80 Black Lechwes Go Missing In Bangweulu Wetlands

About 80 Black Lechwes have been reported missing in the Bangweulu Wetlands in Luapula Province.

Conservationist Nsama Musonda Learns, who works in the northern circuit, has said the animals were captured from the Bangwelu Wetlands through a process that the Department for National Parks and Wildlife has banned.

The government has stopped the capturing of wildlife species from their natural habitats to private ranches.

Ms Learns has since appealed to all Zambians, Civil Society Organisations and the media to help locate the Lechwes which are endemic to the Bangweulu Wetlands.

She said no one had an idea where the animals have been taken, the objective of their capture and whether they survived the transportation and if they have adapted to the new home.

Ms Learns said the Northern circuit is demanding for the return ofΒ  the animals as operation officers at Bangwelu Wetlands were not involved in the capturing process.

“…no ecological report was produced and the community was not involved,” she complained.

Ms Learns said the Black Lechwes didn’t deserve to be robbed of their natural home because they are a specie of pride and heritage of the Bangwelu Wetlands.

Minister of Tourism and Arts Ronald Chitotela on October 2, 2019, announced the suspension of the movement of animals from National Parks to Private ranches.

The suspension came a few days after controversy surrounded the movement of animals in Mfuwe where trucks were turned back by residents.

He said it was alleged that one of the Directors at the Ministry of Tourism and Arts signed a certificate of movement of live animals from one national park to a private ranch.

Bangweulu Wetlands is the only place in Africa where the Black Lechwe is found in significant numbers.

The population in 2005 was estimated at 35,000 but the area has the potential to carry up to 350,000 Black Lechwe.



  1. muntungwa

    Umunani waluba. Tukalye nshi?

  2. puzzled

    yayaya chitotela on the move

    • Leonard Siame

      Ummmm maybe the black leches wer looking for Forrest #27 cause they didn’t have grazing area in the process they drowned in chongwe river🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎

  3. Corruption now will be worse

    It is not surprising to experience such thefts in some certain parts of Zambia where stealing is a norm. Even investors nowadays are very careful.

  4. Kbf

    ‘Ubomba mwi bala’ damage will be noticed whichever dept chitote will be taken to.

  5. ray

    criminals on the move again. stealing Mercilessly. see you in 2021😠😠

  6. Big Mosi

    Chitotela lekaifyabupuba,you have just gone ku tourism and animals are missing now,why?

  7. Gunners chola

    This to much now. what’s happening in country sure

  8. Alexander

    Next news, we are going to hear that, their is any elephant, in kafue nation park. ubomba mwibala forum.

  9. Josphat

    Next to be sold is Victoria falls

  10. jos

    slowly but sure



  12. Sibweni

    Chitotela directive was it a covery up or may b animals are hav gone 2 other areas. This animal capturing not good 2 our environment and what has happened 2 the director is he fired or transfer 2 continue with his dirty works. Chitotela was 4 corruption and again animal wildlife saga


    Mr chitotela be serious with the way you handle issues if it was a poacher this time he could have been in Gallo’s now that it was done professionally your zawa officers knows the whereabouts of our animals moreover it takes more than v5trucks to transport those animals a small plane to mobilize them and a number of people to help in cabing them therefore villager’s zawa and some senior government officials are involved in this deal.

  14. Nevertheless

    That’s what we were complaining about chitotela this person is a PhD holder in terms of stealing, if He is not involved than we can say those animals migrated to certain countries as a result of poor readership in Zambia.


    Guys be careful i don’t think so this government will save us it’s us who where long too vot, Mr minister???πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

  16. Razor

    These Lechwe have been captured and taken to Findlays ranch in Chisamba just near the katuba toll plaza. The authority for these and other animals such as impalas, girraffes, buffalos etc capture was given by former minister Charles Banda.

  17. Kicks

    Dealer are dealers, thats why he was not fired, chitotela and his boss knows what is happening, kikikikikikikiki,,, ati black lechwes missing, ask Chitotela again, because where ever he goes things don’t go well. Bwana tamumfwafye, now its black lechwes concealed, kaya.

  18. Dr Fonicks

    Black lechwes saga has been traced traced to Findlay. What has this man done to plot one to be given so many govt trophy ? There is more to it than what’s on the ground. Findlay is seen as someone who has become untouchable. What is Findlay’s contributions to this nation ? This man has become a small god in this nation. Kambwilis whistleblowing has gone under the carpet. Any way, no situation is permanent. In bemba we say “inshiku mutanda, tashicela mumo” literally meaning days are numbered. We are closely watching events as they unfold. In icimambwe they say “mwati vyakulanda, vyakulolavye” simply meaning don’t talk but just watch. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:1 that there’s a season for everything. For today, this is enough. I will be back for more pressing issues. Au reviour


    Zambia twasebana

  20. mrs mwandila

    please ZAWA take an agent action

  21. ik

    Zambia really Africa

  22. Ba Gaza

    Very stupid leadership zawa even u guys u r now failing to control this simple things yet u r paid monthly mmmmmmmm I think I can’t stand this anything just praying to the Almighty so that 2021 can come fast because am fade up with leadership awe BA lungu do something u r just watching everything turning bad n u their chilling no any action n mind u guys this foolish govt will try to impress us next year so that we can vote for them in 2021 bt to I won’t take in voting for pf l rest my case

  23. well come to Zambia


  24. Niso kodibba

    Awe mwandi ,bwafya. Its like some people are their to only enrich their pockets than developing the country for all Zambian citizens to benefit..which ever office they are given to handle problems.. Ubomba mwibala proverb should be burned.its contributing to corruption.. 80black lechwes

  25. Pj

    Officers were where you 80 animals sure,wait I say wait.

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