Opinion: Lawlessness Must End!

On Friday, town centre of Lusaka City was a no-go area. Businesses closed, people were scampering in all directions, tear gas canisters and gunshots were fired to disperse unruly cadres as police tried to take control of the situation in an effort to return the area to normalcy. Several of the people that do small businesses in town to make ends meet had their activities disrupted – meaning they went back home empty handed with nothing to feed their families on.

Why was this so? Because the United Party for National Development (UPND) youths disregarded advice of the Zambia Police Service not to conduct a funeral procession in town for their departed member, Lawrence Banda, who was shot dead in Kaoma last week. We understand the anger, frustration and deep sense of sorrow the opposition party was feeling at the time following the death of their colleague. But that was obviously no reason for them to go against advice of the law enforcement agencies when they were told not to go to town for a funeral procession but restrict it to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross where requiem mass was being held for the departed. The display of the coffin where Banda lay, running with it like there was no person in it, causing traffic jam and provoking others in the process was an uncalled for act that deserves serious condemnation.

Many Zambians have seen this action as quite odd and distasteful – something that should never ever be encouraged in our culture. There is room to mourn our colleagues in a dignified manner even when their death was not pleasing to us, but to go to extremes like what happened on Friday can only be described in one word – despicable!

The opposition UPND cadres knew that by them going into town to conduct a funeral process for Banda, that would without doubt trigger a reaction from the ruling party cadres, and that is exactly what the Police tried to avoid by advising them against proceeding with their plan. What does a political party lose by adhering to police advice for once? Nothing! What actually happens when advice is taken is that this particular party gains respect and adoration among the people that may probably be not interested in its activities. However, for the UPND, this was a chance for them to cause confusion for the entire city and disturb the normal flow of business as much as possible just to gain political mileage.

Do they have the slightest idea how many people lost businesses that particular day? Do they care at all that some entrepreneurs that survive on hand to mouth businesses lost out on what to feed their families on that day and the next? These are issues that leaders of these political parties and their followers must begin to think about before taking certain actions that put the entire country into a risk of total degeneration. Respect for the law is paramount in this political business. If you cannot follow the law now while in opposition and display the savagery and lack of respect for the dead and other citizens in the manner we saw last Friday, how about when they take over power?

One simple rule is that political parties must refrain from provoking situations that end up ugly. There is no need for that and there was no need for the UPND cadres to do what they did on Friday. Equally, we expect the ruling party cadres to heed President Edgar Lungu’s continuous pleas that they stay away from violence even when provoked. By doing that, they will be according the President and the Presidency the highest respect they deserve.


  1. dance

    Don’t exaggerate ba reporter!! The problem is even those police officers who were in uniform were cadres, so instead of maintaining peace but alarmed the situation..

    • Leonard

      Useless 🐒 🙉

    • Joy

      Chris Phiri when are we going to have your opinion on the PF cadres who acted mourns at the funeral house since you have selective mind?

  2. kulibonesha

    There goes the moron journalist again, biased as usual…Does Zambia Report have only one reporter? I wonder whether this paper would have won the 2014 MISA awards with this kind of journalism.

  3. Shimwana

    Ati “President Rdgar Lungu ‘s plea”kikiki he is now pleading,he should act, plea?The whole thing is to be rightly blamed on Lungu.He has the instruments of power, the killing in Kaoma was avoidable, continue, i hope you are one of his advisers,we need him to continue with incompetent advisers,it shall make the job of sending him back to Chawama so much easier

  4. Euro Bond

    The buck stops at the Presidency! For how long is he going to plead for restraint from his cadres. He is not called commander in chief for nothing. He has the power to end this violence once and for all. Sadly he cannot as he is a beneficiary of this violence. Mwanawasa put his foot down and controlled the unruly cadres. He did not even want them to be seeing him off or receiving him at the airport not to mention the waist wriggling female dancers who the incumbent enjoys watching. If he means well let him order the immediate end of this violence. He should fire the police chiefs as well for failing to do their jobs.

  5. Mukanwa mukikopo

    This is the whole truth nothing but the truth. Zambians want the Commander -In-Chief to show why he is called so by being tough to all violence loving cadres be it from PF, UPND, NDC or whichever political part involved. The police have failed us, the ACC failed us, DEC the same. So who should a common Zambian look up to for protection? ….sorry mwane mukanwa mukikopo. Na ambamotu.

