Work Protest Continues At ZAMPOST

Unionised Zampost workers have continued their protest as they have gone another six months without salaries, some workers at the Kitwe Branch have narrated in an interview.
The Unionised workers, who chose to remain anonymous for fear of being victimised, complained that despite assurances that they would be paid soon, they had continued to work without salaries.

The Workers have stated that despite having engaged the higher offices who have also promised to sort out the matter, there seems to be no hope of getting salaries.

“We have gone for six months without salaries. Surely, how do these people expect us to survive? Instead of us putting in normal shifts and ensure improved service, the institution continues limping because we are not being motivated. You know too well how difficult things have become, how does one survive for this long without a salary?” one of the workers questioned.

The Workers have passionately appealed to management to consider even settling at least three months salary arrears to help them respond to their daily needs.

“We have continued to work because we are divided. When you decide to strike, you will find you are alone, others will continue to work, so it is very difficult. To avoid being dismissed, we continue to work and hope that things improve soon,” another worker said.

The trend of delayed salaries continues at Zampost, a move that has now resulted in poor delivery of services.

When contacted, Minister of Transport and Communications Mutotwe Kafwaya’s mobile phone went unanswered.



  1. zyo

    U are better off with 6months arrears, us who where retrenched it’s now 4years arears will just engage courts and expect your company to spend more

  2. Leonard

    What? How do they feed your families? Ummmmmm hope you don’t do corruption,

  3. puzzled

    next time vote wisely how can a caring president get a luxury jet while workers go for six month without salaries how do they survive wit this enconomic hardship pf has failed in all corners life yakosapo

    • Mapeso

      We will still vote for PF come 2021. We don’t want satanist, tribalist and homosexuals.
      Better be hungry than get money from evil acts.

    • Charles

      You are right brother man we should open our eyes for 2021

  4. Gangsta grabs

    Some of you bitches are suffering from Lungu gay dununa ass fuck,thats why you cant work together.Eat snakes and die of snake poison.

  5. change

    lets vote HH he is the only solution these pf thieves have failed they have brought messery in all sectors

  6. Frank Chombela

    Can u send a par el with Zampost.

  7. puzzled

    people like mapesho they are the one’s dieing inside n behavin 2 be alive outside if ur father has a capacity 2 do 2 ur need n he doesnt take care of ur problems just say he has failed period! unlike wen u meet ur friends u boast about hm yet inside u r complainin

  8. Kanele Box 1

    “Change” or whatever your name is, i won’t vote for HH coz he is UPND life president, Zambia is not ready for a life president!!! You and your UPND colleagues can go ahead & continue voting for him, but surely NOT me!!!

  9. gift

    Just passing coz we are oh victim tutasha umutunga fWA and lungu is trying alot he is even making roads ever where eg in chaisa we av a new road so guyz lolo everything well b fine pf 4 live even am jobless

  10. gift

    Just passing coz we are oh victim tutasha umutunga fWA and lungu is trying alot he is even making roads ever where eg in chaisa we av a new road so guyz lolo everything well b fine pf 4 life even am jobless

  11. Justine c. Mukungule

    The challenges the country is facing are common to all nations.Nobody should lie to you that they provide alternative policies that can magically turn the economy around.Mukweshaesha muleta nabakuti mukalelya iloba.

  12. Dominic

    The management at ZAMPOST need to re-engineer their business.Technology has outdated a number of functions the institution was surviving on like people receiving letters from the Post Office.
    With Offices spread all over the country,ZAMPOST should think of going into Printing and modernised Business Centre activities.It is high time Mnangement started thinking out of the Box.

  13. Ackina

    Let us learn see things positively and evaluate. Zampost should be disbanded or closed and be re branded into something else, honestly it’s not producing or contributing anything either economically or as in services at the moment, it’s failed parastatal. By the way what do workers do there everyday.
    Secondly, let’s be industrious and stop putting our every challenge and failures on Government. In the same place where people complained of drought and did not plant, lsaac planted and haversted. Thank you.

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