East Has Second Highest Rate Of Child Marriages – Minister

Chiefs and Traditional Affairs minister Lawrence Sichalwe says Eastern
Province has the second highest prevalence rate of child marriage at
45 percent.

Mr Sichalwe said Eastern Province was second to Northern Province
which has a 49 per cent prevalence rate.

He was speaking at the start of a three-day Eastern Province
traditional leaders’ workshop on better health outcomes for
adolescents and young people at Protea Hotel in Chipata.

Mr Sichalwe said the training will provide a platform for sharing of
best practices in addressing challenges in relation to adolescent

Mr Sichalwe said the workshop will enhance the traditional leaders’
role as champions of ending child marriage.

Chief Madzimawe, who is the provincial chiefs’ council chairperson,
wondered why the people who were being discussed in the meeting were
not present.

He said young people needed to be represented at the meeting.

Chief Madzimawe said it was his hope that the province would be free
from early marriages.



    minister preach first to the chiefs, coz are the first offenders

    • Frank Chombela

      My Eastern friends tell me “mwana niwako, wamzako ni mkazi”.

  2. Habenzu

    Ban traditional initiation activities of young ones,coz the moment they undergo that they feel ripe sexacades.

    • Mpombo

      This is the place that gave us wadya kake and katundu very nice can’t be surprised

  3. Fyantha

    Porn. Initiation ceremonies. Discoz. Freedom for a child to take parents to police for a simple beating. Sexual education and yaaaaaaaah . Nothing is hidden to them before their time is ripe. Poverty, fear to have children at 40. Please, there are a lot of factors. No stiff laws for those that marry b4 time.

  4. Masiye Daka

    Well done Bembas for leading the way!

  5. paul njobvu

    Comment THINGS ARE BAD

  6. Climate change

    You chiefs and ministers and not only you,let me say at this stage of the world you can’t avoid that, people they fuck each other especially young ones they do better than you elderly people, my advice to you is that remove the speck from eyes first,

  7. paul njobvu


  8. Mulumpalumpa

    It’s very sad that teenagers are now available to such acts, when it comes to national development, you see them hide and don’t want to be directed, it comes to sexual intercourse mmmmm they’ve become animals

  9. mumba kenneth

    If one get matured it doesn’t mean she is ready for marriage . pls wait for the light time. Don’t die pre matured .

  10. Adams Kopala

    Mmmm Lets Hope You The Leaders U Ar Doing The Right Things And U Shud Remove The Speck Frm Ur Eyes First.

  11. Dominic

    These two tribes must be brought to book

  12. Bwalya mwaume

    The problem is that even their chief mpezeni deals with girls.akana Ka ngwena kakulila kwitete.

  13. Paull njobvu

    Comment l don’t know we’re going

  14. Skb

    Charity begins at home. Let’s educate our children at home.Makamaka girl children. Grandmothers, mothers, aunties and sisters even close neighbors take your position. On the other hand, the law must be harder on the SUGAR DADDIES who are so fond the unfortunate sweet sixteens . These things are happening in the homes. So, massive work should be done in homes. It’s rare to hear of a small boy being forced into early marriage. Mostly it’s the girl child who is being sold out due to poverty. Chinamwali syllabus must be revisited to exclude “bedroom techniques” . Mwana ngati agwa chisungu you are busy teaching them ” everything” at 14 years. Shame. Malabishi !!!!!!!

  15. Gangsta grabs

    May i propose these ladies start catching snakes and sholve them up their vaginas before eating them.Thats a win win.

  16. Dr Fonicks

    This issue of early marriages usually happen in rural set ups. In order to tackle this vice, the following must be involved: chiefs, village Head men and women, schools, parents and the civil societies like the Women’s lobby. The women’s lobby should come up with sensitization projects with the girl child thereby involving traditional rulers and the parents. On the other hand, sensitization should be openly discussed in schools. Girls must be told the positivity of getting educated. The govt must amend the law concerning earlymarriages by venting stiff punishment on the parents who marry off the young girls. Equally, the man involved in such a marriage be punished because these people really know very well the age of their wife to be. The traditional leaders be empowered to apprehend the would be offenders. This is a backward vice denying future leaders their chances to excel in education. The law must be amended in such a way that even the boy who impregnated a girl be chased from school but if he is a non school going then he must not be allowed to marry.

  17. Zwangendaba Jere

    Leave the Paramount out of this discussion

  18. Dr Fonicks

    My cousin Zwangendaba Jere, this problem is rife in yours and my province, hence the need for us to find solutions.

  19. LN

    This morality must be crashed. It is ungodly and embarrassing

  20. LN

    This immorality must be crashed. It is ungodly and embarrassing

  21. Star boy

    People who act like that must be imprisoned

  22. Mathias

    Teach the chief then the chief teach the headman maybe can reduced early marriage in Our country

  23. Trust Me

    2 me human rights have affected little children. how can parents control their children when they can b taken 2 jail?

  24. voster

    It is true

  25. See

    Ndio ya king’ono kuyambila ikali ing’ono ni zeee:-P

  26. Don

    Parents should be involved in this and the government to set up stiff punishment for those who are not following the law.

  27. Niso kodibba

    Let these two
    Provinces check there traditional practices well. Big up to chewa chief who has burned some already.. Amen.

  28. Ok

    We should first vote before we check our traditional practices. This the only way we make sure we increase in numbers and consequently become majority voters…..Ibo fyashi. Tukafula Shani?

  29. katis

    let us teach our children

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