  6. Baxter Mule

    Cadres in uniform must know that KK’s era there were vigilantes but it came to pass,the Bandas former president & William Banda it came to pass, so even PF cadres in uniform it will come to end sooner or later, those who are killing others if identified u b alone in court.

  7. Joseph Chansa

    Shallow Minded Pipo Want Dr Lungu To Act As Comander In Chief For Their Foolishness. Owe! H E Has So Much Power That If He Had To Use It All They’ll Be The Same Pipo To Turn Around & Cry Foul That He Is A Dictator. Evrywhere There Is Construction But One Party Is Bitter About It & Destroying. I Think One Of These Oposition Parties shuld just be called Uncivilized Pipo for National Destruction.

  8. Noman

    No one is above the law, whether in power or not the law must be observed.

  9. Kicks

    Edgar Chagwa Lungu is the causer of all brutality in this nation because he is as weak as a newly born baby, not even fit to be in command of the armed forces. The reporter is also a worst puppet i have ever seen, foolish infact. How do you report in favour of the people who always kill their fellow citizens every time theres a by-election? time will catch up with you mr lungu, for what you and you dogs are doing. We did not know that we are voting for a blood thirst government, that has not valued fellow citizens because of power. Let God bless you chagwa lungu and your pf if He is happy with your acts in this nation, other wise your days are written on the wall.

  10. Pan African I

    I feel grievous for the loss of this great man ,a father ,a ancle a brother. It so sad to die in such a way .but let me say this death is inevitable not how wise sophisticat you or other life protecting people can be .its unwise to fellow country men deal sacumstances negatively .so the upnd people must remember that this is not the first time a person has died in such a way we have lost Presidents and important men and women before but never behaviored to this extent this was immaturity I hope we change .thank you.

  11. zax

    iwe chi chris why are u not mention the killer in ur useles reportn? why not a upnd cadre that was killed by pf a pf cadre, i gues u r not a reporter but another foolish pf cadre. nomater hw much u dent upnd 2021 pf out we want change mambala we not lookn at hh we just want change

  12. Roberto Carlos

    Importation of cadres from urban areas causes these kind deaths. For UPND to carry out ” icitaleme” in the capital city of Zambia is barbaric. Nowabatumine ni shetani mwine mwine. Uko mikatekela, bakacula ba mwana Mayo. You can’t do such a thing, all in da name of political mileage. That’s nonsense. The pipo are watching!

  13. Free thinker

    Vimakada whether pf or oppositions u r fools busy insulting and killing each other when yo leaders ar safe. Imagine all the way from lsk to go and die or kill someone in kaoma. Shame on u.

  14. Baxter Mule

    I voted for Sata’s PF in 2011 not someone without Vision I salute Kalaba let him take over the PF presidency, like Chiluba appointed Mwanawasa who had that care to work for mother Zambia,so plz we want change on top there,don’t let zed pipo vote change of government Dr Lungu.

  15. Niso kodibba

    In 1950s. Harry nkumbula started the struggle for independence, Kenneth Kaunda and others joined ,they worked hard to bring freedom in Zambia,one of the major reasons was to end injustice, ensure that there is equal justice and equite in sharing of resources in the nation. So those in power should observe how they handle issues of justice,there should be fair and equal justice becoz those in the opposition are watching and they will be forced to act were they see injustice which at the end will disturb the peace and freedom our grandz fought for.Let us live as one nation.we only have one country Zambia…I will if we can have luvale president after 5years a Lunda,after alozi ,after a Tonga, after a kaonde, after ngoni, after a bemba supporting each other just like that ,living as brothers and sisters.one Zambia one nation, let us live as one, that’s my prayer,Amen

  16. King cool

    My friends don’t blame the pf ,,,it’s you reap what you sow , shanga ukolole , whatever you sow , you shall harvest it in the name of political party

  17. Benson Kampukwe

    Chris phiri report the full baked information not to bias simply bcoz you belong to the easterners be professional and do your homework in reporting why are you side lining the other group which even damaged the pots and thrown foods for the mourners which is unheard of in our cultures such reporting shows who you are on the topic



  19. Alexis Walumba

    It’seems not about the lose of business. .it’s about the lose of life. In the first place why did pf gangsters go to the funeral house and secondly, does pf own Lusaka? Why do you want to remove a spak in my eye leaving a log in your eye????

