UPND Demands Release Of Party Member

The opposition UPND has called for for the unconditional release of one of its youths, Edward Roy Makayi, who has been in detention for more than 48 hours without being charged.

 Party Spokesperson Charles Kakoma says the party has expressed  displeasure at the continued detention of one of Makayi when the law stipulates that the police can only detain a suspect  for no  longer than  48-hours.
Kakoma says the party finds “this unjust treatment of Makayi” to be against the rules of natural justice as his unjustifiable, solitary confinement is an abuse of his right to a quick and fair trial.
”Roy has been a fierce critic of Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja.
Could it be that the arrest of this young man is a deliberate move by Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to fix and settle personal scores with the young  man? We have further noted that the Police have confiscated his phones. The confiscation of his mobile phones is  illegal as it is a ploy by the police to fish out for evidence in in his phone in  order to implicate him and cook up fake charges against him in order to send him to jail this is, not only a miscarriage of justice on the part of the police, but also an abuse of authority on the part of the Police Chief, Kanganja,” said Kakoma.


  1. True Bemba

    Ba Kakoma,let The Police Do Its Work.Its Nt Pf,that Has Arrested Yo Makayi,bt The Police,nt Kangaja Bt The Police.Truth Is Truth

  2. Nyengo

    Unpd use two laws 4 pf thugs and its supports who are also thugs. Upnd want law applied on pf not they members demand 4 release of it member is other cover of wrong doing. If upnd is not violent need 2 use language 2 bring down anger but leaders are citing its thugs 2 defend themselves. U can solve violence using violence no this breed bloodbath and innocent pipo are gotten on the middle

    • Mwe

      MWe banthu what is the meaning of thug or thugs ? UPND watch Your language . you seem Or it seems HH and most of its member it is just a talk that they are educated in actual sense bapulile pa window .Colling innocent people thugs and fellow brother and sisters thugs and you want a vote from thugs what a saying . Zambians wake up. The people the call thugs are making the life better. Sosa sosa ichalo cileumfwa . twatotela tu call us thugs .

  3. Sibweni

    Bill 10 has a clause of electing mp,councliar and council chairman within a party wil reduce election violence and gun battles. Don’t throw a bady 2gather with bath wash but let us keep the bady and apply good lotion 4 good soothing of the skin. Reforms wil clean our system

  4. mr p

    #nyengo if some one attacks u wont u defend ur self? dont be a fool n think otherwise

  5. Km

    Pls HH and UPND pls let the police work. If this is the way once you Will run the country once elected. I am afraid Zambia will be in fire. God forbid . God pls listen to your sons prayers HH no chance to be a president in Zambia. Look what the are demanding. There member commits claim and saying that man has a right to be free . this is rubbish let’s not allow this nonsense . pls ba police I beg you no matter what if you listen to the idiots you will create war in this country. If I break the law I have to be punished. What is the meaning of walking armed. Even if you kill your blood ,child your child they have to arrest you not because you have killed your own child or because he killed a fellow UPND member. Pls can you keep away from demanding the release of this criminal. He chose to be in jail or police cells for further investigation. That weapon recovered iam sure is not the only weapon .if dig deeper and beat this criminal harder he will tell reveal where these weapon are coming from and those who have and above all one supplying these weapon. Pls police arrest who is very talkative detain him to help you find where they hide the pangas and pistols. Iam disappointed a political party commanding the police what they should do . tuli umo tuleya .

  6. One love

    The hour has come ,the hour has come ,clockwise ticking menso penya.

  7. Mr P

    zambian is already on fire with pf type of governing, look at the shit dat kaizer zulu does, why is he stil a free man coz he belongs to pf if it was upnd he wouid hav been in jail. pf just came 2 destroy zambia it onry won so dat the prophecy be fullfiled about last days

  8. mudenda

    KM, cikalo nchobe.

    • Benson

      Ba mudeda ba km wrote like someone who is mature enough why should you insult him for not allowing the released of that offender. I think even you mudenda you were together you know better.. Km do scared with this man. Surely instructing the police to release an offender then ba km comments. What wrong is with ba km pls mwaya sana ba mudenda. If you don’t know what to say or to contribute in this forum better keep away shame to you.this is failing to reason on simple issues.

    • Imbwili

      Mudenda iwe tawakwata mano uli chipuba ba km finshi ifibi balembele . wikabwekeshapo ngawafyelwe Ku munthu kanofye kumbwa . ba km mweleleni teshibe ifyo alecita . kusamwafye.

  9. Sky

    Big lesson

  10. Lusaka Commander

    Pliz let the police do their work

  11. Km

    Eh natotela you can insult pantu icishinka chila kalifya no chance for you and your party to insult the elderly you are cursed .

  12. Swanatumba

    Let makai be released

  13. niyegani

    Ah in Zambia this are not good and in 2021 i don’t want a blood first party

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