No Need To Panic Over Hunger, Says DMMU

The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) says there is no need for people to panic over the hunger situation in some parts of the country as there are enough stocks to feed the 2.3 million people in need of relief food.

National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe said as indicated by President Edgar Lungu, no one will die of hunger as the government is on course in distributing the relief food.
Kabwe also indicated that the government is investing massively in research in trying to understand the climate shocks.
“I visited Shang’ombo a few weeks ago. I went to the same chiefdom, the same ward where they said five people had died of hunger. There were no such deaths recorded. Some people are just trying to mislead the nation and this is why I always say there is no need to politicize the hunger situation in some parts of the country,” Kabwe said.
“I also went to Gwembe. I and my team visited the clinics, privately owned and those owned by the government. There were no records of people dying of hunger.”
He advised stakeholders not to attach politics to serious matters such as the hunger situation.
 Kabwe disclosed that very soon, Vice President Inonge Wina will be launching Risk Profiles for each district in the country which will help farmers and citizens in planning well in view of changes in the weather patterns.
He further disclosed that the unit has secured 5, 000 metric tonnes of beans to be distributed to the people in need.
Kabwe also indicated that teams from DMMU are in Siavonga and Mpulungu trying to secure Kapenta which will be distributed to the 2.3 million people as a way of improving nutrition.


  1. Lolo

    Chanda Kabwe tekanya! Tapali abakwimwa ubunga???? Mpombo wibilima! Ala ababilima tabafika! Bola panshi! You are busy making names for your selves while others are starving! Naku copper belt mukalete ko ubunga! There is high rate of unemployment pa Kopala not iyo pause apo!

  2. Leonard

    I can’t believe how heartless people can be,my brother you are preveraged cause you can afford to buy food, right now more than 70% of urban dwellers can’t afford to buy food cause of the mismanaged economy what about in our rural areas especially those hit by drought.12.5kg per family when they consume 4 bags of 25kg per month? have mercy, feel for your friends.are we really Christians

  3. Kbf

    People can only panic or scramble upon seeing food.. DMMU is a disaster and fails to manage itself

  4. Leonard

    @kbf,I agree with you.how can a disaster (DMMU) manage disasters

  5. observa

    Chanda kabwe kabolala number 1. He stolen millions of kwacha from market fund and now moved to the so called “disaster mgt” which is only active in areas where there are by elections.. In a very short spell he has bought 3 houses in river side, Kitwe( one from Chile one). Two in nkana east, two in kabwe where he was perm sec and he recently bought another in Lsk. Kwena bane nangu kubombesha Bushe eifi??

  6. Ba Gaza

    Chandra u r a big idiot stop saying rubbish fuck your life

  7. puzzled

    #leonard my bro there lucky who are getin 12.5kg each family, here in monze kayuni vilage last month we were given 12.5kg to share among 3 families n this month 12.5kg among two families is that what mr chanda kabwe calls relief food? this is mockery food! the mealie_meal that i was given it onry lasted 4 one day which means my family has to starve for 29 days searchn 4 food i cant c wat difference this DMMU is tryn 2 make pf is a heartles gvt let them just help even the aged since us the youths we can work harder

  8. Jonas

    Availability is not accecesslbility ,please think twice especially January to February. Ninkolobanya molu ileisa tensala chipowe

  9. Chief Mumbo

    Mr Chanda Kabwe do think like when you have visited PF meeting like as if you have visited all over the places and areas.Do you know the people who are working in Shangombo and do you really understand the people who work in private sector the salary they are getting.Please Mr Chanda don’t think like when things are good at your home as if things are good for everyone in the country.Imagine if the salary you are getting is K750 and you pay rent for 450 and you buy a mealy meal of k150 So how long are you going to survive with your family.Please Ba DMMU don’t be fussy.