  20. Dr Fonicks

    Here I come again. The political violence being experienced in by-elections have some sort of similar patterns. It only takes four groups to curtail this uncalled for barbaric, illiterate, devilish, backward and inhuman behaviour. These are the Police, ECZ, UPND and OF. Firstly, if the Police are as vigilant as they are expected to be, I don’t think the political violence can surmount to this level. The men and women in uniform are equipped with criminology as part of their training. Secondly, if PF and UPND can fully civilise their cadres against the use of offensive weapons, am sure, things wouldn’t have spiraled to this abominable level. If these two heavyweights put in austerity measures concerning violent activities which involves their followers, I rest assure you my fellow country men and women that we can have violence free elections. Coming to the Electoral Commission of Zambia. If the law can be amended to deal with electoi violence whereby rules and guidelines stipulate that any political party caught in political violence be expelled from participating in an election in the ward or constituency where violence had taken place. But no one seems to be involved in making sure that no criminality takes place during campaigna. If only, we try to embrace each other. regardless of someone’s political inclinations, am pretty sure that we can defeat this negative trend which has compromised our election campaigns. Mwe bantu please, let’s not waste time over foolish actions. We don’t want situations like the Kaoma incident in which Lawrence Banda perished. We can’t be killing each other. For what ? Please Mr. HH and President Edgar Lungu, you are the only ones who can take care of this fracus or rather end this campaign of terror. I vow not to remain mute on this issue. Shalenipo.

  21. man's mulima

    Political issues again! In the name of the Father,the Son and the Holy spirit; Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing . Amen

  22. Mr B

    Me watching chabe

  23. Iwe upnd

    Upnd is Palastine party called hamas culture of runing with a dead body no respect 4 it. We need peace and hate 4 pf by upnd is real and careless talkin by HH Is violence is fueling by him. Pipo power,not individual power after electing u. We economic is bad and HH as a solution 2 create electricity cheaply and debts let him giv solutions govt.

  24. Ngoma


  25. Joe London

    You pipo,why do u always blame the president ECL?Do u want de president to be physically the one to control every unruly cader including some disrespectful party leaders. Why don’t u put de blame on de parents of those who always misbehave in de name of a cadet and leader. Even that funeral procession was avoidable by just following de police advice. That was total disregard of the law.The Upnd always talk about disregard of the rule of law and it was exactly what they did last Friday and in Kaoma.Disregarding the inforcers of de same rule of law they cry about.

  26. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Ba Zambia Reports, do not be bias when reporting such issues. If it was PF cadres you wouldn’t have reported in this manner. First and foremost you should find a route cause of that fracas, it’s results and the people involved and you as reporters to strike a balance when reporting. This is why there is violence in our Country Zambia because most of our media houses are bias in the sense that they defend the ruling party of the day when such incidents happen in our Country. But if this act was done by the PF cadres, the issue could have been shielded by the media houses and the Political Hierarchy. This kind of reporting on Opinion should end because you are not solving the problems but continue creating hatred between the ruling party and the opposition party. Thanks

  27. Ken Sex Legendary

    Breadwinner, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece,,,, in whatever you do, why would you want to be found on the “wrong side of the law”????? Only to come and complain later!!!!!!

  28. bombshell

    In Sesheke it was PF against UPND violence, in Roan it was violence between PF against NDF,in Luapula it was violence between PF against DP,now again in Kaoma it is violence bwteen PF against UPND.in Roan & Kaoma lives were lost. The question is WHO IS THE CAUSER OF ALL THESE VIOLENCES AND DEATHS?

  29. Marker

    Is this person a kaoma resident or Lusaka one that’s why ferrying cadres is bad.

  30. teejay

    The adage that “what is good for the goose is good for the gander” is now getting closer to home!!!!

  31. MOM

    just finish that soup in your bowls.2021 is arround the conner

  32. Sibweni

    President lungu has power 2 fire IG But a day he wil b and pipo wil cry he is kick out bcoz is not a bemba. Police service or force can crash any cadre going against the law and upnd wil cry 4 respect 4 human right but they don’t respect it. Come 2021, other defent bcoz in remote are now the china and usa trade war and england leaving european union are hav weaken africa economies. A solution 2 our economy is truth frm politicans not jokes and wil corruption hard 2 fight and win but lips fight do win and practical investigates it is hell

  33. Shi Bwalya

    Things are just rotten starting from the reporter himself

  34. Mugwagwanyoko

    Sure is a cader more powerful than a trained officer? The answer is no, does the dead body know anything after dying? The answer is big no,but y the cader wait to the funeral house for the late banda who killed in kaoma,can the IG of police failed to arrest all those criminals,

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