UPND’s Attempts at “De-Tribalisation” Are Failing

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema is set to appoint party chairperson Mutale Nalumango as his deputy.

The position of UPND vice-president has been vacant since the departure of Canisius Banda (administration) and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (politics) over three years and six months ago respectively.

Nalumango is being considered as a compromise choice for two main reasons – voter appeal beyond Southern Province so as to diffuse the tribalism tag and an attempt to buttress the women movement.

The UPND inner circle, however, considers Jack Mwimbu and Gary Nkombo – both Tongas – as the party’s close lieutenants to the throne and line of succession.

Like GBM and Dr. Banda, Nalumango will also be a filler in a position that aims at giving the opposition the cosmetic outlook in a bid to appeal to the voting block in the Northern Province and generally Bemba speaking regions.

The UPND consider that Nalumango’s appointment as Hichilema’s deputy will compliment the appointment of Patrick Mucheleka as deputy secretary general.

However, Nalumango – like other non-Tonga deputies that have served in the capacity – will serve as ceremonial.

The UPND inner circle comprising Mwimbu, Nkombo, Cornelius Mweetwa and Douglas Syakalima will remain intact and largely in charge of the opposition party.

Hichilema is aware that appointing any of the Southern Province stalwarts will create and confirm what the public consider the UPND – a tribal party driven by Tongas.

To quell this, Nalumango was the perfect choice so. There was attempts to consider Sylvia Masebo in that position but because she is of Soli heritage it means that the Bantu Botatwe debate will still arise.

UPND has struggled to fill the position of vice-president, with the likes of Sakwiba Sikota and Bob Sichinga also falling off the radar when they showed signs of interest in taking over as leader of the party.

UPND founding members such as Ackson Sejani have previously declared that only a Tonga can succeed a Tonga in the party’s leadership hierarchy.

Hichilema has reportedly refused to put the position of vice-president to a vote, fearing it will create confusion and throw the party leadership into chaos. To date, since Hichilema assumed the party leadership from its founder, Anderson Mazoka, UPND has not held any party convention and has not allowed its members to vote on its leadership.



  1. Leonard Siame

    This is why I have lost cofindence in politicians,I lost interest in patriotic front and upnd.any sane person can tell that this story is fake.both parties put their belly’s first than those of our country.zambia the real Africa zoona.Lord help us

    • GOAT

      Just bring back GMB.

      • Zindangwa

        Foolish article,it makes less than 0.1 percent of it to be consumed by upright person.(🦍🙉🐒)vs(🐂🐂🐂)

    • observer

      HH must just swallow his pride and give up the presidency of the party to Cornelius Mweetwa. Th you man is very sharp and articulates issues in a mature manner. He shows no tribal inclinations and gets along with every one. He is the chap you need to steer this party to victory. Garry and Jack are as bitter as their leader and are archtects of Tonga Tribalism. They must be flushed from the party.

    • pwetete

      Nalumanago for Veep of the party? kikikikikiki!!!!!Kuti waseka kwati nachiwama kikikikikiki!!!!

  2. kulibonesha

    there goes the rabid dog again, hiding behind journalism to discredit the strongest opponent to the PF. In the same vein, can one say PF picked on Inonge Wina to give the PF the cosmetic outlook in a bid to appeal to the voting block in the Western Province and generally Lozi speaking regions?

    • Ok

      # kulibonesha, yes you are right and it worked for PF.The question is, will it work for UPND? In bemba there is a saying that goes ” ishuko lya munobe ta bendelamo”. UPND should not ‘copy and paste’ PF, they should have their own strategies.

    • Kabimba-Mumembe

      Ba Kulibonesha, the answer to your question is YES.
      Inonge Wina was selected to give the party a national flavour.

      The difference is that she has real authority in the party versus the authority GBM, Canitias Banda had when VP in UPND

  3. Griffin kafula

    Anyway the story is ok but politicians let’s be logical and taking things responsibly it’s not every person who can rule but few a chosen…..

  4. Fumanchu

    Either Gary or Jack should be able to fill up the position, there’s no need to bury ourselves in the sand, this is the reality.