  10. Mlase

    This is total nonsense iwe chanda.How can u say that u have enough maize to feed us wen me nd my family have now clocked 5 days without mealie meal.Wea is the relief maize u keep bragging about?Just because u have delivered maize to yo home village u want everyone to believe yo rhetorics.I am a die hard PF supporter but iyi yeve wanama.U seeing my vote…Over my live body

  11. Mlase

    Ati relief maize???ka 12.5kg?How many days can this take an average family?Don’t play with Zambians chanda…do u even realise that even yo cadres ar starving?Wait…yo time is coming wen u will experience njala ya zoona ku chimbokaila

  12. Roda

    Useless Chanda Kabwe who have forgotten his roots and people that made him climb the top! There is always time for everything! Five houses???? When there where Benjamin Mwilas of this world who had mansions and just wondering how many he was left with. Don’t forget your humble beginnings! Bola panshi yama! People made you to be where you are and now you have become big headed no Kulufyanya sana icisungu ati ‘circumcise’ instead ya ‘capsize’


    iwe chanda kabwe are u alright with ur senses so u mean if i dont eat 4 three days cant panic coz the gvt has got enough stocks dat i cant see? if u claim u got enough maize y is a bag of bunga at k150? hw come are u givin us 2ma 12.5kg 2 share as relief food? where do u think it can take us? just shut up n wait for 2021 dats when u wil understand

  14. Brian Sehela

    U pipo u think the hunger situation z only in districts no. Even here for example Launshya no jobs how do u expect pipo to survive

  15. Wampijala mpijala

    The good thing is that even the be so called pf cadres are also crying except the few who are victimising marketeers and bus drivers.i was listening to radio one day when one member of parliament was being told off by pf die hard Cadres and he could not even convince them.2021 iliko bad ✊✊✊✊👋👋👋👋

  16. Dr Fonicks

    Mr Chanda Kabwe’s pronouncements are not true. What was televised Prime Tv was disheartening. Some villagers in rural southern province are languishing with famine. Please, this relief distribution shouldn’t be partisan. Why do I say so ? Some of these areas are opposition strongholds. It seems like there’s a selective method in food distribution. In a certain village, people complained that they had to share 12.5kg bag of maize meal between three families. Can you call this as relief food. This is mockery. If I were you, this is the time when you draw yourselves towards the people in the opposition strongholds. Let’s feel pity for our starving brothers and sisters. We are all Zambians

  17. Abantu mucalo

    Iwe Chanda, are you normal? Do you think people will depending on beans you’re mentioning, here in Mkushi not even a single day of seeing this food you’re talking about, ala ubufi tabwa mwafwe,just tell people the truth.

  18. Mr her oh

    Mmmmmmmm visit back in copper belt also people are suffering out there


    Nangu bolla nipashi ba muzzee

  20. Ba Five kwacha

    Any one to answer this question, want did this compainy of Dmmu work in this zambia? Coz in zambia some people are losing there Jobs, and load shedding it is a disasters,hospital no madecine it s a disaster not so? Exaplain for me well

  21. boogeyman

    mulimbwa yama imwe ne chipuba chi edgar lungu

  22. Poncho

    Its sad to see almost of all the pf supporters are blind to vivid facts, I bet they dont know why they support it. His former excellency Dr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa may his soul continue to rest in peace established a strong economic base during his few years of office. When he passed his successor Rhupia Bwezani Banda maintained the already (then) existing economic base until the inception of the mythical and visionless so called patriotic front. Since then its been one failure after another.
    Ba DMMU what you are doing is amazing and am honestly grateful. Under the circumstances people need aid, but keep in mind that aid weakens them mentally as independent and capable farmers. It makes them feel inferior which should not be the case but it is anyway because they have been robbed of any power to stand on their on. Of course, we will rush into blaming the change in climate as if its something drastic when in fact its something that has been a serious issue for as long as I can remember. In primary I learned the negative effects of chitemene system, weather focuses have discussed on media the threats posed by deforestation and careless burning of toxic material that in the end eat up the ozone layer. We ignored it. Our government failed to empower farmers by simply coming up with educative campaigns to sensitize people in rural areas and suggest ways on how they can fend for their families as they await farming seasons.
    You want a powerful nation? Power up your people, make resources available to them, make the economic conducive to every Zambian. Right now y’all would agree with me that Zambia’s economy can be defined by Darwin’s theory, its all about the survival of the fittest. The rich getting richer the poor getting poorer. It breaks my heart.

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