I’ll Fix MMD To Save Zambia – Nevers Mumba

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) faction leader Nevers Mumba says

he will fix the former ruling party in order to save Zambia.
Meanwhile, Mumba has thanked party structures in Matero Constituency for remaining loyal to the MMD.
Dr Mumba said his party would provide hope to the citizens of Zambia as he has  the knowledge, experience and expertise to make Zambia great again.

“We will fix MMD so as to save our beloved nation and provide a bright future for our children,” Dr. Mumba said during his visit to the Constituency on Sunday said.
Dr Mumba further told the party members that Matero Constituency has a special place in the heart of Zambians, especially the MMD.

“Even though our great party has been under siege for the past three years, you have all remained loyal to the cause and for that, I would like to say thank you,” he said.

He said that the absence of the MMD on the political arena has led to national problems.

“I would like to inform you all that a number of problems that our country is facing such as high debt, corruption and political violence are happening because the MMD is not active on the political arena. For example, today we have a debt of over $19 billion. When I was Vice President together with President Mwanawasa, we managed to clear $7 billion due to fiscal discipline. We fought corruption such that Zambia became champions in the fight against corruption,” Dr. Mumba said.


  1. Pharaoh

    Fixing,fixing .Why can’t you just keep quiet,?The time for your politics expired some time back.Same voices all the time.w Why can’t we have voices heard from the new generation,? Ngatamukwete ifyakuchita ikalenifye panshi batata.So you think If you fix the MMD the you think the road to plot one will be obvious?

  2. Future

    Keep going we mufyashi never quit for quiters never win.


    kayamba kashukulu

  4. Kasuli

    Just continue with church and quit politics cause that’s not your calling as a man of God.

  5. BTK

    Pliz Mr Mumba we need your help,coz without people lik you they wil be a very big Mess in this Nation.Mutati & his corrupt mind must go to Hell.


    Correct me if am wrong I thought Dr Nevers quit MMD to join NAREP .


    Better to have NEVERS in the opposition unlike homosexuals and Satanist from the big opposition part

  8. Mubotu akusule

    wise man

  9. CLINT


  10. Pafa

    Kubileka change mmd ina sola monga unip

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