HH’s America Trip Changes Focus

United Party For National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema on Thursday posted on this Facebook page, announcing his trip to the United States of America supposedly at the invitation of the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC to address the “State of Play in Zambia”.

Mr. Hichilema posted: “Fellow Zambians, please be informed that the Woodrow Wilson Center located in Washington DC, USA has invited us to address the “State of Play in Zambia.” We will share our views on how Zambia can attain meaningful economic development that will create jobs for our people, the state of human rights and the rule of law in Zambia, as well as our vision and mission as UPND in our presentation on Thursday 17th October 2019. Woodrow Wilson was the 38th President of the United States of America. The Woodrow Wilson Center was chartered by Congress in 1968 as the official memorial to late President Wilson. It is the nation’s key non-partisan policy forum for tackling global issues through independent research and open dialogue to inform actionable ideas for the policy community. We will also use this opportunity of being in the USA to meet other stakeholders who have an interest in Zambia. Stay blessed and see you back home soon.”

Whether or not this invitation and the topic to be addressed by the opposition leader was genuinely a motivation of the Woodrow Wilson Center is under question.

The opposition leader has in recent times made questionable movements and held clandestine meetings, some of which discussed illegal acts of homosexuality which the Zambian laws forbid.

Quick calls to the Woodrow Wilson Center regarding Mr Hichilema’s purported event revealed in fact, the opposition leader was misleading the public.

“No, there is nothing on the public events schedule for Thursday. The only Zambia event this week, which was focused on relations with China, took place yesterday,” the Wilson Center representative said when called.

Realising that his trip was under watch, Mr Hichilema, later this afternoon, changed the focus and posted “The US is at the centre of global finance and we have been honoured with the opportunity to engage with a number of investors and fund managers, looking into sub-Saharan Africa. We must promote Zambia’s investment potential!”

What exactly is the intention of this trip? Will Mr Hichilema hide under the banner of an invitation by the Woodrow Wilson Centre to carry out clandestine activities in the hope of getting funding for his party?
What value does Mr Hichilema place on telling the truth?

These are important questions that every leader that has intentions of leading this country must address before they can mislead the masses.


  1. Frank Chombela

    But your own site is carrying pictures of HH @ the Woodraw Wilson Centre. So wht do readers make of this? Interesting times we live in.

    • James

      HH and move we don’t want confusion in our country . we are not interested to here why you have been invited for .maybe you a removing to USA to organise in necessary weapons so that we have confusion in Zambia . Zambia is a peaceful country .that move you have taken is to run away from national prayers . we having dangerous prayers to those who don’t seek the face of God don’t head the the loving country Zambia

      • Bob

        So its fine pf to kill some?? Grow up mab

        • Concerned Zambian

          HH is going to sell Zambia on what capacity is he getting $25 billion money for investment. Investing on what. The Mazoka caused the pulling out of Agro after he lost election to MMD. This is exactly what is going to happen. Where he has gone to source fund pls don’t bring tension in Zambia. Ba HH is careless in talking where he has gone only lies as though there is fire in Zambia.

          • Frank Chombela

            So this is wht passes for intelligence gathering in Zambia! Hw can a citizen be the enemy? Intelligence is information gathered secretly on an enemy which you can then use to your advantage in any engagement with them. Does Zambia plan any engagement against HH?

      • simple man

        Comment fake prayers you criminals.

      • Young Christian,,,,(YC)

        Zip ur fucking mouth,,,

    • Zulu1

      The writer is not sincere the guy is buyerst people you are all jealous of him leave him alone you are not god

      • BabyJabe

        Leave him alone, every time hh this hh that, you and Esther lungu went to same america only to come back those red scrap ambulances as though Zambia is a dumping place

    • Lipkwa

      This person, who thinks that is a journalist, lacks critical thinking. He uses very hateful and incendiary language. Why does he mislead people with his own opinions? Let him go back to school to learn critical thinking so it can help him change his perception and look at issues critically.