  5. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Okay, let us wait and see what HH is going to do over this Position of Vice-president in UPND!!!! Thanks

  6. Mpombo

    No matter what happens only a Tonga can succeed a Tonga Nalumango will just be wasting time let her seek counsel from Sakwiba The upnd has and will always ride on the tribal cow.This having failed they have been holding regional and tribal national day of prayers that the country should receive no rainfall,prices of commodities to increase. This in the hope that despondency can lead to riots and government instability. But you can’t have food riots without Bembas and Easterners and as long as these people are happy with the status quo forget 2021 unless in your dreams or social media.

  7. Juniour president 2055

    I suport the appointment of mr Mutale Nalumango us the upnd deputy chairperson for politics and addiminstration good move the position was so vacancy general election is near so we need to hear the voice the deputy for upnd.

  8. Kikiki

    Tribal balancing in Pf. Names like Ha tembo, Ha lungu, chi banda chi phiri, Ha nmvula, chi daka have dominated the offices.

  9. Fonko Fonko

    This party also , so many tags to remove; satanism, tribalism now yakumbuyism.Will they ever rule?

  10. puzzled

    #mpombo u are an idiot ur failed leader is blaming drought on climate change n u are blaming upnd do think God answers useles prayers? n i dont understand u who are saying upnd is full of tribalism anderson knew y he chose hh u think running a party its like runnin a kantember. ur hate for tongas wil kil u if u think tonga land is useles let us rule our selves. its just this year dat i hav seen maize comin 2 southern,electricity,animals are coming 4rom southen n u chris if 2021 is 4 hh ther z nothin u can do

    • Mpombo

      @puzzled get behind me thee Satan Ulabeja musa Anderson didn’t choose HH it was tribalism that did it. You always pray for calamities to befall the country this time it has boomeranged against you no water and food. Your immunity levels have dropped due to nutritional inadequate. If you rule yourselves you will die of hunger no pastures your cows will become carnivores and devour you. I don’t hate Tongas I hate Tonga tribalism,my aim is to slaughter the Tonga tribal cow galloping in the political arena.

  11. Sir Joe

    let us go to convention and vote the president and vice president

    • HH

      Who and whose party to go go for convention. What you are saying is rubbish . i inherited UPND from my father. This is a Tonga party other ethical tribes can just stand as MP or councillors. Presidency and vice president only Tonga’s may be alozi or lenje we can but not Bemba’s or Tumbukas

  12. ty

    Another foolish journalist posting nonsense news.

  13. brics

    Do people really understand ‘tribalism’? or they just open their mouths without the consciousness required to justify their utterances? Come on, can we stop all this rubbish and refocus on what really can get us out of this s***t that we are into. This tribal talk doesn’t even kill a fly after all. Wake up Zambia!!!!


    is it upnd vice president or section vice president coz there is two section politics and administration

  15. OLD MZEE

    This is a good attempt by UPND.However a convention would help UPND.How are they going to run government are we herding for a dictatorship.HH is scared of being challenged.
    Nalumango will leave UPND just like the others. Ask Sakwiba Sikota,Patrick Chisanga,Bob Sichinga,CB,GBM .Try your luck madam.
    I see no problem with garry Nkombo taking over as VP for UPND.He is educated and has wide appeal.

    • Killian

      Nothing wrong with Nalumango considering the big voice in support of H H I see my brothers on the war front for HH Inonge Wins was from UPND but now is she favouring UPND ? Big NO.

  16. Dude

    Wait a minute, have these people given the reason why they are members to the yakumbuyo group? They should not pretend to be busy with the vp appointment.

    We need answers.

  17. Paul


  18. Joe London

    Another ceremonial vice president to hh,does she think she will ever act in absence of hh?Let her ask Canisius Banda or GBM.Examples are there for her to see,Bemba’s say ICIKWANKA bacimwena Ku mampalanya,bamoyo BANA Lumango .There was this declaration that was made a very long time about this party Upnd,and remember what de English pipo say.The FIRST CUT is the deepest.

  19. vince

    Kulibonesha u fright this cadre is up to no good, We as upnd want Nalumango, Moneni Fat Albert alileka nokumfwika He must be regreting,Chris yo reporting is biased join znbc

  20. Roberto Carlos

    Today, issue of running mate brings to fore the angry face of tribalism. Tribal balancing takes center stage. The best place to handle such is a convention. Constitutionary all political parties must hold one as per their mandate. For those not doing so, their followers stand to lose. Take stock!


    why are you worried ,let the PF also give the presidency to a westerner not someone from muchinga.

