Lusaka Man Commits Suicide in Nakonde Lodge

A 31-year-old man of Lusaka has committed suicide at a guest house in Nakonde District on reasons yet to be established.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Joe Njase said Police received a report of a man who had locked himself in a room from Saturday after he booked it.

He said police officers who rushed to Wayimbila Guest House managed to break the door to the room and found the deceased dead in the bathroom with blood and some whitish form coming out of his nose and mouth.

“Yes, we received a report. Our officers were told the guest had not come out since booking the room on Saturday. They managed to break the door and found him dead in the bathroom,” Njase stated.

He identified the deceased as Milimo Hakanzaba of Lusaka and added that an empty bottle of doom insecticide alleged to have been used to commit suicide was found in the room as well as a message meant for the wife and relatives.

“The body was physically inspected. It was found that white form mixed with blood and no physical injuries were found,” Njase added.

The body of the deceased has since been deposited in Nakonde Urban Clinic mortuary.



    sad story to the family nd friends. Especially to the creator to see his son did such a thing, heaven is so sad!!!!!

  2. Arnold lukwesa

    So sad

  3. Pharaoh

    All the way from Lusaka to come and commit suicide in Nakonde, it sad news indeed.Despite facing some challenges,let ‘s learn to share with our friends whom we feel would assist i or counsel us,than leaving Innocent families in difficulties.

  4. The Junction

    don’t blame the guy.yes suicide is not a solution.maybe he had problems which you the same people condemning him now couldnt offer a shoulder to lean on.

  5. Pharaoh

    The JUNCTION,you might be right to some people but,personally I mean something different Just now think about the situation his family is going through He could have been a bread winner with school or tertiary going children, His mischief has damaged the welfare of many. ..

  6. Teacher Sweet Ggb

    God give us strength in times like this…..!

  7. magical minds

    This wifes of ours mwandi balatupwisha ukutwipaisha

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