You Can Still Be Productive During A Holiday

President Edgar Lungu yesterday evening made a surprise announcement that this Friday, October 25, 2019 is a public holiday.

His decision to declare Friday,  October 25, a public holiday resulted from the fact that tomorrow, Thursday, October 24, 2019, is Zambia’s 55th independence anniversary.

The majority of Zambians, especially workers, were extremely excited about this news.  This meant they will have a long weekend – Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – before they return to work on Monday.

Others, however, feel the declaration of Friday as a public holiday is unnecessary. Those holding this view contend that such a decision will affect productivity. But we say they’re misguided! Why? Because the mere declaration of a public holiday does not entail unproductivity of an individual or masses. Being away from an office does not mean “do not work”. Those are two different issues that must not be confused.

There are a lot of Zambians that do a lot of work outside of their offices. Therefore, for them, there’s no holiday. Meaning, work can be done from anywhere, as long as people deliver. There are other essential workers like nurses, doctors, policemen, shop attendants and supermarket employees who have no holidays and work any time their services are needed. So this holiday really is not to say people shouldn’t work. That will be suicidal! It is exactly in this spirit that President Lungu said Friday should be a public holiday. This shouldn’t be misinterpreted to mean that people must not do anything and that they should engage in activities that are detrimental to the country’s well being.

This day can be used to engage in personal activities, like tending to farms and other projects, for the betterment of livelihoods  for individuals and the country’s economic growth.

President Lungu stated in his message yesterday that he hopes the public holiday declared on Friday will
“give citizens enough time to reflect on our duties and obligations as citizens of this great nation. Let us use this time to appreciate the sacrifice made by our forefathers and mothers, the heroes of our struggle for independence. As President John F. Kennedy once said ‘Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.’  May that be said about  Zambia as we turn 55.”

Remember, patriotism should override everything else. May all of us put Zambia first and be good ambassadors of the country.

Happy Independence Zambians!



  1. sense


    • Leonard

      Boss but us who work in town will die of hunger.in zambia when it’s a holiday people don’t go to town.yabaaa…twachula fwe ba Pina ama street vendor

  2. Shi Kalune Kalyonso

    Well explained, though in business circles, if one has a cheque payment done today can only have value on tuesday. Meaning delays in project implementation.

  3. Mr truth

    There is nothing wrong

  4. Fyalungula

    There is no electricity in the country. Industries are not functioning so why not normalise things by giving them a holiday? They already are in ZESCO enforced holidays

  5. J hone plush kaunda,

    Thanks mr president tipumuleko zoona

  6. J hone plush kaunda,

    Thanks mr president tipumuleko zoona

  7. Lisa

    Not convincing.. Just tell us that zambia is an alcoholic nation and many will have a post independence hang-over. Those excited about it are those very unproductive, lazy people.

    • Fonko Fonko

      Better to be an alcoholic nation than a yakumbuyo one.

  8. Kikiki


  9. Junior

    its too much now

  10. Wisey

    Hey,to whom it may concern.Rule no1,do not blame our Wise President Mr Lungu.We love u n what u do.Big up,other pipo wanna be critics 4nothing aii.Sure aint nothing wrong with what my President has done,ALA!!!

  11. Ken Sex Legendary

    Indeed if you are an essential worker you will go to the bank smiling at the end of the month having attracted a double pay over the independence-long-weekend… For others it is best time to decompress by spending quality time with family and friends away from stressful daily chores. Shebeen njikata, bana Bongo pimenipo ilitali mayo!!! Tupilibule??? Monekumbi zooonaa, awe naba jaza number one@@@

  12. YURL

    We the reason why ECL said that 25th October 2019 is the public holiday he want to replace the day 18 the October when he did not drink Jameson, and boose.

  13. hijack

    The president who knows the meaning of hangover,,,

  14. Razor

    Sheer laziness. Because the President & entire cabinet will have a hangover on Friday so all of us who are serious about the economy should suffer. This is just a gimmick to get popularity. Remember Chiluba with his free houses?

  15. bombshell

    Too many holidays in one month.won’t this affect school going pupils,more especially boarders?when it’s time for prep, it’s load shedding.in October only, there’s Teacher’a day,Prayer & fasting and now it’s Independence + the other holiday.Lets b realistic, Sku going pupils ar affected.why did the past presidents declare so many holidays?

  16. bombshell

    I meant Didn’t not did

  17. Angoni

    Well said Presido,

  18. Barton

    This is good 😊

  19. Fyototo

    He knows what is doing
    We just have to obey that its public holiday

  20. Mweeka Joshua

    This is good for the purpose of productivity,it will give time to some cival servants to do outside office works like going to farms,its only depends on how you are going to use 96hrs,time is money so value time as a non renewale resource

  21. hakumbila

    today we were supposed to enjoy as we celebrating the Independence Day but to my surprise there is no power. so wish means we are still in colonial

  22. Concord

    Those who are happy are very lazy crazy people

  23. Gershom Ingwe chipata

    So do you think the day that the president is declaration you can get rich if you want just go and work don’t politicised what’s long

  24. Lateson

    Everything is not making sense zesco, holiday ,,,and His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu ,to wht he has done to his investors their are blaming zambia to much holidays why is like that.. So for that hangover you he as gaven to us thank you mr president….

