Aggravated Robbery Accused Kitwe Businessman Survives Accident

Kitwe Businessman and politician Daniel Makina, who was involved in road traffic accident despite being at Kamfinsa Correctional Facility for an aggravated robbery case, is currently admitted at Kitwe Teaching Hospital nursing injuries.
Makina, who is understood to have suffered a broken leg, was involved in a road traffic accident in the night.

The Kitwe businessman is being kept under tight security after word started going round that the person expected to be at the Correctional Facility had been moving around before being involved in a Road Traffic Accident.

“Some people I believe from ZNBC…came with Cameras here to interview him. It was bad, police and prison authorities came in and those guys had to run. I heard they wanted to arrest them for reasons not known, it’s like they are hiding. I have a patient in here so I was shocked to find him. But one wonders how he was in an accident when he is supposed to be at Kamfinsa,” George Muleka said in an interview.

It is however not clear how the matter will be handled as Makina is scheduled to appear in the Kitwe High Court next week.


  1. Umwaume

    It means he is not prison, he has been hiding in his house all along after conniving with the authorities that were expected to keep him in custody. Too much corruption pa zed

    • JB

      What did he steal, I hope is not a Jarebo?

    • Leonard

      Vikawalala vaku nigeria nivikali chinangu chinzekuba paa ATM……wer are police guards👮👮👮👮👮👮

  2. Buchi kings

    Mupondo,he probably payd off those hungry officers

  3. Leonard

    Animal farm.very useless and foolish.wer on Earth

  4. kafinsa watch dog

    All Rich prisoner does not live here.

  5. chichi

    from my own understanding, correctional facilities are for poors

  6. jay

    Comment corruption in Zambia, will never end

  7. Enelesy Siamatondo


  8. Gertrude Shamute

    Hmmmmm corruption will never end in Zambia nensala one mwe

  9. k one

    Commentzambia our country

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