NUPPEZ Warns Teachers of FISP Involvement

National Union of Public and Private Educators in Zambia (NUPPEZ) has advised teachers to take keen interest in reading a number of pieces of legislations to avoid being caught up in a web or having fraudulently obtained the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP) without knowing its illegal implications.

NUPPEZ General Secretary Nelson Mwale said was illegal for civil servants including teachers to be beneficiaries of   FISP and other support programs.

Mwale said that teachers can be served the embarrassment of being caught up in FISP scandals by acquainting themselves with laws governing the project.


”We want to say that civil servants must read widely some pieces of legislation to risk being victimised on issues that they could not have found themselves in if they were knowledgeable about what the law states,”Mwale said.

Recently government disclosed that more than 7,000 civil servants were found to have been registered under the Farmer Input Support Program which was illegal.

Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Martin Mtonga said the Smart Zambia has so far traced 1,500 civil servants in Lusaka registered under FISP.

Dr. Mtonga said the Smart Zambia was expected to remove more than 7,000 civil servants from as FISP beneficiaries countrywide.




  1. puzzled

    because of enconomic hardships these civil sevens i dont think they can manage 2 get a bag of fertilizer which is at k350 they are full of nkongole coz dat how they survive nowander they are takin risks of being found on fisp which onry needs k500 4 u 2 get 5 bags + 10kg seeds

  2. Leonard Siame

    Next year we should be ready for hunger cause almost ten thousand farmers will be removed from fisp and am sure those who will be removed are the ones who produce more food cause they are doing it for business unlike our poor rural farmers whom mostly do it for consuption

  3. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Thumbs up Dr. Martin Mtonga!!!Work hard so that all Civil Servants are removed from the list of FISP Programme. The civil servants get alot of money in terms of salaries then why should they disadvantage the poor farmer who is in Shangombo, Chama, Dundumwezi and Lundazi Districts from benefiting???? This is being greedy and selfish for those Teachers and other civil servants. Let the poor farmers be beneficiaries of FISP Programme. Thanks

  4. John Phiri

    Indeed these same teachers are the ones who are even more productive. The actual beneficiaries spent time drinking and socializing. They even end up selling the fertilizer to the teachers at a give away price. We know them.


    better in that way bcz u may find that a co-operativ has 80 members ad come to those that receiv fertiliser 20 y?.




    What morals and values are you teaching our children if you are in the forefront stealing for the vulnerable, you have got your loans and bought cars now even for my grandma who is 70years you want to take part have manners we respect you, if you were ignorant then how do you mentor a reading culture in our children

  8. Curtis_Paul

    That’s the smart move mr mtonga,let the poor people benefit from the fisp program not those who are on monthly salaries like civil servants

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