Court Adjourns NDC Certificate Cancellation Hearing

The Kabwe High Court has adjourned hearing of an inter-party application for leave to apply for judicial review against the cancellation of the certificate of registration of the NDC party  by the Registrar of Societies.
This follows the earlier  decision of the court which granted the de-registered National Democratic Congress Party (NDC) leave to apply for judicial review against the cancellation of the certificate of registration of the party  by the Registrar of Societies.
This is in the matter in which NDC Secretary General Bridget Atanga who has cited the Attorney General is seeking judicial review against the de-registration of the party by the Refgistrar of Societies .
When the matter came up this morning in the Kabwe high Court, lawyers representing Bridget Atanga asked for an adjournment as the lead counsel Christopher Mundia who was supposed to handle the matter was not before court as he has a bereavement.
The state did not object the application and the presiding judge Isaac Kamwendo adjourned the matter to December 4 2019.
 According to the order delivered by the Kabwe High Court dated September 26,  the leave shall act as a stay of the decision of the state .
NDC members and sympathisers gathered early this morning at around 08:00hrs to provide solidarity


  1. chainda

    imbwili ni mbwili, tiyenayo ba za onelapo.

    • Leonard

      Foolish just form another party if you are popular than crying the party you claimed to be just a consultant

      • Albert Phiri

        Free suggestion for Mr. Kambwili….. Just join Harry Kalaba.
        The party you are fighting for will not rule this country.. not as at now. Besides you are not Presidential material.

  2. Abena kafue

    This is how Government keeps on wasting tax payers money. A cadre ordered the registrar of society to cancell without full information. I doubt if government will win this case.

  3. Ba Five kwacha

    Abena chambian,teyenayo,last fit,kambwili verses chambia,who is going to get a would cup?

  4. H mwiinde

    We are listening and following the case.Mr kambwili don’t lose hope.

  5. Umwana wa Mbwili

    Rat and leopard!

    • Fukushima

      My is that all the money aquired by anyone illegally dispear

  6. BTK

    Mbwili ni mbwili,so never lose hop brotherman,coz majority are behind u guys & its only that u never knew that u were working wit traitors,fools & hyenas,E.G Musenge.

  7. Shi Bwalya

    Zambia of nowadays

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