MEE Challenges Politicians To Do What Is Right For Zambia

The Movement for Economic Emancipation (MEE) has said politicians should find it within their capacities to suspend the tendency for immediate gratification and do what is right for the future of Zambia.

The MEE has also¬† advised political parties in Zambia to focus on solving the country’s serious economic challenges instead of resorting to forming militia groups and engaging in gang turf wars.

MEE President Given Chansa stated in a statement issued yesterday that as the country moves towards 2021 general election, people should not be under any illusion or be fooled anymore.

“Some of our friends, relatives and fellow citizens are experiencing over 14 hours without electricity over any 24 hours. People are struggling just to maintain the basic everyday routines like cooking, bathing, personal grooming and hygiene. Meanwhile, in the midst of this terrible national crisis, the career politicians across all antiquated political parties relying on their greatest wisdom and life experiences decide it is time for them to form militia groups and engage in gang turf wars. I find this truly heartbreaking,” Chansa stated.

He wondered how 55 years after independence, the country is unable to generate enough electricity.

“How can this be fellow citizens, how is it that, 55 years after Independence, we are unable to generate enough electricity to meet the needs of just 17 million people? This should be a reminder to us all of why we must reflect on our individual actions and choices. In the end, our nation is a product of our individual and collective actions and choices. We must find it within ourselves the capacity to suspend our tendency for immediate gratification and do what is right for the future of Zambia,” Chansa stated.

“It is and has to be clear to all of us that all those we have entrusted with running the affairs of our nation, over the decades, have failed and they too must now accept that their continued desire to hold on to power, while providing no solutions to many of our national problems, is killing us all; it is destroying our soul as a nation and it is scuppering the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our future generations. As we move towards 2021 general election, let us be under no illusion, let us not be fooled anymore.”

He stated that MEE was the only one political party with the look, the feel, the sense and the composition to birth the fundamental national transformation that all desperately need.

“We are the party who have refused to join in with the mindless, pointless, meaningless squabbles, fights, gang turf wars and violence. We have no time for that, we refuse to accept that that must now become the new normal in our beautiful Zambia. Our proposition is simple – the power to shape the future of the nation lies in the hands of you the reader of this message, in the hands of your friends, in the hands of your relatives and work or business colleagues. Collectively, let us talk and let us decide to do what is right by our country. Don’t get involved in violence, don’t run out to go and dance for any politician, don’t risk your life for anyone.
Look after yourself, work hard and look after your family,” stated Chansa.

“While they have created a highly intimidating and hostile political environment in our country and are all too ready to use all state powers at their disposal to curtail our freedoms to freely engage and participate in the politics of our nation, they cannot stop us from talking to each other. All we need to do is talk to each other and ensure we are all aligned as we go through the 2021 general elections. Together, let us grab the broom and join the MEE sweep, together let us begin the process of healing our nation.”


  1. Basu


  2. Climate change

    No president has spoken these words before,we need people like you Dr chansa, has a real Zambian citizens we must follow and join you MEE, it seems you have a good vision for mother Zambia, lungu na hh you are too angry against each other, no wonder you don’t have good words in your mouth, you don’t listen for what we ask, you are just going fighting, us we are complaining then tomorrow you ask for our votes am not going to for you

  3. Ba Five kwacha

    Very good Mr chansa continue don’t stop hummaling in that one ,come again, good move,you are two in our countries kambwili,and you, no filre





  6. Impyakusu ichinyo

    What is mee is it a political party

  7. Pocho

    It gladdens my heart to see a leader but with a version this time after a very long time (continue to rest in peace Dr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa).

    I cant lie, I like your vision Sir. Honestly this is my first time hearing of MEE and I would love to hear more. One thing I ask of you though, that you keep running with that vision. No matter what you lose or choose to throw away may it the exception that you keep.

    I love the fact that turf wars are a concern for you too. I mean who needs cadres in a democratic nation? Come on.
    These people need to know their worth as citizens, then they can value other people as well.

    My prayer is that you serve God the Almighty with fear and trembling. He will make you a great leader.

  8. Alick

    Well said Mr CHANSA keep it up we are behind you 2021 . Bambi bakaivotela abene….

  9. Albert

    This is good, we would like to hear more of you.


    Chansa. Hurry up for mobilize your party all around in. So that you can win 2021. We are tired old parties stealing and fighting each other same Zambian, we are suffering we need capebable leader who speak out to the people good ideas we behind you till 2021 go ahead Chansa. GOOD !!!

  11. Toplane

    2021 we will see

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