For the past one week, Zambian media, especially social media, has been full of comments on the lifting of the High Court injunction allowing a mining company called Mwembeshi Resources Limited, which is also owned by Grand Resources Limited domiciled in Dubai, to start mining in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

There are those who are against the commencement of mining activities and few who support the mining activities. By October 26, 2019, 4,400 people led by former Commerce Minister Dipak Patel signed a petition opposing the commencement of mining in the Lower Zambezi National Park. This follows the Lusaka High Court’s discharge of the injunction on grounds that the people who applied for the injunction had failed to file the grounds of appeal on time. As usual, some Zambians started blaming government for this saga saying this should not have  been allowed.

However, it is not for the Executive branch of government to interfere with the operations of the judiciary. The same people who are calling on the executive branch of government to intervene now will be the same people shouting Judicial interference. The Zambian government is not the one that took the matter to court, it was the developers who took the matter to court. How then could government have interfered? Meanwhile, there is a very big question which everyone is deliberately ignoring, which is  typical of many Zambians who would every time put blame on government. Let us look at the Five W’s and one H. The five W’s being who, what, when, where and why. Then we look at the H which is HOW.

Zambians should be asking questions like: who issued the Mining license in the first place? The answer is: then Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Harry Kalaba issued the license in 2014. This was despite so many objections from interested parties, including some officials from the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA).
Some people have insinuated that there might be corruption at the highest level. OK. Let us try to believe for a while those who may think President Edgar Lungu was involved. Who was Republican President in 2014? It is definitely not Edgar Lungu. Another question that Zambians should ask is who among local Zambians is in Mwembeshi Resources? What is the name of the exploration company?

Other pertinent questions Zambians should ask Mr. Kalaba, who is aspiring to be Republican President and resigned from the Patriotic Front on allegations of rampant corruption, are many. Among them are: what consideration did he take before signing the approval for issuance of the mining license? Was a public hearing conducted? What were submissions from other interested parties before he authorised the issuance of the license? From the submissions that he received, how was the mining company going to conduct its activities without affecting the wildlife?
We believe Mr. Kalaba, who is still alive, should respond to these questions. Today, a number of publications linked to the opposition are publishing stories as if this transaction was done by President Lungu. Zambians should also start interrogating themselves on why Harry Kalaba seems to have love for Gold and not God.

Is it not the same Harry Kalaba that has a political party that is allegedly being financed by Pastor Shepherd Bushiri who is linked to so many cases of Gold dealing and is facing trial in South Africa for fraud? We challenge Mr. Kalaba, who has so far been pretending to be Mr. Clean, to tell the nation who issued the license, when was the license issued, what reasons were advanced, who are the owners of this mine and how are they going to mine the minerals without affecting the environment and wildlife?



  1. Impyakusu ichinyo

    He was also just been instructed by the big fishes

  2. Jimmy James

    God is watching everything and everyone bakaya lopaula ifikoti bayawe

  3. Leonard

    He is in opposition,if he committed a crime he could have been ku maximum prison.go and arresst him if he’s done something wrong than waffling like headless chicken

    • Likando muimui

      People lets not candy coat people’s wrongs, these matters are done collectively, it’s no wonder Kalaba can not be taken to task.

  4. Mc paragon

    Somebody took advantage of the situation that the presidency was in to enhance personal motives,
    Let’s petition President lungu to constitute a tribunal to investigate the lower Zambezi national Park issue,
    – it will result in the cancellation of land rights in the interest of the nation, no witch hunting.
    – cancellation of the mining license though by law the company is supposed to reapply to zema and I believe zema will do it’s proud job of protecting the environment .

  5. Lovemore

    When your small Child is is in possession of a knife, the Father or Mother would take it away from the Minor because it is dangerous regardless of who gave it to him.
    This garranties the safety of the Child and others around it. The cost of health implications are eradicated or minimized.
    In this case the Father is the Head of State whose duty amoung others is to protect Zambia from degradation.
    This is not negotiable, hence our appeal to him to intervene.
    Politics out Chris.

  6. Wan sim

    Kalaba is a kuluku, he is getting funds from the mining, similar to hh, no vote bring back our resources.

  7. vince

    Had he been in PF this issue would be quite or will be pointing at hh,

  8. Abel simuyemba

    The most important thing is to clean the whole system in the ministries especially,mines lands etc.The mother of corruption lies in the ministries,there are culprits who are big headed and have stayed in office for so long.These are the pipo who introduce there corruption to ministers once they find him weak and corrupt too

  9. Mpombo

    Let them start mining and I pray that the elephants in lower Zambezi will trample them to dust. Those elephants don’t play they have a higher kill ratio than any herd in the wild. Come to think of it let the government introduce lions also so that they can gobble these miners. The only positive political contribution Kalaba has made to zambian politics is to use his battle scarred face to threaten Guy Scott,who was a paper tiger President.

  10. Jane

    There is a chain of events before the minister puts his signature. The technocrats would have done their part before the final signature which is the ministers correct? Therefore I stand to blame the technocrats who we all know are the most corrupt. Unless the licensing business started in the ministers office

  11. Yakumbuyo Banda

    But isn’t the minister senior than the technocrats. Doesn’t he (the minister) have authority to say no to things he thinks are not right? Is he just a rubber stamp to whatever the technocrats pass forward?

    • Kaya

      Mbuyo Banda,

      The answer to your question is that a Minister in a Ministry is everything to that Ministry. All the officers in the Ministry are support staff to him and in most cases his/her decision is final.

      The problem Zambia has is that we have politicized nearly everything. In developed countries there issues that can have same opinions on and others where they can have a difference of opinion but in Zambia the opposition is there to oppose everything.

  12. puzzled

    Don’t we have something called the separation of power?

  13. vince

    The other guy the other day was pointing at hh, surely, fyonse its hh,Awe kwena mwamushukila!

    • Ok

      Leave that failure called Hh out of this. We are talking about Kalaba here.

  14. The seeker

    Chris Phiri,may I remind you that Zamtel was sold by one Rupiah Bwezani Banda’s MMD government. However, when the revolutionary and visionary PF leader, Michael Chilufya Sata won the 2011 tripartite elections, he reversed the sale of Zamtel. Do you know why? Because he had nothing to do with or gain from the sale of that institution. Now your ECL has everything to do with or gain from mining in the lower Zambezi, that is why he can not reverse Kalaba’s decision to issue mining licenses in the said area. As usual he is playing the blame game. Is not dubious for the the head of state to be blaming certain individuals when he can simply reverse such decisions if they were done in bad faith. A true leader is one who acts decisively on issues and challenges facing the nation, not one who puts the blame on powerless opposition leaders.

  15. mugabe

    you stupid pf thieves thugs dont even try to sell our assets bamambala imwe

  16. The Greatest Man

    I wonder if we have a president in this country called Zambia. What I mean is the president could bring this entire scenario to an end by reversing the sale. Manje bali ndwii nabeve.

  17. Zero

    Lower Zambezi Mining! What about 51 housing units without a landlord? Zambia full of scandals! Whoever does this knows the weakness of the authority very well! Confidence comes from knowing the territory very well!

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