD, in UPND are in Parliament right now; they are even sharing a cup of tea. So I am advising parents here to tell the children that there is no need to shed blood for HH or Edgar Lungu. If they injure you, you suffer alone. If you are lucky, you die alone. If the police arrest you, you will end up in jail alone. So I am asking you for those who belong to my party PF that please, just be as peaceful like I am,” said President Lungu. “If you believe in me  and believe in PF, you will hear my command. My command is that let us be peaceful after voting tomorrow.”


  1. Edgar's diehard

    2021 CHAGWA again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DINDA SLOGAN

    • Break News

      Typical dictator style
      One of Africa’s remaining dictators Yoweri Museveni and his new found friend Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa partied on Wednesday at Uganda’s Independence celebrations while main opposition leader Bobi Wine was placed on house arrest.
      In a Twitter thread on Tuesday,Wine also a popular musician in the country, said Museveni wanted to frustrate a music concert organised by his party.
      “Since 11:00pm, police and military surrounded my home and my private property, One Love Beach Busabala, in yet another move to place me under house arrest and block our Independence Day music concert. 156th concert so far! For singing truth to power, I can’t perform in my own country,” said Wine who posted pictures of the police camped outside his home.
      Wine, an ally of Zimbabwe opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, said Museveni was afraid of critical voices.

  2. zambia

    through stealing the votes yes u hav dfeted him,in 2016 u asked 4 ur own term we gave u now we hav known u n we cant make dat useles mistake we made in 2016

    • mulobezi

      If lungu knows hw 2 steal vots why daznt this ing’ombe ilede boy do the same.just admit iwe Zambia politks is no his career ,u serpents wll burn n hell wth hm .I mean HH.

    • Mpombo

      Continue pummeling him to pulp.We shall support you till he cries moo moo

  3. Lisa

    How one wins matters most. Failure to hear the 2016 presidntl petition still lingers in the mind of many Zambians as to whether truly you defeated HH. Many feel pf stole, no wonder the economy is not doing well. ‘Cursed is the hand that steals’

    • HH

      Edgar is not cursed iwe wine mune you are cursed. The 2016 election our friends won. My fellow members were forcing me to petition the election result . more especially this GBM. I won’t give him his money we used during campaign. 2021 I see it will be tough for me because Edgar has turned the face of Zambia . Zambia was not like this . if I look what he has built schools universities , hospitals , and house. Nangu kutalika bane tuletasha. Mwsbombemi ba LuNGU

  4. Vakulolavye

    I am still waiting to see feathers of more vultures being raffled by the truth issuing out of the humble mouth of ECL. They say birds of the same feature

  5. Impyakusu ichinyo

    You only defeated him once in 2015 but in 2016 kuwaya wayafye you are even saying zambians need good health but you are forgetting that there is no medicine in the hospitals, this time boss prepare for a big defeat like RB as normal people are no longer interested in you due to the economic hardship which you are not feeling

    • Mweene

      Just for the coming season

    • Kanele Box 1

      And you think with your ignorance and vulgar language people will vote for your tribal party UPND, forget it my friend !! just continue insulting coz come 2021, ECL will win again, remember that your HH has already lost five times !!

  6. Vakulolavye

    “…this time prepare for big defeat like RB…” KKKKKKK… You make my day. Namashina yene!!! Ichi*yo…All homos…kkkkkk

  7. Umuntu mutwe

    2021 is by far, if that’s what you think mudala mukafwapofye BP. You are loossing and after loossing you will be jailed for your stealing, you are even saying before 2021 you will change the face of kaoma but where were you in the past years? Shame upon you mudala.


      Neither Edgar Lungowe nor Cowtherner wins the 2021 elections they both lack campaign stratagies

  8. Vakulolavye

    You are the one who will die, not me, because of your laziness you keep blaming the government even on things that are a consequence of weather. Shame on also mudala. Just work hard and you will avoid dying of BP in 2021, for I can’t see any wind of change as you suggest bwana.

    • Pharaoh

      Am a non partisan. The only thing which surprises me is mostly stealing of perliamentally votes especially from the known most opposition party.Why then then don’t it happen to to other by elections other than the Presidential ?

