Police warn Ndola residents

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga says residents should at all times avoid engaging in riotous behavior that destroys public property.
Kawama residents in Ndola on Monday evening fought running battles with the police after   Zambia National Service (ZNS) officers shot dead a resident accused of smuggling mealie-meal.
Stephen Banda, 35, was shot by ZNS officers manning the area in Kawama township in Ndola when he ignored their command that he stops the mealie-meal laden vehicle he was driving.
Following the shooting, residents rioted and destroyed public property.

Business at Kawama market and other parts of the Township came to a stand still as several residents and some marketeers participated in showing their displeasure over the killing.
No one has, however, been arrested for rioting, Katanga has said.
She said riots should be the last resort.

“We want to encourage our residents to avoid engaging in riotous activities. When aggrieved, you can’t resort to destroying public property. That should not be the way to go,” said Katanga.

And Kawama ward councillor Cephas Mwelwa, who was accused of having instructed ZNS officers to shoot residents suspected to be engaged in smuggling,  said he has been telling ZNS officers not to man-handle residents because most of them have their fields in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
He said the residents should not take the law into their own hands.
“I have been fighting for the people that others do their farming activities in the DRC land. I speak for them. They need to be patriotic with their country and avoid engaging in illegal activities,” Mwelwa said.

He wondered how he could instruct the officers to shoot and kill a resident whom he said was not even a Kawama resident but from Chifubu Township.
“It’s not true, how can a civilian instruct a millitary poersonnel? I’m just a small person who has no influence, those people get instructions from the President who is their Commander in Chief and the Minister of Defense,” Mwelwa said.






  3. Lsk

    Honestly speaking Mr. President you have left relactancy in many ministries under your government, people serving under your able government are underlating you causing people to see that you care about them reshafle if you can’t fire them. I drop my pen

  4. Ken Sex Legendary

    It is the case of being found on “the wrong side of the law”…..

  5. puzzled

    iwe kanganja even ur men n women in uni4m shouid stop killin us like dogs when ever they are aggrieved.2021 vote wisely ba muntu ths pf does not respect us nowander the president is quiet y not retirin that officer coz he acted unprofesional instead of shootn the tyre he shot the head,useles

  6. Kopala kabumba

    The officer went to far he could have jst flattened the tyre instead of taking a life of poor citizen who was jst sent to deliver illegal good by an unknown owner

  7. Razor

    People who bought a $200,000 fire truck at $1,000,000 are left Scot free while a person trying to make a living selling mealie meal is shot dead.

  8. Ba Five kwacha

    Ba police be careful I’m telling you,that direction you are geting from you know ur selful, u know you police officers you are very small ,us people when we get anoidy people are good ,in other way, their band,we shall meat on 2021,

  9. The Seeker

    Ubupuba ifi ma Zambians, you don’t shoot an unarmed person! Surely there are other ways those officers could have used to stop and impound the vehicle. Taking note of the vehicle registration is only but one way of insuring that the offender is brought to book. Not killing! He was not a wanted dead or alive criminal was he?

  10. Kicks

    Ubuteko bwamashilu tekuti busakamanepo umweo wamuntu bane, just be careful with your lives, bakamipwa aba ba mambala. How can you kill your fellow zambian in that manner? bane pf should pack their filthy bags and go be they turn this nation into a game park where lechews are gunned down every day. imagine it is your own son who is killed like that, how can you feal? ati ubuteko, ubwali ebo mwalaipailapo nabanenu, mwanya mwalitipwa.

  11. Free thinker

    Topical soldier mentality, no time to think but act. No wonder they ar only good for war not civil protection.

  12. YURL

    Just to ask from the government please it’s a police forces service + dictatorship country? Think before you act . How much did the PF government stole when you are shoot some for 150 kawcha? Please bakachesha careful for the people you support. TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH THIS GOVERNMENT HAVE FAILED TO RUN THIS COUNTRY.

  13. Jimmy

    this government just like killing kwati

  14. Thee Professor

    But but serious a civilian shot dead, this us serious unprofessional way of solving that problem maybe this people arent trained well on how act in such cases a pure shamful act

  15. Thee Professor

    But but serious a civilian shot dead, this is
    serious unprofessional way of solving that
    problem maybe this people arent trained well
    on how act in such cases a pure shamful act

  16. John Phiri

    I hope the ZNS officer who shot dead the driver of the vehicle was identified and brought to book. The law must take its course. Life is precious. It can’t just be taken away like that.

  17. Mampi

    It irritates,u ar tellin someone 2 stop he z not stopn lets nt ignor law.Some pipo ar just stuborn 4 nothing y cant u just park yo vehicle nd comply than losing yo lyf nd mayb he was just a driver nd nt owner of that cargo,so sad.

  18. Nseele

    Why these officers ar acting like u trained pipo? this is unprofessional manners!!! Its like Zambia has bcom a battle field instead of the Christianity country! Why these ZNS killing pipo like chickens at the wedding party? each tym is blood pool in the country nd even the President is quiet meanwhile his the commander in chief!!! useless chibwabwa!!!

  19. kodibba

    What does the Zambian law state on smuggling, to cease the goods and arrest the owner using normal methods Or to kill the driver. ZRA explain these laws Properly to your other wings ,soldiers,police, zns. To avoid such mistakes in future. Laws of doesn’t allow to kill a suspect either sturbon or obedient ,especially who is not armed. A suspect is free till proven guilt…sorry for the man who was killed by zns offices…..kodibba kopala.. Amen

  20. Pamusebo

    And officers are well trained in military operations. This is the reason why they warned him and he was suppose to obey the warning. Disobedience of instructions is an offence/sin and the wages of sin is death. If he had obeyed the warning from the officers, today he would have been alive and answering simple questions from the police. Anyway it’s a good warning to all Law breakers.

  21. Bamalonda

    THese malonda must be given some locations at Ma mwenye’s Shops to guard at than let them doing wrong thing s.How can they shoot someone.

  22. Sony

    What kind of law is this?

    • perry

      Comment soldiers are trained to kill not maim,or give warning warning shots,muleishiba utuntu

  23. William phiri

    to bad

  24. Mapesa Musukwa

    Point of correction, you don’t say Ndola Residents am very upset… You Kawama Residents don’t include everyone in useless matters.

  25. Mapesa Musukwa

    Point of correction, you don’t say Ndola Residents am very upset .. You say that Kawama Residents don’t include everyone in those useless matters

  26. Jack Bauer

    Matako Yenu Ba Zns Mwebana Ba Nswa Imwe Anso Ngoko Mwaciba Ku Manda Lelo Nga Mwacitolamo Na 10 Ba Kolwe

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