  2. dance

    Pf reporters woooooo!!!!you are always trying to decampaign hh by your lies, you are busy accusing him of things he does not even do in the quest of tarnishing his name. At first you accused him of supporting gaysm now it is homosexual. Just say the truth

  3. puzzled

    yaba chris not again! what the hell ar u tryn 2 push upnd 2, our votes wil speak ur useles articles wil b shut

    • Mpombo

      Probably trying to sale the country and bring homosexuality. Hope these Americans know how much tribalism this man has unleashed in Zambia. Forming and arming militias to attack other ethnic groups in Maala Namwala southern province after the 2011 general elections. Dodging prayers to go and meet satanists dressed as Masons. Sending unarmed cadres to kaoma to go and confront peaceful armed state police with bare hands and rocks. All these issues qualify to be declared as treasonable acts boma iyanga nepo before lives are lost

  4. Kiki

    U ‘r just Jealous! Viva HH, visionary leader u are, with a lot of support of many Zambians. Pf has messed up the economy and doesn’t deserve support.

  5. Ellison

    Fuck this reporter,So you been paid over propaganda? You must be ashamed of your self m#*Fucker

  6. big4

    its sad to Zambian pipo let’s not condemn anything we hear after u will nt be there let’s talk after their meeting is over that’s y we Zambian we a biz gossiping wen its time to find ways hw we will survive politicians love their opponent BT we its to fight

  7. bb

    fi of reporter.. JEALOUS U FOOLS

  8. CLINT


  9. phiri

    support this pf thing then you remain alone why hate HH what has he done?

    • Kawasaki

      How can you be jealousy of someone who has failed five times?

      • No size

        Some of Zambians muli bamuselela kwakaba , this time kuli imwe things are okay just because mulekula nempiya shakwiba your friends are starving , don’t think that you are the only citizens may be the majority are foreigners, come 2021 we want change not ba pf !!

      • Big

        Oh yes if HH is or was popular how many elections has ever won nil zero .what has he done for Zambia to admire. Only to enrich himself from the sale of mines. to fake investors and today talking rubbish about the economy of Zambia. Of which he contributed to the collapse of the economy some how.There is no jealous here .jealous of what let us see the fruit of his work first . by being an Mp Or or civil servant

  10. Jahman

    Go join fellow sinners fo prayers you hypochrite

    • Mwenya

      HH come and lead Zambia 🇿🇲 please.
      We are becoming diminishing resources.
      By the time Jesus will come, by then we shall face extinction by poverty.

  11. l love hh

    Go go go forward for better Zambia

  12. Will Muwowo

    Whoops! Busted!

  13. chix

    shut up ma guy…..

  14. awan

    who ever wrote the article is silly and sick in the head. instead of ichimuntu working and reporting sensible things but easy following HH even making calls. weshiluwe. just starve with your fellow sinners and let HH do what he does best. talking to investors

  15. comment

    iwe ka reporter musula yobe. being a reporter is not to report lies. how much are you paid for just for a lie……dont forget lesa wabonse boi….

  16. Supporters

    HH has a clear loss in 2021!

  17. chips

    God Will bles hh soon

    • Ck

      Mr chips you are really a fool ,foolish man . this man is not blessed at all . he is cursed because he doest know God his friends have the heart of God .No gay in Zambia. Better detain him soon he arrives st the airport .

  18. Mankangala

    “Quick calls to the Woodrow Wilson “Center regarding Mr Hichilema’s purported event revealed in fact, the opposition leader was misleading the public.”

  19. Kubeja badala

    This ZR is an extension of So called PF interaction forum, this alias Chris phiri is non other than Sunday Chanda. He says he made a quick call to Woodrow Wilson centre but does not mention who he spoke to. What a jealous and bitter “reporter”

  20. Leonard Siame

    Zambia reports, be serious with your journalism.the post used to be pf support but when grz did something good they acknowledged.are you a pf branch? I don’t support hakainde but your writing leaves much to be desired

  21. sO sO

    HH and homosexuality are inseparable. The West are ;ooking for a person who is going to allow homos in Zambia as soon as possible. HH has offered himself to do that and as long as the West funds his 2021 campaign.
    You all know that HH promised Armageddon in 2016. He is now promising Sodom and Gomorrah before Armageddon. That is HH for you.