  9. BLSimpamba

    A’m surprised so much to hear the president say,Sata and Mazoka are in heaven,all the people who have died before us are waiting the significant day of resurrection.The problem of politicians they do pretend to worship GOD in denominations they enter almost every sabbaths and sundays having defferent beliefs,and they fail to catch up what the bible clearly says.To them is their privilege for campaigning.1Thessalonians 4:15-17& 1Corinthians15:51-52,for ressurection.

    • G. G.C.

      Ba yama learn to distinguish humour from serious matters

  10. observa


  11. Angoni

    The wind of change is not seen anyway in Zambia apart from the minds of Lazy upnd members who think that HH will bring them a bag of mealie meal and the rains when he he wins. Dream on, friends dream on. You will loose again, Remember that it seems the weather pattern interms of the rains looks promising next year this mealie meal prices will come down giving you more head aches on issues to campaign on. Dream on HH, Dream on HH.

    • Al C.

      Angoni, what are you going to do when your man is out of office?

  12. medhone

    U can win 2015 2016 even 2021 but mealie meal mundala chech youself

    • muzo

      Bakamba dont just complain about mealie meal.apa imfula ili mupepi kabiyeni mukulima.

  13. Mukenge Kenny


  14. Ba poncho

    I wouldn’t be so confident

  15. chim

    only fools can support pf jx because were given something

  16. Nyengo

    President lungu is correct u can’t win election based on promised developmt once in govt. Unpd has failed 2 show example of southern,north-west and western province paradise whch is 2 us. Unpd is like man propose a woman 2 wait until he marries 2 eat and buy 4 her a chitenge material. Come 2021, in lungu again

  17. BLSimpamba

    You never done it in 2016,Lungu if you defeated HH referendum couldn’t fail pass because it was in your favour.2021 is HH.

  18. chamston chaila

    As we live shall know the winner then before any examination every participant can pass

  19. puzzled

    okey lets vote u hav agued so much

  20. Lweendo The Jususist

    There is a Proverb in bemba… Which says Something like,”Kalulu ta chenjela imiku…… Uwabu tatu balamwikata” anyway I don’t know if I said that correctly… As a Jesusist , righteousness makes a nation great, sin is a disgrace to any people…When Jesus hang on that cross/tree not everyone took it to heart that He would ressurect as King of Kings and Lord of lords….. It’s God who appoints and removes Leaders , rulers and principalities.Ask King Saul.. At least King David and perhaps Dr Chiluba knew this. Touch not the anointed one of YWH


    Satanist cannot win an election they will continue losing.

  22. kulibonesha

    @concerned citizen…So you think serpent eaters can win an election without fraud or deceit?

  23. amos

    Just prepare yourself because your judgement is not too far,ECL must feel the pain and suffering we are going through now!!!!

  24. Ba Five kwacha

    Hh z the only one

  25. Upnd

    Change is rooming wheather you want or not!!! mark my word every one who is reading this article weather you want or not yess you can win all the bye election, but 2021 we want new goverment to fixt the economy zambia is a rich country only to much greedy in high ranks some leaders nibamusela kwakaba nabafula sana come 2021 when new goverment come in power there will be clean up .

  26. BLSimpamba

    @concerned citi
    zen so you still believe that political leaders are chosen by the almighty GOD,my friend you are lost.Read Matthew 4:8-11.If Jesus knew that all earthly kingdoms were perfect 100%,he coul
    d’nt respond to the devel in that manner.

  27. Pedro

    So this is admission that, it’s a third term and a third election, Zambians we are doomed by 2026 a lot would have died of poverty.

  28. Musenge

    Was HH truly defeated? If not then it will be impossible to defeat him in 2021 with what Zambians have heard, seen and gone through. It will be dundumwezi everywhere.

  29. Kikiki

    He didnot know plot1 is so nice. Term is already over..The only way to continue staying there is by playing around with the constititution. We are still talking of 6th president after 55yrs of independence. One of the reasons why the growth of Africas economy is slow..

