5 Die In Great North Road Accident

Five people have died while 12 others sustained serious injuries after a road traffic accident last night around 19:30 hours at Sixteen Miles along Great North Road.

Zambia Police Public Relations officer Esther Mwata-Katongo has confirmed the accident which was caused by excessive speeding.

“Involved was the driver male Nduwe Kisbie Kasongo aged 46 of Lusaka’s Libala Stage Four(4) who was driving a  Mitsubishi Rosa Bus registration number ACV 9105 and  another driver identified as male Vincent Mumba aged 29 of Lilanda Estate who had parked his motor vehicle in the middle of the road. The accident  happened when  the first driver, due to excessive speed, hit in to the stationary vehicle,” stated Katongo.

“Two female unknown adults and three unknown male adults died on the spot while 12 others sustained serious injuries. The bodies of  all deceased are in  Kapiri Mposhi District Hospital Mortuary.”


  1. H2k

    Too bad

  2. Watson Chitambala

    To bad, R I P

  3. Osei

    Sad and painful

  4. TWIME

    Every accident is on over speeding, why the rush always!

  5. Kasamwa Fwati

    16Miles is in Lusaka Area But the Bodies Are in Kapiri? MTSRIP.

    • Khums

      I’m also wondering. 16 miles is in Lusaka, but bodies have taken to Kapiri Mposhi near Copperbelt? Anyway, May Their Souls Rest In Peace.

  6. Davy

    My condolences



  8. Bertø

    Sad ‘n’ painful news

  9. Pa Zed

    October month of sacrifice… How many accidents has occurred this month alone? About 5 In separate incident

  10. chips


  11. Mwale

    Frm 16 Miles 2 Kapiri?Nikuti Kutali Pali Ku Kapiri Na Kulusaka Frm 16 Miles.So U Mean O The 12 injured ar in kapiri hsptal?Thats Why Ma Unclaimed Bodies Yamapaka Iyi Style!

  12. Joaaya

    Too bad

  13. Robbie

    Rest in peace bane.

  14. Toplane

    May there sow r i p

  15. katis

    too bad

  16. Filungula Namenshi

    Now the blame is heaped on the second driver while the first driver who wrongly stopped on the road is not being mentioned. The stupid driver who parked on the road caused the accident.

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