  22. Sosa

    chris Pig ur truly a pf kandile.Anyway! wako ni wako.

  23. Sosa

    When chiluba a big lazo declared Zambia a Christian nation,he even offered the Zambians to buy houses.What about chang Lu…..What else is he offering?is it the prolonged loadsheding periods or high mealie meal prices or the killings that seeing just to mention a few.

  24. Nonsense

    All this I read is just bunches of nonsensical views and reporting. I don’t support any politician myself, because I see it to be a mere waste of time. I just live life.

  25. Clergyman

    There is time for everything under the sun. When God says yes, non can say no and when it’s your time to go to church, wake up and go because once it’s your time, non can stop you enter the church. We shall worship together not so, it appears this is time my fellow Christians.

  26. Jj

    After prayers, nika beer wth a nicely roasted serpent. All invited.

  27. Chiny West

    These reporters awe sure

  28. Troy

    Zambia reports are u against hh
    in line with your reports

  29. Obed Chikonge

    Your reporting is questionable,If HH had a hidden agenda,he would not notified the public on his trip USA The meeting was Televised on International News Medias ,his trip is genuine. Why reporting ill against the opposition leader???

  30. Samuel

    your comments are useless 2021 will tell who will be the Republican President of Zambia votes will you bafipuba he kiss we shall see

  31. Agent choonga

    It’s this fucking reporter again! Stanyoko.

  32. Iwe mwebantu

    Whiteman wil rebuild our economic but we can do it. China is a true helper not usa.

  33. vince

    This propaganda thing won’t work ,Its HH all the way!!!

  34. KB

    It will pass as it always does.

  35. Kasuli

    Ni HH chambe

  36. Niso kodibba

    Some of us who follow political history we can’t get moved by that cheap useless propaganda, MMD tried to use it against SATA-he ill bring gaysm,homosexual but they lost,now its HH, you will also lose 2021 its HH in plot 1. Go HH go organise good, reasonable, big investors to come and develop our economy 2021 going forward… Merci buku ,asante sana.

  37. Niso kodibba

    Some of us who follow political history we can’t get moved by that cheap useless propaganda, MMD tried to use it against SATA-he ill bring gaysm,homosexual but they lost,now its HH, PF will also lose 2021 its HH in plot 1. Go HH go organise good, reasonable, big investors to come and develop our economy 2021 going forward… Merci buku ,asante sana.

  38. One masense

    Let’s support HH 2021 is near.pf is dosing we can die with hungry!!!

  39. Niso kodibbla

    Some of us who follow political history we can’t get moved by that cheap useless propaganda, MMD tried to use it against SATA-he ill bring gaysm,homosexual but they lost,now its HH, PF will also lose 2021 its HH in plot 1. Go HH go organise good, reasonable, big investors to come and develop our economy 2021 going forward… Merci buku ,asante sana.biase media

  40. Pa Zed

    @Zambia Reports ..satanyoko bukala bwa wiso ,pamuni pobe mr Editor

  41. DHM

    Nomatter what people say against President HH, we are not going to be cheated by anyone.He is our only hope to fix the economy

    • heck

      He is your only hope..not mine..dont speak on our behalf…i dont support satanists

  42. Kicks

    If you want zambia to survive and re enstate its messed up economic stance, HH is the only man, otherwise, mukanyapo amenshi mu calo cenu, as if you don’t think. Because of the hatred which you have against him that why you have even made the economy to slide, instead of working hard to unite and build the nation, you are busy discussing HH because he is a threat to the pf leadership. chris phiri is a pf hopeless cooking stick. HH IS THE ONLY MAN TO BOOST ZAMBIA ECONOMICALLY, YOU HATE HIM OR NOT, IN LOVE WE SHOULD ALL SUPPORT HIM, not accusing him foolishly. I hope prayer, fasting and reconciliation has helped you so much, God be with us all.