  30. Tulibantu

    Lungu eve alemesa, even in the government portfolio almost every one doesn’t won’t him, only just that they can’t tell him that they are tired of him, my request to the ECZ is, let 2021 election be free and fair not of rigging, that will satisfy Zambians, because what we see is war if not, us Zambians are suffering in the hands of pharaoh, we are even remembering our mistake of voting RB out, it was a great mistake, so don’t think this dununa reverse is making Us happy.

  31. Kbf

    It is not a question of how many times you defeat HH but to step down when term is up, for others also to take it up and improve zambia

  32. 2021 ndelusa nafuti

    Mulechimwenako ba upnd , mu 2021!!

  33. Jose

    2021 we’re voting using G12 certificate because vikopo vativutisa… We shall all go forward

  34. God's time is the best.

    I thank God for the great things that I have done. I actually, know that it’s rare to find people recognizing what the scripture articulates.. For we all know that these are last days as the Bible puts it. So the issue of ECONOMY, CLIMATE AND WHATEVER; these are just basis of what is written.

    Therefore, open the eyes of your heart and soul.. Peculiar people have no time to explore and argue on politics. Regardless of your ethnic group arise coz even the Israelites failed to thank God due to their daily murmuring. What happened? God punised them 40 years in the wilderness, for He hates murmurs. The more you murmur, the more you shall struggle in Zambia. Let’s keep focused on the TRUTH

  35. Razor

    When you play with 22 men in the field while the other team plays with 11 men then obviously you will keep winning then boasting about it even makes you look foolish.

  36. lung

    God is watching at his childrens how there surffering in zambia,people hav finshed educations but no Jobs where are we going people with this migrante lungu. lungu can’t even remember the way Mugabe he was but today where is he now `lungu stolened votes 2016 and 2015 a ritual leader me l tell zambian to work up and fight against this Goriata like what david did

  37. bright

    Rest in peace 2021

  38. Amos

    Concerned citizen chikala waumfwa… U are naive like yo boss.. Hold yo balls tight and put your dick in them pants coz it will end up swinging to the incoming president’s.. Ba nyengo if u don’t have anything to say muleyatekafye.. Whatever this foolish government of yours has done is just their responsibility… They get our tax payer’s money.. When ecl was just a mare person, did u see him donating anything or any development at yo areas muleishiba utuntu bafikala… And u who is not seeing any wind of change, lolela ngamwalyamo mwaamba ukwisuka isuka… Chino chalo ni theftdom nomba…

  39. chips

    Only God knows 2021

  40. george

    Lungu we are alwayz behide you

  41. Umupondo

    Any human creature can express his/her thoughts and plans But only God via his people knows everything!

  42. King of the Jungle

    No one will pass but me

  43. Mr Man

    its people to vote for you,its something worrying that the president knows for tomorow lets put God first and everything will be fine,we saw some formar president crieng after lossing,its sad to the statment.

  44. magic patrons

    Iliko bad aii, mr president i dont see u winning this coming elections, after there and then you stole some votes nd then today u stand in the front of pipo saying I BEAT HIM, how?? GOD forbids. cant u see that are pipo exiting your part. eheeeee!

  45. MOM

    Only a fool would buy a torn pair of trousers to replace a finished torn pair of trousers.The wise will always want to change for new ones.Miracle 48 this is your end.Us is always👋always👋

  46. frustum

    sure fye mwabantu in your how can you involve abafwa in your speech.. only thugs will vote for him

  47. Thomas

    mukamona ifi puba busy busy kwati filewamya…



  49. Free thinker

    2015 & 2016 I voted for u but 2021 boss I say no let others build were u will end. If I were u I would not even dare t stand coz u leave the stage wen people ar still clapping.

  50. chips

    God is waching thieves speaking

  51. King power

    Demonstration like what malawians did

  52. Katoti

    Don’t be cheated it is one person writing these comments. You can not mix light and darkness. This country is in the hands of GOD. So GOD alone will give us a president in 2021. Worry not, GOD is in control.



  54. Kbf

    The serpent has suffered a humiliating defeat in Kaoma & M/lunga. Living starndads for many Zambians is in reverse gear, tukoloboyi is creating massive flu because of L/sheding and no flu medicine in hospitals.


    bauze mbuya one chagwa lungu,one pf nipooobo.they cant compete with you big-man.three provinces against nine provinces,alalila owee iyee chikonkomwikate uyuu

  56. bbc

    ,the dead are speechless how can you say that sata and mazoka were discussing about hh can you here yourself.

