A Tight Race Of The Horses

The outcome of the Kaoma council chairperson by-election held on Thursday, October 10, 2019 is very interesting. This particular by-election pitted two giants on the Zambian political scene who went an extra mile to convince the people of Kaoma that their candidates deserved the votes.

The UPND, having previously held the seat, spent sleepless nights canvassing for votes in all areas of Kaoma. For the Patriotic Front, we saw the effort put in whereby the Head of State, President Edgar Lungu, held rallies in the area selling his political party to the people of Kaoma. What is sad, however, is that these political parties engaged in violence that saw the death of a UPND member, Laurence Banda, who has since been put to rest. The Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Zambia Police Service have, however, promised to work relentlessly to ensure no incidences of the political violence seen in Kaoma occur in any other future elections.

Turning to the results, the UPND’s candidate, Austin Muneru, has narrowly won the election with 7,801 votes against closest contender, Ngebe Ngombo of the Patriotic Front, who trailed with 7,649 votes! The third and last candidate was UPPZ’s Choola Maseka who polled 431. These are the results verified and released by the Electoral Commission of Zambia. What we see is a tremendous push by the ruling Patriotic Front to get as much votes as possible in areas perceived to be the opposition UPND strongholds, compared to their performance in the general election of 2016. And the Patriotic Front has in Thursday’s by-election won a ward in Kabompo district in North Western Province. This is an area that not long ago gave negligible votes to the ruling party. What are these results telling us? Well, we leave it at that.

It is on this premise that PF Secretary General Honourable Davies Mwila has said: “We certainly have every reason to walk with our heads high. We are therefore once again jubilant with thanks giving to our Lord God Almighty for the PF’s unstoppable momentum across former UPND strongholds…we [also] celebrate our very significant victory in Chikonkwelo Ward of Kabompo where we got more than 60 per cent of the vote and whitewashed the opposition in a former UPND stronghold. To the people of Kabompo and our gallant grassroots structures, we say, ‘twa santa mwane.’ You have embraced development and liberated yourselves from agents of selfishness, bitterness and under-development…On the surface, it may look like we lost the vote count [in Kaoma] but the reality is that we have gained more than we had before while the UPND have lost exponentially. In 2016, UPND had 70% of the vote for the Kaoma Council Chairperson election, while PF only had 15%. But in yesterday’s election, PF has made substantial gains and the difference now is only marginal 152 votes. In fact, the result from the slim margin could have easily swung in our favour, had it not been for the UPND violence which triggered voter apathy, and many of our voters were traumatised by UPND brutality. The huge positive swing of votes in favour of PF echoes those from Mangango not too long ago and it shows that the people of Kaoma and Western Province are fed up of being under the bondage of underdevelopment just because of the selfish agenda of one man.”

Lastly, we congratulate the UPND for retaining this Kaoma seat and the PF for putting up a good fight that has been reflected in the results of this by-election.


  1. It's just a sumple that upnd has shown u ba of.

    Waigt for 2021 ba of u ll see

  2. dance

    Conglaturation upnd!! We don’t want a president who eats snakes, indeed he is hardening his heart soon he will start eating people like idiamin let us be careful and condemn such leaders

    • Km

      Congratulation of I never expected those votes let come 2021 . now deliver development upnd . dont let energy and votes go to waste . the party which has won don’t escort you friends and. time . upnd you have made a by
      a choice your selves
      hoicyou self don’t cry. Do you think there will be evelopmet with upnd the answer. Isno. Upnd no resources just making no noise

  3. puzzled

    then its like this political violence will never end coz upnd is accusing pf and pf accusing upnd. the fact is that pf u r a violent party why is it that onry upnd members dieing? mmd never behaved the way u r behavin u created voter aparthy after kiling an upnd member people were scared 2 go n vote. this blood u have continued shedding wil haunt u in 2021 with this kind of leadership i dnt c u winning 2021 u have gone too far u think zambia is ur bedroom


    Mr chris phiri your opinion is always in favour of pf are u a good analyser in politics? coz if u look nicely that elections in kaoma they had voter apathy that shows u that pipo of kaoma they dont want council chairman they need presidential elections that will change the face of the country period.kaoma have 47 thousands registered voters plus and if u count the turn out there were about 15 thousands as those who din’t vote then u will find a colect answer.

  5. jkp

    you will all cry 2021 is for pf mukamwenko

  6. Nevers

    us as Zambians we want reasonable economic problems after 2021 after wise m President won 2021 election

  7. Habenzu

    But one wonders when some people claim that the opposition is selfish and agents of under development, isn’t the party in power who must provide the same development you claim UPND to be responsible for??

  8. Kiki

    After a byelection, loadshedding has ended where i am. Was it a way of creating darkness to sneak in premarked boxes? dmmu took advantage of the darkness to distribute relief food. The pf violence/shootings scared the voters. Without the above pf evil acts, the margin would have been too huge. By killing a banda, the east will think twice to support Pf, the most violent party and assassins in zambias political history.