  43. Emmanuel concord

    Going forward….My President my Heroes.!!

  44. Mukanwa mukikopo

    I shudder to think of what some of you will do when HH wins or if PF wins again. So mind what you write.

  45. B3

    HH apona again 2021 ba upnd cijeni candidate

  46. Mukanwa mukikopo

    I shudder to think of what some of you will do when HH wins or if PF wins again. So mind what you write. Don’t use insults.

    • Fonko Fonko

      So far recent results are showing that upnd is loosing come 2021. PF has gained in the opponents stronghold which is vice versa with upnd.

  47. Viva Hakainde Hichilema(HH)

    Mwana yebafinga yeukoma, No matter what ? HH is the new president for 2021. Shame to you who are against him

    • Mule

      Sosa you are at liberty to say anything but you must for think before you open you dirty mouth. Lungu has done to tell you has done a lot for this nation Zambia that was not done in UNIP and in MMD government . give credit where it is due. When you are talking about prolonged load shedding and hunger as you call it. You have the answer why we are through all this.Because of all we can not blamed the president because it is beyond human . God is the provider of rains. We don’t have enough water in our rivers for generators to run on full load hence shedding some areas. 2 About the so called hunger in Zambia there is no hunger there is only escalating price of meal meal. Where the is hunger you can’t find meal meal at all .but you are able to find it and buy it when you have money. Unless you talk of southern province yes there the is hunger because it never received enough rains. Then why should you blame the president because it didn’t rain well. Please don’t invite a curse upon your self. You same people when the president say let’s talk God you start mocking the president and refuse to pray to the provider. God only is the supreme provider. I you don’t ask you can not be given.. So you UPND you don’t know the power which is in prayer. You Will be surprised during voting though you vote for HH miraculously your vote will go to ECL because God is able to give to those who praise him. I liked HH but because he does not know God, he advocates gay, he has never offered any tangible solution but claiming he is an economist . economist for who .we can’t be all economists . Now he is cheating that he has sourced $25.8 for envestiment in which field .what a lie. Instead that he is looking for financies for his campaigns in 2021. Those are money meant for. But he should not for get what Mazoka did and how he died .he died soon after elections because it was difficult to pay back the money he used for elections. He will sell this county with his Small knowledge of economics . He thinks his career can make Zambia provide enough rains to stop what we are going through .He should not go out preaching lies about Zambia. Let’s behard working patriotic Zambians not going out begging .One day you will find Zambia sold because of money. I have money I have money .HH you were born naked and you die poor taking nothing on this earth just humble your self . i f God said you Will be president you will. Look at ECL who know that he can be a president just from nowhere there he is president. He never fought anyone neither insult anyone this is the works God. You can go anywhere whether America ,Britain and what of you and talk all sorts about Zambia and its leader ship any meaningful Zambian can’t accept that nonsense. It is like exposing what happens in you bed room in public please twapapata . this is not a good style of winning presidency. If it was in one party state I don’t know if you can find peace in you mother country thanks to the fighters of democracy. Lekeni balechita ifi fine .

  48. BBC

    Iwe KA reporter are you a cadre or what, why are you always one sided ai, if you’re benefiting from pf not all of us are Ok …..
    So mind the way you report otherwise we will stop following your stories….
    Foolish reporter

  49. BBC

    Iwe KA reporter are you a cadre or what, why are you always one sided ai, if you’re benefiting from pf not all of us are Ok …..
    So mind the way you report your stories, otherwise we will stop following your stories….
    Foolish reporter

  50. mudenda

    James, cikalo shawiso

  51. Yakumbuyo Banda

    Ba Under Pants and National Dipers, isoni ebuntu. It is no longer a rumor that you are member to a group that supports homosexual but a fact. Can you tell us if your leader became the president of this nation( God forbid) will distance itself from such grouping?

