Dr Ng’andu Justifies Allocation To Public Order

Finance Minister Dr Bwalya Ng’andu has the allocation to public order in the 2020 national budget cannot be trivialized as to be reduced to only that of throwing teargas at people.

Dr Ng’andu said this in his winding up speech on the motion of supply for the 2020 national budget.

“…second and widely repeated concern expressed mainly by members on your left, Madam Speaker, was that the amount allocated to public order is excessive because it will only serve to enhance the capacity of the security personnel to tear gas innocent citizens. The truth Madam Speaker is that the allocation under this head is intended to facilitate the completion of various infrastructural projects such as housing units for men and women in uniform, modernize their equipment and provide other resources necessary for them to carry out their work and particularly replace obsolete equipment which is of no use in the face of the complexity of fighting crime and protecting the integrity of this country given the rapid change in technology. In addition, Madam Speaker, funding for these projects will come from disbursements of loans that have already been contracted and not from new borrowings,” Dr Ng’andu said.

“Madam Speaker, I’m also weary to think that the work of our men and women in uniform, some of whom put their lives on line every day in the course of duty, can be so trivialized as to be reduced to only that of throwing tear gases at people. I think it is totally inappropriate to characterise the work of our security service personnel as essentially being that of brutalising our people. On the contrary, we owe it them to honour them for their sacrifice and service to this country and one way in which we can do that is to equip them adequately to the extent that we can in order for them to continue to guarantee our safety as a people and as a nation.”

He said the budget was prepared against a backdrop of limited fiscal space which has affected the amount of discretionary resources available for the implementation of this budget.

“In so doing, I want to begin by stressing that the budget has been prepared against a backdrop of limited fiscal space which has affected the amount of discretionary resources available for the implementation of this budget. Consequently, it has had a telling effect on the amounts of resources allocated under the various heads of expenditure. To be able to stimulate economic activity, the budget proposes a number of measures to help individuals, small businesses and corporates gain access to this much needed liquidity,” Dr Ng’andu said.

He said the fiscal incentives in the form of suspension of duty on aqua culture equipment is intended to encourage investment leading to growth of the industry.

” It is also pertinent for the House to note that notwithstanding the existing constrained fiscal space, this budget has not yielded to the temptation to adjust upwards direct taxes and VAT rates. This is meant to preserve disposable income in the hands of ordinary tax payers.”

He further said that the amount allocated to climate change covers funds for resilience projects.

“Madam Speaker, the third concern raised was that the amount allocated to climate change is too small and not commensurate with the pivotal position that has been given to climate change in this budget. In response to this, it is necessary to give context to the K611,777,853 shown in the budget under the Head Environment Protection. This amount specifically covers funds for Climate Change and Resilience Projects and the Zambia Integrated Forestry Landscape Project under the Ministry of National Development and Planning,” Dr Ng’andu said. “It also incorporates the Environment Management and Protection Project and the Zambia Environment Management Authority under the Ministry of Water Development and finally the Climate Policy Implementation and Forestry Management project under the Ministry of Lands and National Resources. The reduction in the allocation from 2019 to 2020 is due to the completion of the Itezhi Tezhi- Dundumwezi –Namwala Climate Resilient Road project.”

He, however, said the budget does respond more specifically to the climate change challenge.

“…with a number of measures which in part propose to; Suspend import duty on machinery used for the processing of solid waste to generate electricity and produce organic fertilizers; Abolish customs duty on liquefied petroleum gas; Increase carbon tax on motor vehicles entering Zambia by 20%; Remove VAT on stoves, other gas cookers and gas boilers. These measures are intended mainly to reduce dependence on hydro power and encourage the use of other sources of power for domestic and industrial consumption,” Dr Ng’andu said.

He expressed gratitude that Members of Parliament had gone past the stage of climate change denial.

“Madam Speaker, it is gratifying to note this House’s grave concerns expressed here regarding how government proposes to fund measures intended to increase this country’s capacity to meet the challenge of climate change. This suggests that this House has gone past the stage of climate change denial,” Dr Ng’andu said.

He said the 2020 budget has introduced a number of tax related measures to increase the revenue.

“The budget in addition introduces a number of tax related measures with the view to increasing revenue by proposing to; Limit input VAT claims on consumables, such as stationary, lubricants and spare parts for all entities except where these are stock in trade;
Charge customs duty at 10% on specialized mining capital equipment and machinery which currently are duty free or attract duty at 5%; Limit input VAT claims from mining companies on diesel at 70% from the previous 90%; Limit input VAT claims from mining companies on electricity at 80% from the current 100%,” said Dr Ng’andu.


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  2. Leonard Siame

    There is no need to buy guns,tear gas,or any other weapons.you can build houses I agree but what you should is to stabilize the economy and reduce the cost of living.ther is no sane human being who can go the street to riot when they are satisfied in the stomach not even politicians can use such

  3. Mpombo

    There is too much lawlessness in the country.How can sane human beings be jogging with a corpse in broad day light in a capital city!!I feel the amount is inadequate. The upnd is aiming to rule by any means possible tribalism,violence,lies,religious hypocrisy and political buffoonery all wrapped in a powder keg of hate and spite.

  4. chabakola urban

    The hate propagated against one individual as though there is no other living person elsewhere leaves me baffled,leaving out the subject matter which is about the budget,is quite unfortunate to say the least.time will judge some people harshly,leave hate to those who’re ready to perish.

  5. James

    Comment All no xeonophiobia given from apartied country?

  6. puzzled

    nowander u are called mpombo instead of blaming the one who guned down innocent lawrence banda u re blaming those who moved around wit a coffin 2 show there anger. he was denied right to life by a pf marlitia

    • Mpombo

      Puzzle the blame lies with HH who took him to Kaoma and instructed him to misbehave.The PF were just defending themselves against hooligans.

  7. Edwardo

    That is a good move , the police I think need proper funding because they are a fountain of peace. It is true these people pass through most challenging Day to day experiences. Previous governments did not pay attention to this department which truly reduced there performance and were highly demotivated. We have also seen the introduction of other provinces which means that government need to take police presence in those areas. For this and many other issues including the first ever morden housing units being constructed country wide for the police service give enough reason for the government to give enough allocation in that area . Now to reduce the allocation to mere tear gassing of people is not a good thought, it is like the thought of Judas Iscariot who wanted to save money for selfish reasons. Let us commend the government for what they have done. Congrats hon. G Bwalya.

  8. The seeker

    Mpombo, Mpombo, Mpombo! Icili pamunobe,cili napali iwe. Given Lubinda was beaten up by his own PF cadres. One day, you will be treated the same by the PF violent cadres. Let’s hope they don’t kill you.

  9. Niggar Master mind

    GRZ knows how real big naggars are starving in Africa so definitely hijacks gona happen. Look at Nigerians even reaching an extent of 80% kidnapping crimes & how do Zambian government expect ministers,GRZ OFFICIALS & BANK MONEY TO MOVE FREELY IN PUBLIC?THEY KNOW SHIT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN SO BETTER PREPARE THEM SELVES OTHER WISE stingy GRZ DECISION LEADS TO TOO MUCH crimes IN DE COUNTRY.

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