  57. King cool

    Okay iliko trick, I have counted you guys who are commenting on this forum, and I have found that , you are almost equal the negative and the positive. But those who are interested in this Government are lazy, and again they are not true Zambians, if you are a Zambian citizen and you see your Government going wrong advise them to do the needful, mealie meal price is 50 50 the farmers are celebrating and the consumers are crying, before the farmers were crying and the consumers were celebrating.. Roads are a key drive to the economy and a reverse gear to the government.Corruption is a cancer and is a very long journey to combat it, it brings up all the projects to be stalled.

  58. King cool

    Okay iliko trick, I have counted you guys who are commenting on this forum, and I have found that , you are almost equal the negative and the positive. But those who are not interested in this Government are lazy, and again they are not true Zambians, if you are a Zambian citizen and you see your Government going wrong advise them to do the needful, mealie meal price is 50 50 the farmers are celebrating and the consumers are crying, before the farmers were crying and the consumers were celebrating.. Roads are a key drive to the economy and a reverse gear to the government.Corruption is a cancer and is a very long journey to combat it, it brings up all the projects to be stalled.

  59. Mukanwa mukikopo

    Not this coming time ba Boss. And everyone knows it. What happened in 1991 will happen in 2021. (General elections) and so, now is the right time to start comparing notes to avoid mental depressions after elections in 2021.

  60. mark

    Commenti can’t see any wind of change in 2021don’t cheat yourself guys

  61. fedup

    If Lungu has beaten HH three times as Lungu says how come is Lungu allowed to run for elections again when a sitting president may only run twice ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  62. kelly

    We need a way forward with a govt that is able to be transparent,lately the country has seen its worse days with the current party at hand.if they would promise us that they will account for the crisis the country faces then it would be a good thing no govt has been able to do that.not even MMD we need transparency and accountability from these people or they will play dice all day and leave us in darkness lets take a stand as zambian citizens to fight.

  63. One love

    This parturn of voting in Zambia for demarcations of tribes its bad ,we are all Zambians let’s love each other stop insults one Zambia one nation ,police there are not for ruling part work for Zambian people to bring peace. Nsimbi pamene ikali yokupya not ika pola siunga ondolole let’s maintain our peace .tribe voting brings civil war take not Zambians .

  64. Rodger boy

    Economy is the major problem in zambia and HH is one of the big economisty in africa and ba lungu ni kumwa che moba and travelling while the country’s economy is at steck.
    Some one would only support pf if they stay kumuzi were there is no electricity

  65. Malambo

    You thieves
    PF=foolish party

  66. Edgar Bastard

    > meali meal = K150
    > electricity & water tarrifs are rising by the minute
    > load-shedding full scale because i couldnt invest in alternative sources of energy.
    > corruption, tribalism & nepotism
    but i will win because zambians are idiots

  67. Ba Gaza

    Blind people r the one who will vote for us from matero this time around we r nt giving u any vote in 2021 because u r failing to control the poor economy we r facing right nw n u think will eat ur avic issue stupid people u r ungrateful pigs prepare 2021 is for HH keep stealing time will come

  68. Sevans

    Lungu is president so take the role of leader not a cadre bakateka know between bible and politics when. A person dies he does not go to heaven wake up don’t talk about the dead to day look and see how we change the lives of not cheap politics people want development but not on expense of staving Zambians the kadollar is cambling every day is not sign of development and development is not in buildings and roads but in welfare of lives of people enjoying meals fevers day not amassing wealth of nation wake up guys


    Our only party PF with our president EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU 2021 is yours. Let hakainde to go kwa southern province kubona… Foolish hakainde

  70. the eagle

    it’s not the matter of beating him we want to see works to be done time to competition is over new ideas to develop our country is needed.

  71. BTK

    Whatever goes up,oneday must come down & another proverb says,all days are for the thief but oneday z 4de owner,so one day PF wil cry.

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