  52. Real Zambian

    Tu Pf You are in trouble uno muku. No Vote Mu 2021.

  53. Ok

    For Sata it was rumored but for Hh it is a known fact that he is a member of a group that supports homosexual.
    So please don’t compare hh to Sata.

    As Zambians we will be compromising our Christian values to have such a president. So we say NO to Hh.

  54. Mutenguleni

    Chris Phiri is just a Dog, forgive and forget him

  55. Chabala Chichi Richard

    if he wants to bring homosexuality here in Zambia let him bring it as long as i will be his first husband to do him yakumbuyo

  56. Richard

    its HH all the way

  57. Mind your business

    HH didn’t post anything on his Facebook page,,Zambian reports be sincere coz you are the ones misleading the people of Zambia…pf cadres useless…soon your lies will catch up with you…

  58. muntu wandi

    HH have failed to take care of his workers and his moooooooooos how can he care the nation?

  59. Ba Five kwacha

    Fasting day!!!! Less akamikanda chimbuya Na less,,,OK, mutwalilile, akale umushili walelepuka ngawabembuka,kumulu takwaba Ba canders ,Ba of eyoo,,,,,

  60. Ask

    Satanism it already in Zambia, homesextuality it’s happening in Zambia, we head those found at kapiri, was hh in government? Stop telling pipo Lie’s.the Truth is pipo they are suffering Zambia due of ubomba mwibala alya mwibila.

  61. kaya uko

    I’ve come to realise that you the reporters of Zambia report are always against the opposition.its like u are owned by the ruling party.you always try to find fault with the opposition especially upnd.

  62. Sibweni

    Sources investment committmt worth whatever usa dollars and that wil come if HH Wins election 2021 but if not then this tactical campaign has failed. If it is chinese i would hav blieved but not America unless u except gay rights u receiver more aids and yo kwacha rate wil go down k2 against a dollar. Africa is more poor than b4 after president trump creat fake war with china 2 slow it investment in african countries include zambia. Normal man can not support gay laws bcoz u can’t a child if u are in same marriage but even right now are doing it secretly in zambia who are lovers of simple wealth without sweating 4 it. No direct benefit frm pf and same upnd support but this is a platform 4 opinion not insults. Social media is 4 all not social result is low thinkers but highly educated and lack wisdom

    • moses Mpata

      you people why insulting.there is no need of insulting each other.

      • Mapeso

        People insult when they have no ideas to back their ideas. Insults = redundant of the brain.

        This applies to violence as well.

  63. man

    Mr president HH cotrol situa sir.

  64. Alexander

    Imwe tu pf cadres na lungu, , amafi yenu mwaufwa imwe. you killed pipo every single elections, and you think its normal. HH his a man of moment, he has given you a sleepness.

  65. Yamix

    Zambians lets stop fighting with HH the people to blame are the one in power for causing high cost of living. Instead of us Zambians talk about mealie meal price, high lever of poverty, load shading, joblessly people etc, but we are busy talking about hh who is not even in power. Lets reserve our talk until he become president if God allows him. But today ba pf nabonaola ichalo and not HH.

  66. Insulter

    Let’s go HH. You are the bright future of Zambia.

  67. Nawa

    Tu pf you lose 2021

  68. Chakalifya koswe

    Hakainde is talking a bout rule of law human rights. His aim is to change the constitution remove the close of zambia being a christian introduce gay in the country. Once elected as president which will not happen he will never step down. His financiancials will arm him to the teeth there will be suffering which the world had never seen 25billion dollars is not a small money zambia will be recolonized for ever hakainde will be for life

  69. Jackson

    Àmafi yenu Ba pf mwasunga ichalo nga matako ayashakatangilepo kuntanshi

  70. Given Twin Mwanza Hamabuyu

    I can’t not see any profit of insulting one another…. HH is a person like u are. Mind u leadership comes from God, lets not insult one another.