  22. dance

    It seems like the one who wrote this article is a real pf cadre!! The tone of this article figures out the great hatred towards upnd. Zambia report please this shows that u have indirectly began to campaign for the pf. Anyway you can not sugarcoat us in this way!!!!

  23. Maano

    Yes, there is nothing wrong with Bembas running a political party – it is their right in Zambia! no wonder Lozis, Luvales, Lundas and Ondes have almost given up, to accept Bemba hegemony and dominance!

  24. Agent choonga

    The writer of this article is a stupid pf cadre.Have you seen,that’s why we say zambian reports is a snake eaters’ media?

  25. OLD MZEE

    UPND guys and ladies let us learn to appreciate free advice.Many of us are on the fence because UPND is not coming out clean.Can they provide answers to the following:
    1.Why has UPND not held any Convention since 2006 after the death of Mazoka.UPND is behaving like UNIP which also has clang to Kaunda since the old man lost in 1996.Where is UNIP today?
    2.Why the high turnover of VPS in UPND?
    3.Is HH president for life? The MAN HAS RUN OUT OF IDEAS.
    4.UPND has not retracted the statement by Ackson Sejani a founding member of the party who declaired that only a tonga should head UPND.
    As for the Lozi,Nkoya,Luvale,kaonde,Lundas they will be a time when they will have to come up with their own parties and leaders which will severely restrict the tongas.Even the Ilas are likely to break away from the UPND.

  26. Madiba

    Sad that we spend time, energy and emotions going round in cycles. Belonging to a particular party is more than differing ideologies in Zambia. It is differing in personalities which is extremely unfortunate.

  27. Joe London

    TRIBALISM,this is what ba Jackson Sejani has caused this political party Upnd,the party that was received by many Zambians so dearly under the leadership of Mr Mazoka,May His Soul Reasr in Eternal Peace.Those who have taken charge of this party have destroyed all what Mazoka stood for.From the pipo who started this party with Mazoka no one has remained in Upnd,they have all been chased and is the reason they are failing to convince pipo and form Government.

    • Rastafarian

      Politics is a dirty game, people are busy fighting and getting jailed while HH & Lungu are busy eating and enjoying. Nonsense

  28. kelly

    2021 is drawing near PF and UPND respectively will have a dual which means that the entire country will witness,my opinion on this will be that this election will prove just who is stronger between the two.in my terms the opposition party is showing signs of weakness but the current govt is as fresh as before the lungu adminstration was announced i urge the people of zambia to take all their property and hold on to whatever they have today.

  29. Joe London

    Ba UPND,can udo the right thing this time around.Do u want Harry Kalaba who has just started a political party this year to surpass u and form government? Maybe u do enjoy being in opposition. At least ba PF have done their part and what I want to see is another party to do it’s part and that’s what will develop Zambia. Do the right thing twapapata.

  30. Kicks

    All those who are not God fearing, are satan fearing people, meaning they are satan’s subjects, they give respect to satan by worshiping him, and they do his will. If you don’t worship God the creator of heaven and earth, you are a satanist, because you belong to satan. Now why do you say hh is a satanist as if you have heard of him eating carelessly or defending criminals? 18th october holiday can never be valued as long as we keep on speaking against our fellow humans.

  31. Active police

    Who is the next on try and error ideology for upnd presidency. If these changes are real then I will continue missing mazoka bcoz I have seen someone in upnd is chasing his shadow. Choose pipo who are energetic with a vision pliz.

  32. BLSimpamba

    Pf don’t be much worried and scared Of UPND, for the appointment of Mutale Nalumango as VP.Don’t talk much about this issue talking too much means that tribalism is being promoted.Any person of any trible have rights to join any party of his/her choice.MUTALE is a bemba her tribal ‘s people’ ve not appreciated this which is real tribalism.

  33. Bwalya mwaume

    Can nalumango be the vice to hh sure? Let you guys goes for convention then choose the president and his vice

  34. jullus

    Don’t worry my President you choose another man only forward until 2021

  35. Mampi


  36. Chiko

    Foward plus awkward is equal 2 backwards or ya kumbuyo!


