Chewa Chiefs Ban Initiation Ceremonies For Girls Under 18

Chewa Chiefs of Chadiza, Katete and Vubwi districts have resolved to ban traditional initiation ceremonies for girls below the age of 18.
The Chewa Chiefs have also banned initiation of boys under the age of 18 into Gule Wamkulu groups.
This is in an effort to abolish negative cultural norms that affect children in accessing education and to prevent cases of early marriages.
According to a report of Action Plan made by the Chewa Chiefs, presented by Chieftainess Kawaza at the just ended Chiefs Indaba, no girl child shall undergo initiation ceremony below the age of 18.
The report adds that initiation of boys into the traditional Gule Wamkulu will be done at the age of 18 and only on days when schools are closed.

The Chiefs also agreed not to entertain parents allowing their children below the age of 18 to herd cattle.
Chieftainess Kawaza attributed the increase in the number of teenage pregnancies in rural areas to lack of knowledge among people on things that can help them in life.
The traditional leader said sensitizing communities on sexual reproductive health and rights is also one of the interventions that can be used in reducing cases of child marriages.


  1. John Chinena

    Way to go. Hope the whole country will adopt this approach one day.

    • Frank Chombela

      Very good, Chewa chiefs. Very progressive. Gawa Undi is former medical superintendent of the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka. He’s a modern chief who has responded appropriately. Congratulations Dr Winford Lungu now of course Gawa Undi of the Chewa people of Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

    • Unbrainwashed

      Stop getting so brainwashed most of you bloggers! How does this solve the problem? Initiation schools are a positive African cultural practice. Progressive Chiefs should be focus on the curriculum in the schools not on entry levels. The iniates must just be taught more responsibilities and other courses towards maturity. Use the schools wisely.

    • Leonard

      Pass laws to deter offenders not lip service.some male chiefs are also culprits

  2. observa

    That’s a pipe dream action plan which CANT WORK!! At 16 years of age a girl is matured enough to become a mother.. Who is going to herd cattle if boys below 18 can’t do that?? People would rather migrate to other chiefdoms than being subjected to those ‘HARSH’ conditions..

    • Change advocate

      The problem is that you do understand the importance of this. ….
      Would you allow you children to miss school just to herd cattle. ..or would you allow your daughter to go through those harsh initiation ceremonies. …it because of backward minded people like you people that this country is not progressing ….you should be ashamed of not supporting this very important act

  3. Addis ababa

    Good decisions chiefs.but here in rural areas we don’t see the importance of being educated.how can you stay in the society for 8 years with 8 points? . That’s why we get married very early so that we make family and start farming.first go in the community and ask people why are they getting married at that age.

  4. John chipata

    Observer you are useless, how can you say that? Treat your own children with those rubbish traditions and see what kind of generation you will leave behind.

  5. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Just castrate the fuckers to avoid early marriages and pregnancies

  6. Addis ababa

    Except me

  7. bombshell

    Welcome initiative, hope this is put into practice.

  8. Ak

    Well done chiefs in Chadiza, i think other chewa chiefs can object under age to join the groups.

  9. Oscar

    Right direction for a bright future for Zambia

  10. Fyantha

    Excellent thank you so much. Hope govt will adopt that

  11. Ezekiel

    nice move

  12. Bobby aka Aaron

    I really appreciate that yo Majesty…. continue with that yo spirit of showing concern to the community.this is what we call: one Zambia one Nation

  13. Dr Fonics

    Kudos to the chiefs of Eastern Province. If only the pronouncements will be put into practice. All stakeholders like the women’s lobby should assist the noble cause to implement the chiefs resolution. Other chiefs especially from the northern province must emulate their Eastern counterparts.

  14. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Thumbs up!!! Good move for the Wise Chiefs from Eastern Province. Many girls and boys from Eastern Province were behind in education because of the same traditional initiation ceremonies. Now the Chiefs have done a tremendous job. Thanks

  15. The Scientist

    Illiterate people supporting primitive move by ignorant chiefs, hw cn iniatiation ceremonies reduce early pregnancies? once girls are fertile probably b4 14 it doesnt matter if you perfom those ceremonies or not they wl hv to be fucked and get the end results, i dont see the reason 4 banning boys frm herding cattle whilest u dont support them financially 4 they education nor they living, how are the poor going to be alleviated if u ban this? this is really backward development

  16. Kicks

    I thought these chiefs are doing the right thing at a wrong time when not, firrst respect our rights before concluding some issues. cattle, initiation and early marriages should be regarded as not only causing harm to one’s future, but also creating more problems where development of our nation is concerned.

    • Pharaoh

      Am only concerned as to why below the age of 18 some one can’t heard the catle ? Then during school holidays what will our children be contributing to raise family needs not forgetting school requirements.That’s promoting laziness in our children. Is it true “Charity begins at home”? In case of death,who will emulate the proceeds of their parents.

  17. Mpombo

    Ignorant chief herding cattle and passing through initiation ceremonies are a form of responsibility that education can not teach Probably these chiefs want to deprive the children what they went through Education is supposed to be a choice not a forcing matter let the decision come from stakeholders not steak eaters who have been given money to destroy our rich heritage culture I just hope the resilient Luvales won’t follow this foolish move by the timid Chewas by banning umukanda



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