President Lungu Tells Provincial Ministers To Be Effective

President Edgar Lungu has told Provincial Ministers and Permanent Secretaries to be effective in ensuring that national resources reach people in the remotest parts of the country.

President Lungu said his government remains resolute to its mandate to take development to the grassroots.

The Head of State said this will help to reduce poverty and developmental inequalities.

President Lungu said this when he chaired a Regional Cluster meeting on Economic Diversification and Job Creation at State House on Wednesday morning.

He has demanded a report on the progress made in energizing power lines to North Western Province.

“PF has remained resonating it’s mandate to take Development to the grass roots and ensure that poverty and developmental inequalities are addressed. We want to take power from the center to the people, from Lusaka to the Provincial Headquarters, and eventually the Districts and the remotest of our settlements,” President Lungu said.

He has thanked Provincial Ministers and Permanent Secretaries for the progress made in supporting the aspirations of the Ruling Patriotic Front.

The Head of State stressed his desire in the implementation of the 7th National Development Plan (7NDP) through the expos held in 6 Provinces of the country

“I have been briefed and I have noted with commendation the progress you have made as provinces to support the aspirations of the Patriotic Front (PF) party in the implementation of the 7th National Development Plan (7NDP). Notable are the Provincial Expos held in 6 Provinces,” President Lungu said.

“I also want to get the progress made on energizing power lines to North Western Province and how we are connecting households in rural areas. My goal has always been to give give this grid to the ultimate destination. I also want to get feedback on vandalism in some parts of the country such as the cutting cutting of power lines in Southern Province.”

He has since directed all Provincial administrations to enlighten Zambians to desist from economic sabotage.

“I expect to hear a lot from you and if time won’t be enough, we can continue even tomorrow but I want to know what is happening because you are the anchors of Development,” said President Lungu.


  1. vince

    That is when they are being told 7 yrs down the line or were they being reminded

    • Leonard Siame

      Mr which power are you going to transmit on those power lines cause the whole country is being load shaded for almost 14 hours.God help mother Zambia

    • Dope men

      Just fire them not always directives.if they don’t know why they are there we have more than 10 million Zambian who can take up those jobs

  2. Action

    We really know that our Govt is waiting for the campains for them to open power lines here in Northwestern province. Thinking that people will vote for them, wala

  3. Joseph

    Wamyeni before tamulaya, APA kuya bebele 2021

  4. Kill Them Now,

    But your government is full of criminal activities, why? black lechwes missing in some game parks, 48 houses built in your own country by unknown people, 200 buffaloes in north luangwa loaded in trucks taken to unknown country via malawi. Tell you people in government to respect themselves also. we need a faithful leadership which can protect our heritage now and in the future.

  5. Mweene

    You have even failed to provide community electrification,,,,,,you cannot fatten a cow on the day of killing it

  6. Climate change

    Lungu what kind of a human being or a leader ar you? Lungu for being a president is not being a village head man please, since 2016 so many different types of bad reports, violences, 10.5 billion, 1000 Buffalos, load shedding, climate change Involved money in banks, you sold maize with FRA, 51 houses, hanger, 200 brack lenchwe uuuuuuuuuuuuuh bamudala sure nikuwoononga bwanji uku ba lungu? Lungu ndiwe kawalala zoona, summit for economy we no economy change, belatuu u kaluze bwino,

  7. Ba Five kwacha

    Tamwakawine uuuuuu,,,your time is past, you are filed,2021 its for your Friend, kafisenifye Ka money Ku, India Na Ku chains beleisa abanenu bakamikolopa shonsefye, shikabwekele namubuteko,

    • SP

      What happened to the 3% rural electrification charge the Govt’s been charging us all Zambians through our Zesco bills for at least a couple of decades or more? Started during Chiluba ‘a administration. Even after 20-30 yrs the Govt has failed to provide electricity and facilities in the rural areas. Has Zesco chewed up all the millions they’ve collected to date? Interesting if someone can count up actual money (3%) collected from us citizens to date and how much used for rural electrification. Any investigative journalist?

  8. Buumba

    Ok, sure thing

  9. Malio

    A nation where the president is the problem, instead of him sorting out our problems

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