Auditor General Reveals K418 Million Uncollected Revenue Irregularity

The Auditor General’s report for the financial year ending December 31, 2018 has highlighted failure to collect K418 million in revenue as the highest irregularity for the period under review.
Head of Public Relations in the Office of the Auditor General Ellen Chikale says the implication of the irregularities will affect the much needed development and service delivery.
She said the report has also highlighted unaccounted for stores items worth K134 million.Ms. Chikale said there is no evidence of how the missing stores items were received, utilized or disposed off which may indicate a way of siphoning public resources.
She noted that the figure for unaccounted for stores has recorded a huge jump from K6million in 2017 to K134 million Kwacha in 2018.
Chikale disclosed that other irregularities that have increased in the report are overpayments from K7million in 2017 to K16 million in 2018.
She also disclosed that undelivered materials increased from K1million in 2017 to K9 million Kwacha in 2018.
Misapplication of funds rose from K61 million in 2017 to K62 million in 2018.
Chikale has also noted that the report highlights unacquitted inputs worth K24 million.



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