    H.H/Cornelius Mweetwa re gud 4 UPND. Nw these others. Hw can a party be minus vice prsdnts 4 so long? Something is wrong


    HH if you want to win 2021 please delete tribelism. Vice president must come from bemba or ngoni tribes ( my i eyes go pick mr Nkandu copperbelt upnd chairman) his capebable their seat. This my opinion. Follow me>>>> HH 2021FORWAD ONLY.

  39. The seeker

    When Michael Sata’s PF was in opposition for 10 years. Many of his members who occupied positions in his party left. So much was spoken about him being a dictator and not wanting to hold a convention. 49 MPs rebeled and joined hands with the Rupiah Banda MMD. The late president Sata was accused of many things including that, he would have brought homosexuality when voted to power, that,he would bring war among many vicious rumors. We saw nothing of the sort when we voted for him in 2011. When politicians want to hold on to power,they tell lies,a great deal of lies. They also count on riding on people’s Christian faith,fears and beliefs. But go into the streets, markets,bus stations and talk to workers. It’s from those you will find out whether the wind of change is blowing.

  40. OLD MZEE

    UPND should go for a convention to have credible leaders like the irreplaceable Mazoka who was loved by most Zambians and had the right appeal.Who could imagine that Mazoka could win in Kasama against Mwanawasa.
    If our electroral process was like the way it is now, Mazoka would have ruled Zambia

  41. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle masters

    Wonderful only foolish haters will criticise.

  42. BLSimpamba

    Going to the convention is of no use if the members are still appreciating his leadership.A Leader in the opposition can be a Leader for along time,unless members wishing to do that not you from the other party simply because of jealous.PF is the third party to rule Zambia but Sata( mhsrip)was in opposition for 10 years never held a convention, and this was the wish of the members to let him be in leadership for such a long period.

  43. Monk

    What has Sata done to Hh? Looks like everything Hh I’d doing is coming from Sata.
    Stop likening Sata to Hh . These two are of different calibre.
    Sata did this and this. Just concentrate on your failed leader and let Sata rest in peace!!!!!!!!!

  44. Monk

    By the way Hh missed his chance by refusing to be the vice to Sata. By now he could have been in the one in power.

  45. White

    Dumb dumb
    Black people you’re
    Your own enemies
    Remain in the
    Stone lolst 21th
    Century politics are
    To unfathomable for
    You .

  46. bm

    My piece of advice to upnd do not sideline Bembas because they are the majority in this country.politics in a democratic country is about majority not tribalism.if give high positions to Tongas only who is going to campain for you in bemba land where majority is?you are just showing off that you are true tribalists even when you still in opposition what more when you rule.can you win presidential elections without Bembas?


    UPND under HH kuwayawaya fye. Whatever they do, the tribal tag will follow them.

  48. Yakumbuyo Banda

    I think upnd should just appointment anyone on merit not on tribal lines. If the appointment is based on tribe regardless of tribe, it will still be tribalism. For instance it will still be tribalism and unfair if a bemba is appointed just bcoz they Bembas leaving out Tonga’s who may deserve the position.

    The right thing is to appoint people on merit not on tribe regardless.

  49. Mr.truth

    Zambians finds it difficult to standing for the truth

  50. Flowers

    Such articles just promote tribalism, HH is supported by southern and western provinces and b3cause of that his a tribalist.When lungu is supported by Nothern and Eastern the narrative changes to “PF strong holds” .Even if HH won in 2021, I don’t know why Zambian think Tongas and lozis will benefit ???! It’s not like bembas are benefiting now because of lungu or easterners, the whole article is ignorant and dog shit .We expect better journalism.

  51. Pharaoh

    Indeed I respect the all the submissions on this platform .I feel there’s something to harverst from the author of this article. Everything interns of appointment is OK. We are all Zambians and not considering on trble lines.What itches me most of the time is that ,why there has never been a UPND conversion so that HH followers and other political parties may feel that its a party for all unlike things are now.(One man to holder party) If anything,HH would have won along time to plot one.I presume he has wrong advisers just like in the last of KK’s term.Its just my presumption any way.

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