    • sumy

      You are right! Mr.Hamabuyu.
      And don’t you mind to vote for HH in 2021.

  71. Yakumbuyo Banda

    Hh shall never enter plot 1. Mark my word. All those who think otherwise should wait and face me in 2021.

    • Filungula Namenshi

      Kikikiki if HH wins i go chop my manhood aswell


    Not intrested of HH’s journey who dont hav patriotism of his country zambia. Never win hh

  73. Simon

    Go on, Mr.HH may you can change our to became rich like other countries in Africa like South Africa, and Nigeria,
    I see that you are trying you best to change Zambia for the better.
    2021 is yours , is in your arms
    and you will going to be proud of you.
    Not someone only know how to get loans and sell country belongs.
    In 2021 we are going to make sure that we choose a right person for our nation.
    And we don’t want to get our country poorer in 2021 just like we did in 2016.

  74. sumy

    you people how long will you blame and hurt HH for no reason?


    please you people let HH live in peace.
    if it was Edgar invited you could not do that, hurting him by insulting.
    The person you are insulting now is the person whom will going to change our country.

  76. Julius

    Anything is wrong to the genuine things God knows

  77. brics

    Instead of tarnishing another’s reputation, the more wise thing would be reporting on the good things that your lungu has done so that you can convince your fellow fools to vote him for another term of gnashing teeth. I thot your guys were supposed to be non partisan…. anyhow you’re doing that for your family.

  78. BW

    Hh foward

  79. Mulenga

    Venezuela is coming to Zambia in 2021. I see HH declared him self as a president in 2021.


    weather homo or not its HH hunger kapondo pf no matter how much u decapaign HH our minds are already locked on him period!!!

  81. Sosa

    I have come to know chris phiri and trust me,coz without him siding with the ruling government or neutral as expected by many,there wouldn’t be any discussion like the one you have just had.The only thing that we should not be doing is insulting one another…….why?coz apa! nipansaka where we discuss real important issues.Insulting shall NEVER solve current and future generations problems nor Insala,amalaiti, inchito Naomi,nafimbi.This forum intelligent people,can also use it to know which person has a big following…….keep up ba chris.

  82. Kapitanga laston

    Good move our president HH

  83. Fisunge

    We Zambians sometimes look we where told clearly that pamaka more money in our pockets this goes with the Bible verse which says lazy hands shall not eat so if you don’t work hard Zambians hunger will follow you like flies on feaces so please don’t complain no one will make you feed from there pockets if state House was not sweet hh could have stopped fighting because he’s reach ored for me a poor man Shud become president not hh and I will campaign to the fullest until a poor man enters state House not that Satanist watch my space 2021i will and make others to support the humble and poor person without shading blood

  84. love for Zambians

    Yha what ever they say it is just a joke course we do have a lot of problems going on so just don’t mind there Lie’s that’s how they are so get used to it and find food for your self and the family

  85. Baxter Mule

    Is this Reporter related to Chanda Chimba lll or not? Voted for Sata becoz he had vision now it’s time to give my vote to HH ,So even if u talk about bad things or blame HH now it will not work out, u did it to Sata but he won the elections ,ECL without vision better forward now & 2021 many will join HH there are still chewing will PF,even the late Gandafi was PF ,remember no one knew Sata will rule this country it’s forwardoor.

  86. Ask your self

    Its not different at all things are happening like animal farm were the rules changed same in zambia

  87. Baxter Mule

    U pipo late Sata failed to win elections how many times?

    • Filungula Namenshi

      PF found UPND already in the race to plot one.

  88. Gibson Chisenga

    Tiyeni nayo

  89. Filungula Namenshi

    The day he will become President, and that is if , we will have a problem and a big one for that matter. I end here.

  90. Mr.truth

    HH z a man of order ad vision,wen he speak the truth let us follow.The problem z that we like pleasing wrng pipo

  91. Jambo mwana kay

    You people no one, created himself/herself please stop insulting anybody ka…

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