    Let’s pray for piece.

  10. Veteran

    We wait and see!!!

  11. magical minds

    The bomb is ticking the ruling party is so clever watch out 2021

  12. Sibweni

    Kaoma by-election limus paper test 4 upnd rejecting of bill 10 to continue using exconvicts as security wing 2 president protect HH. Y Lawrence banda killed in kaoma but buried in lusaka? Upnd is taking advantage on empolyment 2 abuse youth by taking them 2 places where election are. Any cadre,thugs or support transported frm lsk 2 any where elections are must stop 2 avoid bloodshed. Youth killed life is cut off 2 please pay master and pf and upnd both are vry,vry violent. Victim games wil not make upnd win election practical and pipo want 2 see developmt. Southern,western,north-west and partly of central provinces remains undevelopmt due upnd fake vision of mps bring developmt after win presidency and these three provinces pipo held hostage. Under pf eastern province remain undevelop and road lik chipata to lundazi and lundazi to chama are in bad state. HH bcome president is not solution he wil first recovery his funder gredit 2 upnd and three provinces wil last 2 benefit.




      @SEE MIND (MWAMPO), 2021 will be the opposite of what u ar saying. only blind people will vote PF in 2021. the wise ones will go for the ‘Mighty’ UPND. ZAMBIA FORWARD!!!!!!


    sad mbuya rest in peace coz were trying to defend upnd,why not others but any easterner watch-out guz,namwebashalako abakuchipata muchenjele

  15. Still floating

    Viva pf……rain or shine ni pawato. Rule voter.

  16. Still floating

    Viva pf……rain or shine ni pawato. Tule voter. Tuma manufesto twau Tonga.

  17. Amos

    Ba still still sinking loleleni no bwato bwenu… King dandy said all those still supporting pf,their fathers are dull and lazy nowander you can’t you can’t see that this is a wind of change…. If I may ask you questions, you won’t even give reasonable answers just like your president did to issues concerning high levels of cost of leaving.. Ati climate change!!!! Iwe honestly people have been staying in desert areas like Dubai but you haven’t heard them talking of climate change.. These are issues the pf government brought on us due to their own recklessness..
    Did you even vote in 2011?? And do you even know why we voted??
    Ask your self why you voted in 2016.. Most of you guys voted with only a foolish reason hence putting the poor people’s lives at a very higher risk.. Shame on you… Ati party teti ifwee apapene foolish you.. With someone honestly telling you that he has no vision.. Loleleni mukamba ukulya abantu pa last kaili insoka mwalyamba kale….

  18. Mukanwa mukikopo

    With climate change, no rains so no enough water and then the boat stuck in Mady waters. And now paddlers frasrtrated coz as they return to thier homes, loadsheding greets them- Kkkkkkk. What next blame it all on UPND. Kkkkkk, Hehehehe.

  19. Kicks

    When some upnd members are losing their lives whenever theres a by-election, what does this indicate? Are you people sure that this nation is a christian nation? God is watching your blasphemy all the time when you gather for your useless prayer and fasting with your hypocrice. Pf is killing innocent citizens for power. Zambians wake up, don’t just keep quite when things are bad.

    • The Seeker

      News coming from the recent kaoma shooting is that the bullet that killed a UPND cardre came from the gun belonging to the deputy police chief. You see these government bullets are marked,as such can be traced easily. Now, false reports were that it was the UPND cadres who fired guns.

  20. AM

    PF come 2021 others will cry, blood sheders will never rule our nation.

  21. one zambia one monthu

    2021 pt we a behind lungu ba upnd understand the situation not mulebwatabwata

  22. one zambia one muntu

    2021 pf Corry ovar we a behind u lungu laing to understand the situation ba upnd mukatile nabamuibila amavoti nakabili mwauufwa

  23. vince

    With all the resources PF was supposed to win, Upnd spent k150000 &pF spent k2 m, shame

  24. Austerity

    Congratulations ba UPND for winning.

    Congratulations ba PF for penetrating the opponents stronghold. This is in comparison to 2016 elections in the same area. Well done!

  25. Mweene

    2021 someone will cry, okay continue with corruption even those who are supporting you, they Will start throwing dust on your head,,,,I have not mentioned any President,,,,,

  26. FUCKER

    So..does it means that PF government only take development where it is voted from…? If that’s the answer…Then they’re just fuckn idiots….regionalism government…sityopeti.

  27. OLD MZEE

    UPND has to worry so much considering the low magin in Kaoma,Mwinilunga and Kabompo.
    UPND has held these province:Southern,Western and Nothrth western and parts of Central province captivy.Pf will win the 2021 with a landslide.Ba PF Secretary General continue taking developing to these provinces and you will not regret

  28. Fonko Fonko

    There will be another by- election in luapula…Pf bedroom. If UPND is that popular as it claims, let it grab that seat from pf or at the minimum lose with a minimal margin. Show us! as we have shown you in Kaoma.

    Stop ku bwata bwata.

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