Tanzania-Zambia Plot TAZARA Re-Capitalization

The Council of Ministers from Zambia and Tanzania has resolved to finance the re-capitalization of the Tanzania-Zambia Railways.

During a meeting held in Dar-es-salaam, the caucus agreed to immediately re-capitalize Tazara as it remained below break-even point.

In a joint communique the Council of Ministers said there was need to review the Tazara Act as it was nearing its end with a review already on the horizon.

The Council of Ministers are targeting to develop a bankable business plan by March 2020 and there are also resolved the need to restructure the Authority once the Tazara Act is reviewed.

It was also agreed that in order to foster business for Tazara, preferential policies will have to be passed in the respective countries for at least 30 percent of bulky cargo to be transported by rail.

Transport and Communications Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya represented Zambia as chairperson while Engineer Isack Kamwelwe Tanzania’s Minister of Works, Transport and Communications, signed on behalf of United Republic of Tanzania as co-chairperson.


  1. Leonard

    Waste of public funds,wer is Eurobond IMF you got.what can you show the people of Zambia how you utilised the funds.cry my beloved country ZambiaπŸ™‰

  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Good move!!!! The Tazara Authority has remained dormant for a long time now. Let them recapitalize this authority so that many people can find jobs in Zambia and Tanzania. Thanks

  3. satoimo

    Again and still the same subject i.e.
    to rescue financilly unsustainable Tazara operation .
    I initially lived in Zambia from march 1988 to 1993 as expatiot from Japan and thereafter lived in Lusaka time to time and lastly 2015 to 2017.,during which I never fogot Tazara have been always (sorry to say) struggling with various problems such as financial difficuties , unreliable operation etc.
    Nearlly 30years passed since 1988 but still the same sort of basic problems.
    Find any foreign investors who can recapitalize Tazara and if no foreign investors are available, liquidate it
    to save very dear people`s tax for more valuable purposes to contrbute development of my beloved Zambia.
    The person who have long paid attention to development in Zambia


    This year TAZARA ZAMBIA paid it’s workers a 1month salary the rest of the months areas still pending have pit on us ba minister please 😒😒😒😒😭😭😭😭


    Rumor have it that the party in pweor gets some financing from TAZARA ZAMBIA nowonder the director is appointed by the pesirdent

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