Ramaphosa Calls On African Countries To Work Together

South African President Cyril  Ramaphosa says Africa need to closely work together to discourage any forms of unilateralism in matters of international security, human rights and trade investments.

And President Ramaphosa says Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Major General Jackson Miti is an esteemed representative of the country whom he is looking forward to working with.

He was speaking at the Sefako Makgatho Presidential Guest House  in Pretoria when he received letters of credence from Gen. Miti and 17 other Ambassadors and High Commissioners accredited to that country.

President Ramaphosa said the presence of Gen. Miti in South Africa was a clear confirmation that his country had friends that it would work with to consolidate peace and development in the world.

He said there was need for countries to closely work together to discourage any forms of unilateralism in matters of international security, human rights and trade investments.

President Ramaphosa has since congratulated Gen. Miti for being appointed Zambia’s High Commissioner to that country.

President Ramaphosa further wished Gen. Miti success in the execution of his duties and responsibilities as Zambia’s Envoy to that country.

And Gen. Miti pledged to work towards strengthening and expanding the bilateral relations that the two countries were enjoying.

He said he would work closely with the South African government to ensure that new horizons for cooperation and consultations were opened between the two countries at all levels.

Gen. Miti observed that Zambia and South Africa had a long standing history of mutual beneficial relationship in many areas of economic development, cultural ties and education, among others.

He called for the continuous development of the mutual relationship that exist between the two countries.

This is contained in a statement issued by Naomi Nyawali, the First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambia High Commission in Pretoria, South Africa.


  1. dance

    How do you work together when your country is full of attacks on foreigners!!!!

    • Leonard Siame

      You are good in talking but lazy to act.you have all the powers to end xenophobia but you kept quiet until foreigners wer murdered.typical African leaders

  2. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Working together with who? After killing people

  3. xnophobia

    We cannot working together after killing our people.

  4. Fyantha

    Work together? How, with xenophobia? Be serious.

  5. Chisha's

    Comment mr president dont fool us.

  6. lm

    work with your country first.and work with your attacks on foreigners.if you work with other countries they will attack you also you are a foreigner


    But this fucking president working together with who after killing our brothers&sisters . chikala.get lost atase iwe…y didn’t u act wen your fucking pipo were killing our beloved brotherz&sisters..get lost iwe

  8. YURL

    Rich ZAMBIA but become POOR ZAMBIA because of the PF government. How are you going to work with south Africa and ZAMBIA government is to much corrupt you MITI say the truth not those lies.

  9. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Kkkkkkkkk!!!!Ati African Countries working together!!!!! How can a xenophobic Country work together with peaceful countries???? First of all, let the South Africans stop attacking the foreigners that’s when we can work together as African Countries. Thanks

  10. Kambole Chikwanda

    And yet you are charging us exorbitantly for the electricity deal!

  11. Zambian

    Ramaphosa what are you telling us iweeee!after killing so many innocent souls by your foolish people, you are here telling us nonsense, work with your thugs boi.

  12. Mukanwa mukikopo

    Mr President of SA you are a cheat .You are still living in Shaka Zulu era. ( your mentality) Shame on you.

  13. Foreigner lawlessness victim

    Foreigner lawlessness is also irking us in Zambia. Some Zambians used fire igneous in stealing from us. I hope that Cyril can now share sone Nkowledge with President ECL, the knowledge of how his own people list patience foreigner lawlessness to deal with them directly, disregarding his Zpolice SAPs……..

  14. King of the jungle

    That’s bull shit after your fucking people have killed our beloved brother’s and sisters.What a fuck are u?



  16. Joe jungle

    Do you think that we have forgotten what your people was doing we haven’t we are just relaxing.now things in your country has started shortage and then you are saying to come together that’s foolish and Mr miti careful

  17. Ba Five kwacha

    Ifyabupuba atanse,shame on you, ifyabuloshi ,nominobe,aleisa akamikanda, aile nechifukushi kuli bawishi kumulu, mulemona kwati nasekelamo ifyaupuba mulechita, eleisa jesus nombaline

  18. Father.

    You are shallow minded ba President,check the destination of your words before you speak ,see they have just fallen on closed ears, ba xenophobic ukokwine

  19. Satiel Banda

    There is need to safe guard there country i wonder if S outh Africa is a member of UN because there no respect for human right there,a country should uphold the spirit of UBUNTU.

  20. katis

    insoni ebuntu

  21. Lumpungu

    Working alone it will be better because do far you don’t us, the time will come baba

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