CBU Student Who Laced Cake With Cannabis Ordered To Write Essay On Drugs

In a rare ruling of the court, an engineering student at the Copperbelt University has been ordered to write a 50-paged essay on drugs following his conviction for lacing cakes with cannabis.

The 21-year-old Chikwanda Chisengele has also been ordered by the court to write apology letters to the Copperbelt University, his parents and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) before ovember 15, 2019.
The courts further imposed a two-year suspended jail term on Chisengele, meaning he will not spend any time in jail unless he commits drug-related offences.

The Drug Enforcement Commission had arrested Chisengele a few days ago after a ploy was unearthed in which he laced cakes with cannabis weighing over a kilogramme.



  1. Wallen mwanza

    Your friends are lacking what you are wasting.give me that chance if you can’t utilise it very well.you don’t know how your friends are suffering in the society.

  2. George k the jungle

    That’s our current Zambia.Let him research and become a Diplomat

  3. dance

    This article is a true misconception!! There is no such a story here at CBu!! Anyway we don’t know where they got this information from but it is a myth. People don’t believe in it. Now I know that this media shouldn’t be given a 100% efficiency and transparency in terms of news

  4. Apostle Goodson

    Change your character

  5. ACKIM

    My dear you should change

  6. Political Analyst

    The majority of CBU Students say they know no such information of a person was arrested for cannabis,so zambia reports please tell us were you got this news from..



  8. jjphiri

    Ba editor please read through before u post ka english.

  9. puzzled

    ba zambia report tell us the outcome of by elections is it because ur party pf lost kkkkkkk

  10. Umuvelevele

    And the young 19 year-old girl who only smoked probably less than a gram got 10 years, what an unfair way of dispensing justice. Was she also not a student? Why wasn’t she also not just told to research and write an essay like her colleague?

  11. SEKURU

    There is no justice in this world.

  12. Margaret

    If this story is true then justice in this country is a joke. What are you going to do with the research?? Please publish ifyachine noti ukulandalanda,

  13. Johnny

    He is lacking he will die if not given a chance to abuse it

  14. Yearn

    u guys is this statement true or false?

  15. simms

    I heard this on bbc. If true, this is called creative sentencing. As for the chap, let him dare commit another felony -he will regret having been @ cbu

  16. sea 5

    dont joke with legendz mind

  17. Mukululi sidembo

    You don’t talk about your lost in elections and how the economy will stabilise

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