  25. Caleb mapechi

    This is good and nice for this country Zambian.
    But they is one issue for the works they will not make money for the month . And for the school boys or girls on Friday what they de doing the all day just home. And some off the people the are good when the teacher are teaching the not when the are studying by them . next time never do this please gus .😭😢😤😤😤😭😢😢😢

  26. Mampi

    Prayers,u said nyo!holiday also u say nyo? I think u argue with yo families when one wants 2 go 2 toilet.

  27. Ma


  28. kelly

    We have had enough this time should be used to do productive work
    We all enjoy holidays and all that fun thats found in it
    But as president the theme should speak a
    Holiday a time for people to speak on what actually goes on in this country
    And for the president to hear and change those things.i dont know how far lazy republicans will take this country

  29. Clarence Mukutwa

    My mind is now cleared that the President declared this holiday in good faith. Thank so much for this post. It is a good thing that this holiday was declared. Thank our President.

  30. Beckham

    Yapopo zooms

  31. Visto Manda

    Declaring Friday as a public holiday is not the problem ⚠️ but it has affected us school going charps. For example we were suppose to revise on a particular topic with my fellow chaps but as a result of a this holiday declaration it won’t be effective and then who will be excited staying at home where there is no power, how surprising will it be.

  32. Boogeyman

    Lungu chikala and that protitute of yours idiot stanyoko

  33. Niso kodibba

    ili che to drunkers, pa 24,Thursday drinking, Friday babalaza early in the morning, Saturday ni full beam , Sunday kupaya ma hungover,, Monday yavundumuka ni kunchito bane.. well planned… Amen

  34. Gypsy

    So sad, if Tuesday was also a holiday, Monday would have been declared a holiday.
    Have to rework on National holidays, like all holidays should fall on Thursday and Tuesday.

  35. Ba munthu

    So u think is a passpot for 2121 elections mr ECL wala

  36. Chi.2

    Its tym 2 reflect on many issues especially workn on my maize field nd let drunkards continue complaining abt mealie meal.God giv us abundance rains,AMEN!

  37. practical

    Official holiday meaning next year 25 will be a holiday?

  38. k twice

    Ilifyelaka Mr presdo ifweku job so APA ni double ticket boi .8+8=16hrs today na mailo 8+8=16hrs 32hrs in two day more money 💰 Sancho Mr lungu.

  39. Monk

    Even us na imbalancer! Double pay for two days. Awe mwandini, uyu Lungu ni God given!!!

  40. Fisunge

    I think this is a good move parents should have enough time with children in times like this in some countries it’s a Independence week holiday at least he gave those hh farmers to go and look for water for their animals so that at least four days for us who work hard we appreciate the holiday to go and prepare our fields but for fools like upnd cadres and hh it will be time to complain even more for them it’s checks and balances thanks our president for this useful holiday

  41. Kiki

    With no money in the pocket, how many parents can afford to take children for an outing. There is always an expense to such programs. Keepihg them in school is one way of rationing under this harsh economy. Talking about farming when pf {paya farmer} releases farming inputs after rain season is what makes this holiday more irrelevant.

  42. Chief mumbo

    Can imagine the journalists he was saying that the minister of agriculture Mr Michal Katambo the feeders of whole nation when we don’t know were he used to feed.Please the minister of agriculture if this year the fertilizer fail to be delivers whole the nation we don’t know what will happen in the next year.Have a nice supply of fertilizer and be a good minister Mr Katambo.

  43. James

    Comment If he can do this than he can make salaries for votes with those turnning 18yrs.

  44. mwanko

    CommentNifunseko do public servants need more holidays or better wages?

  45. Jyajya

    Does he know that, president Micheal Sara’s memorial is on monday.does that ring a bell?😂😂😂🤔

  46. Keys

    Mu Zambia bwafwa mwandi with this mediocre leadership God please we are tired of this dramatic leadership deliver us.

  47. Alvin

    party after party and Monday

  48. Ozzio

    The President just meant it officially payable Day?Please keep ZAMBIA with sensible politics.Don’t intimidate those offer who offer tangible resolutions.

  49. Ozzio

    It’s quite confusing to mix religion with politics.GODhas given us FREEWILL to use in all situations we are found in.This mixing methods had been used and is being used SAmer

    • Ozzio_

      When the President exercises his power at his freewill accept or change the constitution.

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